Power Season 6 Episode 1 Recap: Ghost Tries to Get Even with Tommy
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‘Power’ Recap: Ghost Tries to Get Even with Tommy + Tariq & Tasha Plot

Angela is rushed to the hospital.

Ghost is with Angela in an ambulance after she was shot by Tommy. He’s panicking as Angela calls his name. When they arrive to the hospital, the staff tells Ghost he can’t go back to the operating room since he’s not her husband. As they wheel Angela away, Ghost continues to freak out. Before Angela’s surgery begins, an officer tells Ghost he has some questions for Ghost to answer.

Meanwhile, Tommy calls Keisha. She asks him if he did it, referring to Tommy’s plan to kill Ghost. Tommy says he can’t answer that at the moment. But she needs to stay by her phone because he’ll need a favor from her soon.

As Ghost is questioned by the police officer, he lies and says he doesn’t know who shot Angela. Tommy is talking to Tasha. He tells her that he shot Angela and it looks like she’s dead. Tommy wants Tasha to give him an alibi. But Tasha is angry. She doesn’t like that Tommy did this because Angela could have survived and she will rat on them. Tommy then says that he couldn’t confirm that Angela died because Ghost was right there.

The cops find it to believe that Ghost didn’t see Angela’s killer, noting how close he was to her physically at the time of the shooting. But he says he had his back turned to the shooter. One of the cops tells Ghost that since he’s taller and wider than Angela, whoever was aiming for her would have shot him first. Ghost says Angela shoved him out the way and took the bullet.

Angela doesn’t survive.

Tasha flat out asks Tommy who he was intending to kill. She goes off on him when it’s made clear to her that Ghost was Tommy’s target. She reminds him that they didn’t talk about killing Ghost or Angela. And she wouldn’t agree to Ghost dying because of Tariq and Yas. Tommy tells her that he doesn’t need her permission to do anything. But Tasha reminds Tommy that he’s the one asking for an alibi. So he needs her “quite a bit.”

Tommy tells Tasha that Ghost tricked him into killing his father. While he’s sorry about this affecting the kids, he’s moving forward with taking out Ghost. And he understands that Tasha may make a move against him. After Tasha asks Tommy if Ghost saw that he was the one who shot Angela, Tommy says yes. Tasha says, “Sh*t. You f*cked up, Tommy. What the f*ck? You took a shot at the devil and you missed.”

Ghost tells the police he doesn’t know anyone who would have wanted to hurt Angela. And he would never try to harm her. After this, he then asks if he can go. And police agree to this.

Tasha is also worried about Terry Silver. She tells Tommy he doesn’t know where Terry is. Tasha suspects Ghost has something to do with Terry’s disappearance. Tommy says this is another reason Tasha should let him deal with Ghost. But she still disagrees because Ghost is the father of her children. And she doesn’t want Ghost and Tommy to hurt each other. She will only give Tommy an alibi if he repairs his issues with Ghost.

Not too long after Ghost wraps up his conversation with the police, Paz walks out of the emergency room devastated. She breaks down and goes off on Ghost, calling him a murderer. Through tears, she confirms Angela is dead. And she blames him for it all. Ghost consoles her as she lies on the ground. He’s hurt and in shock.

Saxe wants a favor from Paz.

Saxe, Robinson, and Donovan discuss Angela’s death. Robinson doesn’t understand how this happened if Donovan was responsible for tailing Angela. But Donovan says Angela ditched it. He says he thought she was in for the night. She was talking to her lawyer and then left her place to meet up with Ghost.

While Saxe is convinced Ghost pulled the trigger, Robinson says they don’t know who did it. They have no poof Ghost did anything. But Saxe is still sure it was Ghost. And he believes Ghost would benefit the most from Angela’s death. He pins Angela’s death on Donovan for not knowing Angela left her house.

Donovan says that it’s all Saxe’s fault because he let Angela walk out when she could have been arrested. Robinson then says everyone has some blame. And they have no evidence that Ghost did anything. Saxe then says he will get evidence. After Saxe storms off, Donovan says this is the most personal for Saxe because Greg, Mike and now Angela have all died on his watch.

Saxe arrives at the hospital and sees Paz crying over Angela’s corpse. He introduces himself and Paz tells him that Angela described him as an “a*shole.” Saxe says he knows he was harsh towards Angela, but he wants to make things right by getting her justice. He believes he can get Ghost if Paz signs off on Angela’s autopsy. But Paz doesn’t want to do this. Saxe tells her to rethink this because if she doesn’t, Angela’s death will then be on her.

Ghost tries to kill Tommy.

Tommy meets up with Keisha. He tells her that he didn’t kill Ghost but he needs her to get rid of the gun. He hands it to her and it’s covered in a cloth. Tommy urges her to dump the gun in the river. She agrees and he puts the gun in her purse.

When Tommy gets home, he has a feeling that he’s not alone. He’s right and Ghost begins to attack him. The men start fighting and Tommy tells Ghost he knows he set him up to kill Teresi. Ghost gets the upper-hand and tells Tommy that he killed Angela before punching him in the face. Tommy then gets the upper hand and slams Ghost to the ground and says that Teresi was only snitching on Ghost. He says, “Yeah that bullet was for you. But I’m glad she got it. Now we both gotta live with our mistakes.”

The door opens and Tariq walks in. He’s shocked to see Tommy and Ghost fist fighting. He asks both men what is going on as they cease the violence in his presence. Ghost questions why Tariq isn’t at school, but Tariq once again demands to know why they are fighting. Tariq says he’s there to talk to “Uncle Tommy.” But Ghost tells Tariq that Tommy isn’t his uncle anymore and he’s no longer a part of the family. Tariq tells Ghost he doesn’t get to make that call. An angry Ghost snatches up Tariq and Tariq tells Ghost to let him go. Ghost does and tells Tariq he only has ten minutes to talk to Tommy before storming off.

Tariq tells Tommy he needs to do something later. But he will need Tommy to be there with him. Tommy agrees to this. After he gets a text from Jason demanding to meet now, he tells Tariq they will get together later.

Saxe confronts Joe.

Saxe finds Joe buying a cup of coffee. As usual, the conversation between them isn’t a pleasant one. Saxe asks Joe how Ghost pulled off killing Angela. Joe says he doesn’t know what Saxe is talking about and Saxe tells Joe that Joe knew that there was a female witness ready to snitch on Ghost but it was not Angela. But Saxe is convinced Ghost thought it was and killed Angela.

Proctor says he had no idea Angela is dead. But he knows Ghost loved her and would never kill her. Saxe tells Joe that telling Ghost about the female witness makes him an accessory to murder. Joe says he had nothing to do with Angela’s death and Saxe is the one who shared confidential information with him about a federal witness. So he wonders who else Saxe told. Joe then says, “Maybe you’re the one to blame for Angela’s death.”

When Saxe returns to the office, he sees Robinson walking out with a box of her things. She tells him Angela’s death has resulted in her termination. Jacob Warner is now the new U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District. Saxe then heads on over to speak to Warner.

Joe was set up by Saxe.

Saxe introduces himself to Warner and Warner says he knows exactly who Saxe is. He questions why Saxe wasn’t in his office and Saxe says he went to check on a lead for Angela’s murder.  But it was a dead end. However, he does think Angela’s death is a result of a leak. And the leak is his fault because he told Joe that there was a female witness ready to testify against Ghost. Warner asks Saxe if he understands that he can be disbarred for what he admitted and Saxe says he does. Saxe also admits he told Joe that Angela was not the female witness. Regardless, Saxe is convinced that Joe is their best way to take down Ghost.

Warner is not convinced Joe will turn on Ghost. But Saxe isn’t going to give up. And he told Joe about the female witness earlier to set up another scenario in which Ghost will take out the witness, and be caught in the act. When Ghost goes down, so will Tasha, Tommy and everyone else that works with them. Since Angela did not agree to turn on Ghost, she was not a federal witness, so the death penalty doesn’t apply to her murder. If Ghost and Joe go after their real witness, Maria Suarez, they can argue that Angela’s death was part of the same conspiracy.  They can use the kingpin statute as part of the RICO, and get everyone put to death. Warner agrees to give Saxe a “rope to hang” himself with but he’ll be out of a job and indicted if this goes south.

Tasha goes by Silver’s firm. The receptionist tells her no one has seen or heard from Silver in days. And his family is really worried about him because he was tied to a dangerous case. So his family filed a missing police report with the NYPD. Tasha decides not to leave a message or contact info behind.

Jason is concerned about Tommy and Ghost’s fallout.

Tommy meets up with Jason and Jason’s crew. They take notice of Tommy’s facial injuries. Tommy says it was just a family dispute with Ghost. But everything has been resolved. Jason then asks Tommy why he hasn’t killed Alicia Jimenez yet. Tommy says Alicia is locked up so he needs time to strategize. Plus, he got his distro situation straight and his old crew back. And they are all hungry to work.

So Tommy just needs product from Jason. He hands Jason the check he got from Ghost. Jason isn’t sure this check will clear since Tommy and Ghost are on the outs. But Tommy says that he and Ghost will be fine. However, Jason doesn’t want to move forward until the check clears. So he tells Tommy he will see him later that night. After Tommy leaves, Jason tells his crew they will see if the situation with Tommy and Ghost has really been resolved.

Fed up with Ghost, Tasha wants a divorce.

Tasha meets up with Ghost and asks what he needed to discuss. He tells her that Tariq is not in school. She says Ghost could have just called and told her that. So she wants to know what he really wants. Ghost then tells Tasha that Angela was killed and Tommy was aiming at him. Tasha says that Ghost tricked Tommy into killing Teresi. She says Angela told her this. Ghost then asks if Angela told Tasha that Teresi was a snitch who was about to rat everyone else out. Tasha then asks why Tommy had to be the one to pull the trigger. And Ghost says that Tommy would have wanted him dead if he killed Teresi himself. Tasha says that he has the same problem now, so he should have just done it himself.

Ghost asks Tasha if she wants their kids to grow up without a father. Tasha says that’s not what she wants but Ghost is acting like Tommy did this out the blue. She doesn’t agree with what Tommy did, but Ghost should have anticipated this. It gets awkward when Ghost tells Tasha that the woman he loved is gone. Tasha says, “Yeah, I feel really bad about that.” As she begins to walk away, Ghost follows her and asks her to understand how he’s feeling because Tommy killed Angela in front of him and his name was the last thing Angela said.

Fed up with all of this, Tasha says, “It’s always about you, isn’t it?” She asks Ghost if her feelings matter. She loved Terry Silver and now he’s gone. He never showed up to testify and she believes Ghost had something to do with this. Ghost denies that he knows anything about this. This angers Tasha and she says she’s done.

But Ghost wants Tasha to talk Tommy out of killing him. Tasha refuses. She tells Ghost to fix the mess himself. Tasha also wants a divorce.

Joe gets an update from Ghost.

Keisha is at home drinking coffee. She’s still on the edge about Tommy’s situation with Ghost. Her son Cash comes out of his bedroom and asks her for waffles for breakfast. Keisha happily agrees to fix him some waffles. He tells her he likes Tommy after it’s confirmed that Keisha is still seeing him. While sitting at the table, Cash attempts to go inside Keisha’s purse, where Tommy’s gun still is. Keisha freaks out before he can feel the gun and tells him not to go inside her purse ever. He tells her he was just looking for some lunch money and she checks him for using profanity.

Joe is being confronted and slammed into the wall by Ghost at his place. Ghost tells Joe that he told him Angela would turn on him and she was the witness. Joe says he just found out he was wrong. He questions if Ghost killed Angela and Ghost said he did not. He confesses that Tommy did it but was aiming at him and Angela shoved him out the way. Joe then tells Ghost that Saxe confirmed there’s a female witness ready to point out Ghost for another case.

But Ghost says he can’t think about this right now. Angela’s death is fresh on his mind. Regardless, Joe says that Ghost is the prime suspect in the murder of a federal prosecutor. They will have to go in for questioning to clear Ghost’s name if he’s not planning on giving up Tommy. But Ghost says he’s not giving up Tommy but he will kill Tommy himself.

Detective Rodriguez makes her move.

Tommy meets up with 2 Bit, Spanky, Poncho and the rest of the crew. They all make jokes about his black eye. He tells them he’s having issues with Jason and his shipment. But they just need to be patient. Poncho gets angry when he hears this and says he needs a job now. After Tommy calls Poncho stupid, Poncho gets in Tommy’s face and goes off. When Poncho tells Tommy he’s nothing with Ghost, Tommy shoots him in the head, killing him. Poncho’s associate from the Soldados reaches for his own gun but Tommy and Grimace aim at him with theirs first. Tommy tells Roberto he can either keep working with him or die like Poncho just did. Roberto chooses to work with Tommy.

Warner is talking to Detective Rodriguez from the NYPD. She tells him she was investigating Angela before her death because she thought Angela was implicated in a cover-up for Ghost. Now they will never know if Angela was guilty or not unless they find out who killed her. She wants Warner to create a task force and put her on it. Warner doesn’t want to do this and says the feds can handle it. But Rodriguez says they can’t and they already had a leak that caused Angela’s death.

Tasha has located Tariq. Apparently, she’s been doing this with his iPhone. She asks him why he’s not in school. But he says he only needs to talk to Tommy for one hour and he will go back to school right after. Tasha reluctantly agrees to this.

Tommy comes clean to Tariq.

Ghost and Joe go in to answer questions from Saxe, Donovan, and Warner. He explains that he met up with Angela at their former school to talk about her being arrested soon because she wasn’t going to testify against him. Saxe says Ghost is lying because Angela was going to turn on him and Ghost just wants them to believe he had no motive to kill her. Ghost doesn’t believe Angela was going to testify against him and says he loved her. She was loyal to him to the end. And he doesn’t know who pulled the trigger.

Tariq and Tommy are on the top of a building. Tariq has Kanan’s ashes. He wants to pay his respects and pours out the ashes. Tommy plays Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “Crosswords” on his iPhone and rolls a blunt. Tariq is annoyed by this and cuts off the song. He says a few words in honor of Kanan. And Tommy takes a little of Kanan’s ashes to put in his blunt to smoke. He says this was done for Tupac.

After they dispose of Kanan’s ashes, Tariq asks Tommy why he was fighting Ghost. Tommy says Ghost tricked him into killing his father. And he can’t ever forgive him. Ghost told Tommy that Teresi was snitching on Tommy but it turned out Teresi was just snitching on Ghost. Tariq feels like he’s just like Ghost by turning on Kanan to protect the family. And he’s not sure it was the right thing to do. But Tommy says Tariq should have never had to do that.

Tariq is angry that Ghost wasn’t there for his family when they needed him the most. When Tommy asks Tariq how he would feel if something really bad happened to Ghost, Tariq says he’s not sure. Both agree that whatever happens, they will always pick up the phone for each other. After they arrive back to Tommy’s place, Ghost is waiting nearby with his gun to attempt to take out Tommy again. But he falls back when he sees Tariq is with Tommy.

Warner checks in with Proctor.

Tasha picks up Tariq and asks what he was doing with Tommy. He tells her it was something private and it was nothing illegal. Tasha then tells him she’s not moving back into the penthouse and she’s divorcing Ghost. Tariq says he wishes he could do the same. He blames everything on Angela and says things would not have turned out the way they did if Ghost didn’t hook up with Angela. Tasha tells him Angela is dead. And Angela is the reason Tariq is not in jail. She died protecting everyone. And it’s Ghost’s fault that their marriage failed. He was the one who took vows, not Angela. When he asks Tasha if Tommy killed Angela, Tasha tells Tariq not to pick sides between Ghost and Tommy because he could get hurt.

As Proctor is walking out of his daughter’s dance recital with his daughter, Warner asks to talk. He bribes Joe’s daughter with a $100 bill to leave and find friends to talk to. After she leaves the two men alone, Joe tells Warner he doesn’t know who killed Angela. Joe says he’s not going to confirm that Saxe told him about the female witness because they would get disbarred. And whoever he told would probably get the needle, and he probably would too. Warner tells Joe that it’s his last chance to tell him who killed Angela or Joe will probably end up dead when all of this is over. He’ll give Joe “a walk” if he tells. Joe says he doesn’t know. “Your funeral. Maybe literally,” Warner says before walking away.

Tasha is out to eat with her mother. Her mother tells Tasha that she can maybe wok out things with Ghost now that Angela is dead. But Tasha isn’t interested in doing this. Her mother says Tasha doesn’t have anything to fall back on, no plan and no house. Tasha says she had a plan with Silver. And she thinks he’s dead and Ghost killed him. While Tasha has no plans on snitching on Ghost, she does plan on getting even with Ghost in her own way.

Paz is locking the door and runs into Ghost. He tells her he loved Angela and he didn’t kill her. Paz doesn’t want to hear anything he has to say and snaps when he offers to pay for Angela’s funeral. Paz yells that he told Angela he was going to leave Tasha but he went back to her. And he ruined Angela’s career and reputation. Paz says, “She did everything for you and now she’s dead! And you can’t even let me bury her in peace? I’ll get in a grave next to her before I take a dime from you.” Not too long after, Paz meets with Saxe and signs the papers for Angela’s autopsy. As Saxe looks at Angela’s dead body, Rodriguez tells Saxe that she’s been appointed to the task force to investigate Angela’s death. So they are now partners.

Jason finds out the truth.

Tasha is in her car. She keeps calling Terry’s cell to listen to his voicemail greeting. She cries as she realizes he’s never going to pick up. Keisha goes to the lake to toss Tommy’s gun with her bare hands. She ignores a phone call from Tasha. Tariq calls Ghost as he’s in his car loading up his gun with bullets. He confirms to Ghost that he’s back at school. He knows what happened to Angela and he asks Ghost if he knows who did it. Ghost lies and says he doesn’t know. Tariq says he didn’t like Angela but he knows she did a lot for him. He tells Ghost that he’s sorry about everything that has happened. And he hopes whoever killed Angela pays for it. Ghost says the killer will pay. They hang up and Tariq’s roommate says he thought Tariq doesn’t like his dad. Tariq says he doesn’t but he’s playing nice for now.

Tommy goes by to meet with Jason. Jason tells Tommy that his check cleared. So now they can do business. Tommy tries to dap Jason up but Jason goes in for a hug instead. This is weird to Tommy. Jason asks if everything is cool with Ghost and Tommy says either they will work it out or they won’t. But it won’t affect Tommy’s business with Jason. Jason then tells one of crew members to do what they discussed. The crew member walks off. Jason tells Tommy that the crew member is just going to pull the truck around. Ghost is waiting outside, ready to attack. When he sees Tommy’s car pull around, he unloads a Tsunami of bullets. Jason, Tommy, and the others hear the gunfire. Ghost walks off without checking the man’s identity.

Minutes later, Tommy and Jason are at Tommy’s car, looking at the slain crew member’s body and Tommy’s ruined car. “I don’t understand,” says Tommy. Tommy realizes Jason stole his car keys and gave it to the deceased crew member. Jason admits this and says he had a hunch Ghost was following Tommy. So he set this up to see if his suspicions were correct. And now that he knows Ghost wants to kill Tommy, Tommy has to decide if he wants to fight or run.

Tommy heads to Keisha’s place. He tells her he killed Angela but was aiming for Ghost. Now Ghost wants him dead so this means a war is in effect. He wants Keisha to leave the city and take Cash with her. But Keisha says she’s not running. And she will stay and help Tommy any way she can. Meanwhile, Ghost is emotional as he walks through Angela’s apartment one last time. He thinks of their happy memories and apologizes to her after he locks the door with his key.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Queen

    August 25, 2019 at 10:18 pm

    Keisha has always been jealous of Tasha.

    • Twirl

      August 25, 2019 at 10:42 pm


  2. Anonymous

    August 25, 2019 at 10:28 pm

    My predictions: Tommy, Ghost, Keisha and Tasha will die. Tariq will kill Ghost.

    • Clintonn

      September 4, 2019 at 4:55 pm

      I think Tariq will kill Tommy and take over as Distro. Blood is thicker than water. Tariq got Kanan killed. Got his little sister killed. He has tasted power and now wants it all. Ghost is out of the game. Tommy isn’t. Tommy has everything to lose. What Kanan did to Dre, Tariq will do to Tommy. #Watch.

  3. Valerie

    August 26, 2019 at 10:10 am

    They should have left the theme song alone. It was perfect.

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