Black Ink Crew Season 8 Episode 6 Recap & Video Clips


‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: London Gets Iced Out the Group After She Clashes with Tati & Krystal

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Black Ink Crew Season 8 Episode 6

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Tati and Teddy clash.

Kitty and Ceaser drive away from the spot that used to be the house Kitty’s mother grew up in. It’s a somber moment now that Kitty knows the house was torn down. Nothing has been going right and she’s sad her father won’t be coming to Memphis to help spread her mother’s ashes. Regardless, Cease tells Kitty that they need to turn the trip around despite the disappointments.

The rest of the gang is playing some mini-golf. Tati is still feeling some type of way about Teddy flirting with London. Teddy is not trying to hear this. Plus, Tati doesn’t like that London kept trying to bring up business when Kitty asked her to allow her to focus on her mom first. Teddy defends London and says that she needs time to get adjusted to being in the group. But Teddy hits below the belt and says Tati is just acting irrationally because of those pills she got arrested for. Tati storms off.

Back in New York, Mike asks Donna ad Krystal for advice. He says he met a woman five years ago and they slept together. He’s bis*xual, and he heard from her recently. She has a five-year-old son and he could be the father. Donna says, “First of all I thought you were gay.” When Mike shows the pictures, Donna and Krystal say he looks just like Mike. In a green screen interview, Mike says he’s not so sure that he’s the father. But if he is, he’s upset he missed out on being in the child’s life. And he feels strongly about this because his dad wasn’t in his life because he was in jail.

After getting some advice from Puma, London is ready to make things right. She wants to impress everyone and put together a pool party. She invited some local tattoo artists to show up. In a green screen interview, Puma says that he respects Kitty. But he feels like London should be allowed to do her job while they are Memphis. And Ceaser wants to open a shop in Memphis. Teddy learns of London’s plan and it’s agreed that she should be allowed to put everything together.

Walt tells his kids where he stands with Jess.

While Kitty and Cease are still out and about, Kitty tells him she knows a great spot for a shop. It’s actually vacant. So she feels like it will be great for Cease to check it out. This is true especially since Cease told her he wants to do more for the community. Cease is down to check out the spot. Meanwhile, London introduces local tattoo artists to Teddy and Puma.

Walt is spending time with his kids and his girlfriend Jess. Jess has been in their lives for a few years. But they were only friends then. So he’s hoping things will remain smooth as they are now dating. Walt decides to take them for a game of putt-putt. He’s a little irritated when his kids act shy with Jess like they haven’t met her before.

When Jess leaves to go to the restroom, Walt talks to his kids about Jess. He tells them that he has feelings for Jess on a serious level. And he’s really thinking about marriage. His kids are surprised to hear this. They never really thought Walt would marry anyone. But if everything goes well, Walt is open to proposing to Jess.

Jess returns and the kids ask her how long she plans on dating Walt. Her answer is “for a long time.” And when it comes to marriage, Jess is open to this. Both of Walt’s kids say that they like Jess. And they give Walt their approval to be with her and possibly get married. This makes Walt and Jess happy. Kitty and Ceaser head to the vacant spot. Cease sees it and he’s not really impressed. But he does think it’s an interesting option.

Krystal is upset with London.

London’s pool party goes down. It doesn’t take long for things to get wild. When Tati gets there, she asks Puma what happened. She believes Kitty will be upset when she sees that it’s a crazy party in action. Teddy overhears this and says that Tati is just hating on London in his green screen interview.

Back at the shop, Krystal and Donna talk about how they are in a better place. Everyone at the shop is relieved. But Krystal says she’s not okay with London.  And she feels like London is a fake person. Donna agrees and says London manipulated Krystal. The group changes topics and Mike asks Walt about fatherhood. After Walt says he loves being a dad, Mike says that he may be a dad himself. Minutes later, a client comes in to get a tattoo by Mike.

Tati and London clash.

When Cease and Kitty return to the rental house, both are not happy. Kitty wanted peace after a sad day. And Cease is worried he won’t get his deposit back. Tati fills them both in and lets them know London planned the party. Kitty confronts London and goes all the way off. Tati tells London to end the party, but she refuses. Tati then runs up on London and they have to be restrained by security.

After the chaos, Teddy and the others talk about how they feel bad about Kitty. In Teddy’s opinion, London was wrong. So Teddy, Cease, Puma, and Tati go to Kitty’s room to apologize. They realize that the party wasn’t a good idea. And they want her to do something she really wants to do before they leave Memphis. Kitty says she wants to go to the riverwalk her mother used to love. Tati tells Teddy they are “leaving his b*tch home,” in reference to London.

Krystal confronts London.

Kitty enjoys herself at the river walk. She feels like it’s the perfect way to pay respects to her mother. Since Kitty wasn’t able to spread her mother’s ashes, Cease gives her some Chinese lamps to light. She’s touched by this and it’s a beautiful moment. Kitty is thankful to have such a wonderful time with her friends.

Walt and Jess go out on a date. Both talk about their children. After Walt says he wants to have more kids with her, Jess says that’s not what she wants to do. She had her son as a teenager. And it was tough being a single mom. But Walt wants to have a big family. This is disappointing to Walt and he knows he really needs to think about things. Unfortunately, it dampens their night.

The gang returns to New York from their Memphis trip. Tati tells Donna about what happened with London. Cease says the party was actually a success, so he’s not upset. When London arrives to the shop, Donna calls out London. London defends her actions and says she was just trying to handle business. She apologizes to Kitty, and Kitty says it doesn’t seem like a genuine apology. Minutes later, Krystal comes in. She immediately confronts London and slaps her.

Puma feels bad when everyone says that London is the problem. He talks to her outside. Puma says that she needs to take time away from the shop so he can fix things. But this angers London. And she lashes out at him and says, “F*ck you, Puma.” She then walks away.

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  1. Tiffani Young

    September 19, 2019 at 12:39 pm

    All I can say is I felt like crying for Walt because his girlfriend wasn’t trying to give him what he wanted. That scene was so sad.

    • Kat

      September 22, 2019 at 4:37 pm

      Maybe he should be talking marriage with her first before he talks about kids. Hes not the one that has to carry the kid or give birth. Dont get me wrong, I’ve always liked Walt. But he should of came with a different approach.

  2. 1Jerry1

    September 23, 2019 at 7:15 am

    London CLEARLY isn’t wanted there. Why doesn’t she just leave? Is she not leaving to just be on TV?

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