'Greenleaf' Recap: Mae's Heartbroken by the Board + Grace Makes Progress with AJ


‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Mae’s Heartbroken by the Board + Grace Makes Progress with AJ

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Greenleaf Season 4 Episode 3

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AJ’s not happy to see Grace.

Grace makes it to Phoenix and walks into the Desert Hope Release Center looking to visit AJ. AJ heads downstairs and isn’t exactly happy to see Grace and all he wants is money. AJ goes off on Grace, demanding money. When Grace hesitates, AJ screams out not to let Grace in the facility anymore and runs off. This leaves Grace completely broken.

Back in Memphis, James and Mae are at the mansion when Mae speaks about her cryptic dream. In the dream, James had a bloody knife and a photo of Jesus cut in half. Mae believes the dream is a sign that James needs to apologize to Calvary. Of course, James scoffs at this meeting. At the church, Kerissa heads into Jacob’s office to tell about someone desiring to buy his land. It’s a commercial developer and what to buy it for more than Jacob and Kerissa originally paid for it. Kerissa’s happy about it while Jacob isn’t.

Charity goes off about the Harmony and Hope song that is supposed to be sung on Sunday. She’s not happy about it but it’s a requirement. She heads off to see Grace. Misty Williams also shows up for Grace and Phil meets with her instead. Karine learns about this and tells lady Mae. Meanwhile, Grace is back at the halfway house and pleads to speak with AJ before she gives him money.

Grace’s absence allows Phil to establish a presence.

Jacob meets with James about the property Kerissa’s desire to sell the property. James tells Jacob it would be foolish to sell the land, mentioning that the land will only cost more in the future. He also reminds Jacob that Kerissa still stings from the situation with Tasha. Back in Phoenix, Grace explains everything to AJ and apologizes. They then head to look at an apartment where Grace will co-sign for him.

Speaking of Grace, Mae’s ready to head out to Calvary to speak to Misty. She also gets on Jacob for not being at the church working. Charity, who couldn’t meet with Grace decides to change up Harmony & Hope’s song. Lastly, AJ and Grace are disappointed to learn the owner of the apartment they looked into won’t rent to them because of AJ’s criminal past. As a result, Grace decides to stay in Phoenix longer to help AJ get on his feet.

Zora’s in the office to see Dante. He walks into the office and they exchange a hug. Just as Dante hugs Zora, fulfilling her quest to get close, his girl Nikki walks in and immediately marks her territory. So Zora has to fall back. Meanwhile, AJ expresses frustration with his life outside of prison and his prospects to survive. He explains to Grace he broke into a home to find something to sell so he could eat. He fell asleep in the home and got spent 5 years in prison because of that crime. After hearing the story, Grace commits to staying in Phoenix until he got on his feet.

Eventually, Jacobs heads back to Calvary and runs into Zora hosting Dante and Nikki. He pulls Dante aside and Nikki begins to talk to Zora. After hearing Zora stays in the cabin, Nikki wants to see it. So they head off to the Cabin. They then hit it off, especially after Zora teaches Nikki how to lay her edges. In fact, Nikki calls Zora a boss and definitely gives her confidence. Dante comes in to pick up Nikki and when she leaves, Zora feels something different.

Mae learns the truth behind the Greenleaf’s ouster.

Meanwhile, Misty tells Mae she’s frustrated with Grace not being present. Interestingly enough, Mac’s abusive past comes up and Misty tells Mae the board didn’t believe Mae didn’t know about this and they wanted her out. This saddens Mae but not enough to tell James about the revelation. She then calls Grace in anger about Misty’s intervention for her daughter. Mae tells Grace Phil is close to taking over her church and she won’t let this happen. So she demands Mae return him immediately.

Speaking of Phil, he sees Charity about the email sent to Judy. He tells her to grow up. However, Charity flips the table on Phil when she tells him about Grace being in Phoenix.

Finally, Mae apologizes for coming after him with her dream as she’s looking at old photos of Faith. She finally asks James if he believes she knew what Mac was doing to Faith and the other girls and admits the board feels she knew. This causes Mae to break down crying and James consoles her.

The next day, AJ is in a better mood. However, it changes when Grace tells him she has to leave. He tells Grace to go and not to come back. That night, Jacob greets Kerissa with flowers. He tells her he hasn’t been making their marriage a priority and intends to change this. He doesn’t want to sell the land and that changes their mood. But before an ultimatum could be given, Jacob gets a phone call. Phil makes a phone call of his own. He’s looking to see if Grace visited the church. She made it home and everyone is looking at slides of the family. Mae tries to get Grace to talk about what’s troubling her but Grace remains mum about AJ.

The episode ends with Jacob playing a side of Faith. This causes everyone to fall into a somber mood as they look at the slides. Afterward, Grace calls the halfway house to see if AJ is available. He picks up and Grace tells him she wants him to come home.

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