GUHHNY Recap: Deb Goes off on Irv + Flavor Flav Lets Down his Kids


GUHHNY Recap: Deb Goes off on Irv + Flavor Flav Lets Down his Kids

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GUHHATL Season 1 Episode 4

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Angela and Lil Mama have their sit down.

The two ladies finally meet up for coffee. Lil Mama says their decade’s long relationship has been confusing and Angela doesn’t know why she had issues with her. Their conversation starts off rather awkward. Lil Mama feels Angela is getting too serious with the questions about her dating life. Things then turn to the party and Lil Mama says she didn’t want to never disrespect Angela by showing up late. Angela says that’s cool and they move on. Lil Mama than brings up Angela’s awkwardness towards her overall. Angela says she doesn’t try to be aloof, she’s just thinking of over 1000 things at a time. Lil Mama during their conversation could never tell if Angela was being real of fake during their call.

Meanwhile, Da’Zayna is still getting sent to voicemail by her dad Flavor Flav. But she still tries to reach out because she has to get their dad on her brother’s track. Eventually, Flavo Flav picks up and she invites him to the studio. It seems like she going to finally make it happen. Madina also made it happen for Vina who’s filming her music video. During a break between scenes, Madina recaps about her bugging out at YDB’s party. Madina blames it on her cycle, calling the whole event extra. Lastly, Madina brings up Arnstar and their relationship. Vina’s jaw drops when Madina tells her Arnstar calls their relationship platonic. They are ready to get to the bottom of this.

JJ’s lawyer gives him bad news.

Irv Gotti’s son meets with the lawyer Irv hired and JJ is completely nervous. The fact that this charge could remain on his record is something that he really wants to handle. But what’s worse, JJ hears that he need to tell his mom. That was information he doesn’t want to deal with. Meanwhile, Siaani’s in the city when she runs into her sister India. Their mom Charli Baltimore is a few days away from arriving and Siaani isn’t looking forward to this. Siaani says they had a very up and down relationship in the past. This is due to Siaani feeling like she didn’t get the same support and management India received from Charli. In fact, Sianni tells her their mom never came to a gig she booked. At this point, Siaani is ready to drop her mom as her manager.

Da’Zyna delivers the great news to her brothers.

Later that night, Da’Zyna links with her brothers at a hookah bar to drips the good news about Flavor coming out to record. Da’Zyna wants to sit down to talk about her relationship with Flavor but it’s business first when it comes to the track. Her brothers tell Da’Zyana to make sure they handle business first before she goes off on Flavor.

Finally, Charli comes to visit Siaani at her apartment and Siaani’s not excited to have their conversation. Charli’s in town to talk to Ja and Irv about the tour but Siaani wants to talk to Charli about the whole management thing. Although Charli is helping Siaani pay rent, she wants Siaani to step out on her own in booking DJ gigs. However, Siaani feels Charli doesn’t care. They begin to argue when Charli says she’s not here to babysit her in her career. Fortunately for both of them, the argument doesn’t last long and Siaani tells Charli about being booked for Ryan’s listening party. Madina helped Siaani get the gig and Charli wants to make sure Medina isn’t trying to get one over on her.

Deb goes off on Irv Gotti.

While this goes on, Angie’s riding with JJ in the city and reminds him that their mom has to know about the arrest. So to make it happen, Angie takes JJ to an ax-throwing spot to meet their mom Deb and for JJ to tell her about the arrest. When Deb arrives, JJ’s completely nervous. Angie hopes Deb holding an ax while hearing from JJ while definitely scare him straight. When JJ tells Deb, she’s definitely not happy. Luckily for JJ, violence didn’t occur. Deb says he needs to be more careful especially in the neighborhood. When JJ tells Deb that Irv knows, she calls Irv to go off on him.

Irv says it’s a ratty move to tell her and Deb goes off on him. F-bombs are dropped and Deb hangs up angry.

Flavor Flav lets his kids down in the studio.

The next day, Da’Zyna, Quan and Will are nervous about whether or Flavor will show up. Their feelings are alleviated, somewhat, when Flavor Flav eventually walks in. Da’Zyna does her best to stay professional and they pitch the song to Flavor. They play the song for Flavor and he loves the song. He’s also happy to hear Da’Zyna’s managing Quan. When they ask Flavor to be on the song, he disappoints them. Flavor tells them he can’t do it now.

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  1. nyc girl

    September 20, 2019 at 6:37 pm

    Flav Flav’s kids shouldn’t be disappointed. Was he there for them as kids? they need to act like he doesn’t exist,and just keep moving forward somebody will give them a break. He’s pathetic!!

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