LHHH Season 6 Episode 6 Recap And Video Clips


LHHH Recap: Lyrica Clashes with A1 & Pam + Summer Bunni Causes More Problems

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Fizz has a run-in with Omarion’s mom.

Zell, A1 and Ray J look for Boogatti. Ray J says he can’t have Princess depressed over their lost dog when he’s trying to get her pregnant. Zell then brings up the thirst trap Lyrica posted on Instagram recently. A1 says he had no idea Lyrica posted this. He was under the impression that they were working things out.

Micky Munday stops by one of Yo Yo’s classes. They have some small talk about parenting since Micky has his daughter with him. Both admit that co-parenting can be hard at times. Yo Yo is getting ready to become a grandmother. One of her daughters is expecting.

Fizz goes to court with Apryl. She and Omarion are in court to determine what school their child will go to. In a green screen interview, Fizz says he’s just there to support Apryl and he doesn’t care what Omarion thinks. And he doesn’t understand why Omarion’s mom gave him a dirty look in court.

Lyrica isn’t sure what she wants.

Princess and Lyrica catch up. Apparently Princess got a major lead about her missing dog. A man called Princess and said his neighbor has Boogatti. And he could climb over the fence to get the dog. Princess thinks this man could be the dognapper. And he just wants the $20,000 reward. She’s going to see what happens and not tell Ray.

Lyrica talks about the thirst trap she posted. She was feeling herself and wanted to post it. Regardless, A1 has cheated on her before. She thought they would be past this once they renewed their vows. Right now she’s not sure she wants to stay married.

J Boog tries to talk Immature into joining the tour. All the members seem open to it until Boog says that Marques should make more money since he’s the lead singer and had a solo career. He suggests Marques gets 50% and the other two members get a combined 50%. LDB isn’t having it and walks out of the meeting.

Apryl is fired.

Jason has a meeting with Apryl. He tells her that he doesn’t think she’s been a good fit as a cohost on Hollywood Unlocked. Negative comments have singled out Apryl as not fitting in. Plus, the show lost an advertiser for low engagement. So Jason thinks Apryl should leave the show. In a green screen interview, Apryl says Jason is being insensitive to do this now when he knows all that she’s been going through.

Paris and Boog catch up at a restaurant. Boog says that the tour has been awkward with the Apryl and Fizz situation. The tension has been thick. Plus, he has a good relationship with Moniece. They lived together when she was pregnant with Kam. So he knows that she’s over the drama that goes on with Fizz that people don’t see.

Princess meets the man who says he found Boogatti. He drives the same car that she saw in the surveillance footage. Police tell her they will continue to investigate. And she tells the man she will give him the $20,000 reward if everything checks out. In the meantime, she’s glad to have her dog back.

Lyrica clashes with A1 and Pam.

A1 and his mother Pam discuss Lyrica’s thirst trap in the kitchen. Lyrica overhears them and asks them why they are discussing her behind her back. Pam says that men do bad things because of women. And she feels like A1 cheated because Lyrica has been angry with A1 and won’t even cook for him. This upsets Lyrica and she says A1 is responsible for his own actions. When A1 and his mother start laughing and not taking the conversation seriously, Lyrica walks upstairs to pack her bags after slapping A1.

In the process, she sees Zell is on Instagram Live with Summer Bunni. Summer is bashing Lyrica and shows recent texts that she claims are from A1 and his secret phone number. Fed up with what’s going on, Lyrica says she’s moving out.

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  1. Hmmm

    September 10, 2019 at 12:29 am

    I feel embarrassed for Lyrica. She is constantly disrespected by A1……

  2. Wonder Why

    September 10, 2019 at 9:59 am

    I don’t b/c she know whats going on and she chooses to look like a victim, he always had others and always will, she said herself to Princess she been dealing w/infidelity w/A1 since she meet him (WHO DOES THAT) Lyrica does b/c she slow and like being the victim for attn she selfish for thinking a baby was going to change that so now the baby will become her reason for staying w/A1 supposedly he the daddy, so No she gets nothing from me, Princess yall get on my nerve w/tht staged dog act Princess dnt have No storyline so she done faked up a missing dog, U knw really if this where yall at then cancel this show, some of the cast tired and washed up anyway FIZZ look boyee Apryl played U she knw what she doing making her baby daddy mad, and she knw its hurtng the tour she wants him to feel her pain if yall friends and U supposedly understand her then U would knw I’m only giving u a pass b/c of Moniece she done messed ur head up so most of the time U cant think straight so GET away from Apryl now b/c she don’t seen hoe mOniece got Ur mind and she trying to get Omarion the same way but Ive known him a long time ummm bruh its not going to work, so dnt be the pawn between them delete urself from Apryl drama………………

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