'Greenleaf' Recap: Grace & Kerissa Make Dangerous Decisions
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‘Greenleaf’ Recap: Grace & Kerissa Make Dangerous Decisions

Greenleaf Season 4 Episode 6

Photo Credit: OWN

Mae’s ready to meet AJ.

The news of Grace having a grown son moves Mae. She weighs the gravity of everything on her shoulders and asks Grace if she prayed about this. She wants to meet AJ but Grace can’t get in touch with him. The two stop their conversation when Charity comes in and Mae tells her that knowledge of Grace’s son must stay in the family.

Later on, Grace called AJ and leaves a message on his phone. She tells him the whole family knows about him. Meanwhile, James feels regret about not going to get Grace after she left home, not realizing she was pregnant. Next, Jacob walks in on Karine watching his fight with the Red Devils. Charity also couldn’t keep the secret about AJ away from Phil. However, none of the news could be useful. Interestingly enough, Phil appears to be even more smitten with her. Jacob catches Phil walking out of the office and she scrambles to come up with an excuse.

Grace finally hears from AJ. It turns out he was arrested. Thankfully for AJ, Grace goes down to the station to bail him out. AJ desperately asks Grace to alibi for him to avoid having charges pinned on him for something he didn’t commit. Grace seemingly will go along with this. Meanwhile, Jacob’s meeting with Phil gets intense. But Phil leaves Jacobs’s office before things get worse for Jacob. As a result of the altercation with the Red Devils, Bob fired Jacob.

Grace lies for AJ.

Back at the station, Grace goes along with telling the detective AJ was with her. However, they have camera footage showing someone who looked like AJ stealing prescription medication. Kerissa picks up her check from the buyer of her land. She tells the buyer, Fernando, she knows that Harmony & Hope is buying the land. She uses this threat to get more from H&H. He puts the moves on Kreissa and she seems open to his advances.

Grace isn’t happy with AJ as she had to apparently lie to keep him out of jail. But she’s happy he’s with her again and they head home for him to meet the family.

Before Jacob packs his office, Kerissa comes by to take him out to celebrate the money for their home. But Mae calls asking him and Kerissa to come home and meet AJ. Kerissa’s furious about this and declines to go. When Jacob leaves, she calls Fernando to see if he’s free. Eventually, AJ and Grace make it home and James and Mae are ecstatic to see him. Mae takes him to meet Zora and James briefly consoles Grace. But this doesn’t last long as the detective interrupts to talk to Grace.

AJ’s surprised when Zora offer’s him a hit of her weed vape. Meanwhile, Grace has a tense conversation with the detective. He saw security footage where AJ asked Grace to lie about his whereabouts. However, he couldn’t hear what was said and Grace knows this. She tells him if he had enough evidence to arrest AJ they would’ve already. Mae walks in on this conversation and Grace’s forced to tell her about his latest alleged criminal activity.

After an argument, Kerissa cheats on Jacob.

Kerissa vents to Fernando about Jacob but this is short-lived as he takes their wine glasses away and goes in for a kiss. This leads to a passionate love-making session. Meanwhile, Mae’s furious with AJ and Grace as she fears this latest development will end the family’s chances to get the church back. When AJ walks back in, Mae demands answers about the robbery. As things get tense, Charity and Jacob walk in to lighten the mood. However, things get tense once again when Mae demands to know if AJ committed the robbery.

AJ responds by storming out. Mae than demands Grace goes back to the police to tell them the truth.

Later on, Kerissa makes it home and Jacob asks where she was. She lies and says she was with Nadine, wishing he was there. He then leaves out for the church. When he leaves, Kerissa disrobes and heads into the shower where she begins to feel guilty. At his apartment, AJ is packing up his stuff, including the medicine he stole. Grace stops by to stay, pleading with him with tears. But AJ doesn’t say with his family. She offers her car before he leaves and tells him to take care of himself.

Charity tells Phil about AJ’s legal trouble.

At the church, as Jacob’s packing, he sees Charity walk in Phil’s office. Charity tells Phil that she met AJ and he was arrested as a suspect in a robbery. He perks up when she tells him Grace lied to the police and recorded Grace’s statement. The two celebrate this revelation with a passionate kiss.

Lastly, James consoles Mae in the aftermath of what happened with AJ. Mae repays him by allowing James to sleep in their bed. They hold each other as they fall asleep. When Jacob walks out, he sees Charity and Phil kissing.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mary

    October 10, 2019 at 6:04 pm

    Wow!! I was totally shocked by Kerissa’s move. And, hubby should not say a thing based on his past. But come on girl – do better.

    Grace, Grace, Grace – that’s all I can say. Bringing in a long lost son does nothing (so far) for the story line. Let’s pray the rest of the season gets better. Charity has got to somehow be written out of the series – adds nothing.

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