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‘Power’ Recap: Ghost Changes His Mind + Becomes a Target

Things are working out for Ghost.

Ghost is alone at his place when he picks up the phone to call Tariq. He gets no answer and leaves a heartfelt voicemail urging Tariq to call him back. He wants them to talk about things because he feels like there are a lot of things Tariq doesn’t understand. After he hangs up, Ramona calls him and tells him to turn on the news. It’s being reported that a source said Ghost will be announced as Walsh’s running mate.

Turns out Ramona is the source. And she tells Ghost his life will change after everything becomes official. Ghost tells her he’s ready and thanks her. She tells him she believes in him before they end the call.

Warner isn’t trying to hear out Saxe.

Saxe pops up at Warner’s office although he was fired. He tells Warner that the feds need to search Ghost’s hotel room for evidence that he killed LaKeisha. Warner says they will not do this because Ghost is on-camera meeting with Tate at the time of LaKeisha’s death. So he is not a suspect. Saxe then says that only means Ghost told someone else to do it. Warner isn’t buying this and Saxe says Ghost is a drug dealer and murderer who is about to become lieutenant governor. Regardless, Warner scoffs at this and says that Ghost wouldn’t be the first. He tells Saxe to never return.

Ghost goes back to his past.

Ramona and Ghost have brunch with Walsh. She says that Ghost’s past as a drug dealer can be neutralized with the grand opening of the QCP. When Ghost says that he lost the QCP site, Walsh says that he needs to make it happen or she will have to make Tate her running mate. So Ghost promises Ramona that he will handle it.

He later goes to an older club. An older man named Gabriel is the owner and greets him. Ghost offers to buy the building and says that his deceased daughter wanted to be a singer. So he’d love to make a venue out of the place for children in the neighborhood. Gabe then calls Ghost Jamie and hugs him. Ghost calls him his Uncle Gabe and says he wasn’t sure that Gabe even remembered him. But Gabe does and asks why Ghost left after his father died and where he’s been.

Ghost says he went to live with Tommy. Gabe remembers Tommy as the only white boy in the neighborhood. They then talk about Ghost’s dad who was killed by young drug dealers for talking to the police. Gabe tried to talk Ghost’s father out of talking to the police but Ghost’s father didn’t listen. Regardless, Gabe says he knows that Ghost’s father would be proud of Ghost buying the building to help children.

Saxe puts pressure on Tate.

Blanca visits Warner’s office. He tells her that Saxe was there and still believes Ghost is a killing machine. She says Saxe isn’t far off and that she believes he killed Terry Silver. Tasha was able to tell her where Terry’s body was and she found dirt from the QCP site in the vehicle. However, Terry never made it to the QCP groundbreaking event. Ghost did and most likely killed Terry after he left. She wants a warrant to search his place and Warner says it’s own her to figure out how to get enough evidence to get a warrant. But he feels like she’s starting to sound too much like Saxe.

Saxe and Blanca go to Tate’s campaign headquarters to ask him questions. He says that Tasha was at the QCP groundbreaking event and Ghost left to follow her somewhere after they appeared to have a tense conversation. Saxe then tells Tate that Terry is dead and if Tate says he knew Tasha was sleeping with Terry, it will be enough to arrest Ghost. Tate smiles and says Ghost did tell him about the affair.

Stern meets with Ghost.

When they walk out, Blanca goes off on Saxe and says Tate is lying and signed a fake affidavit. And Saxe is coercing witness testimony. But Saxe doesn’t care and is just focused on winning the case. Blanca now has what she needs to get a search warrant on Ghost.

Ghost and Stern talk about Ghost’s new plans for the QCP. Stern agrees to invest but he wants Ghost to agree that he gets the large percentage he asked for with the previous deal. He also wants Ghost to admit that he was right about Tate. Ghost agrees to everything and he also promises to look out for Stern’s upcoming development projects after the election.

When Ghost is walking out, an unseen person watches him from a vehicle.

Ghost and Ramona move forward.

He makes it into his place and texts Ramona to meet him at Truth in two hours so he can give her some good news. He then has a conversation with Angela’s ghost. She tells him that he’s finally legit and it’s time for him to let her go. He doesn’t want to but admits that he sees a romantic future with Ramona because she believes in him like Angie did. Angie tells him not to tell Ramona everything and to let her only see his pure side because she’s not from the neighborhood. And she wouldn’t understand.

Ramona and Ghost meet at Truth. He tells her he was able to secure another building and Ramona is so elated she kisses him. She apologizes but Ghost says he’s been wanting to do that for a long time. Now it’s time for Ramona to work on the official announcement.

Silver’s phone is discovered.

Blanca and other detectives head to Ghost’s place with the sneak and peek warrant. So Ghost won’t know they were ever there, everyone is told to put everything back as it was before leaving. Blanca finds a phone and asks for someone to open it up for her.

The official announcement is made and Ghost gives his speech in front of media outlets. Tommy is there but Ghost doesn’t see him before he slips out. After Ghost leaves, someone is watching him again from a vehicle.

Tasha is freed.

Ghost goes to Raina’s grave. He talks about how he’s moving forward and bought his dad’s old club. Not too long after, Tasha shows up. Ghost asks what she’s doing there and she says she goes every week. They talk about him becoming lieutenant governor and Tasha thinks it’s risky. She feels like his past will be dug up. But Ghost says he passed his background check and it’s happening.

He also says he’s moving on with Ramona and he “releases” Tasha from their marriage. So she’s free to be Tasha Green now. And he won’t be a part of her life. When it comes to his new life, no one is going to stop him.

Warner puts the pieces together.

Blanca shows Warner the evidence collected from Ghost’s place. She pulls out Terry’s phone and says it was in Ghost’s credenza. But Warner says Ghost would not be that sloppy. He figures out Saxe had the phone planted.

Tate shows up to Truth as Ghost prepares to celebrate his political announcement. While Tate intends to tell Ghost about Blanca and Saxe, Ghost taunts him about losing. So Tate decides to leave without giving Ghost a heads up.

Dre needs a favor.

Not too long after Tate leaves, Tariq comes by. But he has Dre with him and says that Dre made come by saying he’d tell the authorities what Tariq has been up to. After Tariq leaves, Dre asks Ghost for money so he can get out of town. Ghost says all he has to give is $250,000 and he has to get it from someone else in an hour. After Dre asks how he knows he can trust Ghost, Ghost demeans him and calls him a “wannabe gangster.” This outrages Dre who then leaves angrily.

Ghost calls the guard from the property he was looking at and tells him to give the footage of Dre at the rooftop to the authorities. He wants to set Dre up as Jason’s killer.

He then takes the sim card out of the phone and breaks it. Tommy texts his other phone saying they need to meet. So Ghost grabs his gun.

Tommy and Ghost have visitors.

They meet up and Tommy says he knows Ghost didn’t kill Keisha. Ghost says he’s never killed anyone Tommy loved and always did what he had to in order to protect him. But he’s leaving Tommy behind to live his new life. When Tommy shouts that he’s left with nothing, bullets fly towards them.

Tommy goes in first to take down a shooter and Ghost worries that he may have been killed. When he walks into the building, he sees a dead body. It’s not Tommy.

Saxe is in the hot seat.

Tameika acts as Saxe’s lawyer as he is being questioned by Blanca and Warner. Although it’s obvious Saxe planted Terry’s phone, she says that Blanca and Warner will go down too if they take down Saxe. So she tells them not to pursue Saxe and to keep the phone so they can finally lock up Ghost.

Ghost drives to a nearby location and watches as Dre is arrested for Jason’s murder. He later rolls up on Vincent and asks him if he still has a contact at the Bureau of Prisons. Vincent says he does and Ghost says he will pay him back when he becomes lieutenant governor. Ghost also needs a burner placed inside.

Paz needs answers.

Back at Truth, Paz is waiting on Ghost. When she sees him, she tells him she knows he didn’t kill Angela. But she wants to know who did but Ghost says he doesn’t know. And Angela died protecting all of them. Ramona is nearby listening to the conversation. After Paz leaves upset that Ghost won’t tell her who did it, Ghost gets a text from Tasha. She asks where he is and Ramona walks in.

She tells him she heard the conversation. Ramona wants to know what he did that Angela felt the need to keep him out of jail for. But Ghost says his past isn’t an issue and he agrees that there will be fewer secrets between them.

Ghost changes his mind.

Tasha and Ghost meet at the penthouse. It’s being sold and has been cleaned up. Both inspect everything and Tasha tells Ghost that the feds are trying to pursue Tariq for Ray Ray’s death. She wants Ghost to take the fall but Ghost doesn’t want to. He says he knows Tasha killed Keisha and people keep dying to protect Tariq. This isn’t working and Tariq should confess so he can just get a deal. This angers Tasha and she tells him she never wants to see him again.

After Tasha leaves, Ghost sees Raina’s ghost. She blames herself for her death and says she should have told Ghost and Tasha what was happening with Tariq. But she didn’t and paid for it. She feels like lies killed her. And she learned how to lie from Ghost and Tasha. So now Tariq must deal with consequences like she had to.

Ghost comes clean to Tariq.

Tariq comes by Ghost’s place. He says his blood was found at Ray Ray’s home. And Ghost told him he would take the fall. But Ghost says circumstances have changed. And he wants Tariq to confess so he can get a deal. He’s ready to hire a good lawyer to make this happen and he can change things when he comes lieutenant governor.

Tariq tells Ghost to confess first, including why he killed Breeze. Ghost says that despite what Kanan told him, he loved Breeze. He didn’t want to kill him. But he believes Tariq can have a great future if he confesses. And it’s the best thing to do. Tariq then says it’s the best thing fo Ghost and he knows he should have never trusted him. He then leaves.

Blanca updates Paz and Tate.

Warner and Blanca talk to Judge Tapper. He doesn’t think they have real evidence. They then give him Silver’s phone.

2 Bit and Spanky are sharing a prison cell when a guard hands 2 Bit a burner from Ghost. Ghost asks Spanky to do him a favor for cash.

Blanca tells Tate and Paz separately that the judge wouldn’t give them an arrest warrant for Ghost and it’s over.

At Ghost’s announcement party at Truth, he greets Ramona and tells her she looks beautiful. Ramona says she thinks they should keep their relationship a secret until the campaign ends. But Ghost says he doesn’t want to and kisses her.

Blanca makes a deal with Dre.

Dre makes his one phone call in prison and it’s Blanca. She tells him she knows he didn’t kill Jason but she can’t help him unless he can testify that Ghost killed Silver. Dre agrees to this and Blanca says she will get him out of there the same day and get it so he only serves 10 years for Jason’s death instead of life.

Back at the party, Tariq shows up. Ghost introduces him to Stern. After Stern walks away, Tariq asks Ghost if he really wants him to turn himself in. Ghost says yes and that he’ll be there with Tariq. Tariq says goodnight and walks away.

Tameika is at Saxe’s place and tells him that Judge Tapper rejected the evidence. So Ghost walks and Saxe will go to jail because Tapper signed an arrest warrant an hour ago. After she leaves, Saxe grabs a gun.

Ghost is on top of the world.

As Ghost is walking around Truth, he runs into Kanan’s ghost. Kanon says Ghost thinks he’s changed but he’s still a criminal. And everyone hates him because he lies and can’t be trusted. But Ghost says he won and got his son back while Kanan lost and died.

Ramona then finds him and they agree to meet back at his hotel in an hour before sharing a kiss.

Revenge leads multiple people to Truth.

While Ghost is making a drink at his bar, Saxe is walking towards the club drunk and with a gun. Dre is now free from prison and is driving to Truth. Paz is angry and puts a gun in her bag while walking towards the club. Tate puts his hood over his head as he also walks towards the club with a gun. Blanca is en route with an arrest warrant. Tariq is already in the club and walks to find Ghost. Tommy is outside walking towards the club strapped. And so is Tasha separately.

Blanca enters the club where Ghost is standing on a ledge. A gunshot is heard and Ghost falls over, shot in his chest. It’s unclear who shot him.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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