‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser’s Baby Momma Crystal Responds to the Backlash

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Black Ink Crew” fans are still talking about the latest episode. And that’s because Ceaser’s baby momma clashed with Kitty. Crystal decided she would unveil her new jaw at Ceaser’s launch party. While Q was helping her pick out an outfit, Crystal revealed she may have romantic feelings for Cease. So she wanted to look her best for him. And she wanted to show him that she’s not the insecure woman she was back when he opened his first shop in Brooklyn.

Although she appeared to get along with Kitty, she told Q that she believes Kitty sleeps her way to the top. And Kitty could be in her way of getting back together with Cease.

Q relayed this to Bae and she told Kitty. Kitty was furious and stormed outside the shop after Crystal wanted to talk.

As a result, some of the fans have been calling Crystal out on social media. So she responded and had some interesting things to say.

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Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.

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  • This show is fake. And has been for a while now. I can't believe people don't know that yet. Just like Alex's back was never broken.

    • That’s not show’s fault it was Alex the one Acting like his back was hurt that’s the lye. Just to scare Cesar in to a law suit to get money for him! Alex is the lying b-tch a-s!

      • Alex. Are you really that stupid ??? Your nasty a-s girlfriend is the reason Ceasar n B-tch a-s teddy jumped u in the 1st place that nasty broad keeps setting you up, her mouth toilet bowl that it is, is digging the hole for you.Stop being her puppet, Where are your balls. Brain,??? She is making you the fuzzy, D-mn

        • Ain’t that the truth! Wake up Alex, she’s just a tr-mp! Please, please don’t marry her!😬 She’s slept with everyone in the shop except Caesar. Men and women 😳 !!

      • When I was in ny I visited 125 and walt and caese was there met them and got pic with them from Pennsylvania

    • Its obvious his back was not broken, but I can guarantee the way Cease and Teddy attacked his body, I'm sure there's muscles strain or even disc bulging which will cause much spasm. I would not had want to be tackle like that at his size for sure.

    • first of all there on lake season 10 do you really think they're still going to be working in the tattoo shop after receiving the royalties for the show once you get to seasons that high you're getting paid really paid oh my God look at Jersey shore those f-cking retards got drunk and f-cked every single day that's all they ever did and they're millionaires because of it just from drinking and f-cking as for Black ink Crew of course they worked at tattoo shops that's how they started they're not going to be there now do you really think Caesar is in the tattoo shop right now performing tattoos? come on guys y'all can do better! ask for Alex he never claimed to break his back when you break your back that's paralyzing you don't walk away from that that's a serious injury..... while some of that show maybe coached a bit, I assure you a lot of that stuff was real. just as real as any other reality TV show... I still cannot believe it somebody actually said but they went there and didn't see any of them in there doing tattoos ????Jesus mother Mary of God ... IM DONE!

      • sorry about some of my spelling, but i am driving and using " talk to text".. and it's not that Accurate!

  • Called it. I told yall Cease probably has a girlfriend on the other post. He doesn't even act like he's interested in Kitty but people were too busy being Team Kitty.

      • how long are they going to let this craziness go on cuz sky is just way if I went into a shop looking for business and I ran into a group of ignorant he does like that I would not stay

    • Well she did state before that her and Cease are just friends and nothing more. So I wouldnt put any of that on Kitty when in fact they've both made it known..

    • He may not want Kitty, but he d-mn sure doesn’t want his baby mama. He’ll take Dutchess back first 🤭 and we know that ain’t happening!!

  • This is not a positive show for our black children. If you have to create crap for story lines why do it and where is the message. NY politicians are involed with this mess is disappointing.

    • There is drama in every walks of life..us as parents should monitor what are children watch so you have to be the positive role model in your childs life not tv!

      • This show is not intended for children. Parents should not be letting them watch this surreal drama mess in the 1st place. None of these fake reality shows.

    • There's nothing about this show that's for children. As the adult in your house , you've got to monitor what's on TV. So if you watching your kids don't need to be.

    • Well your just plain ignorant if you allow your young children to watch this show . Clearly it’s for adult entertainment .

  • She says its for entertainment but why would u says all that when she knows he has a girlfriend and look more stupid. Girl money aint worth ur DIGNITY

    • Maybe because acting neans his girlfriend understand and her man understands also so she probably feels dignified because people who know her know it's about a check. Reality shows are full of actors and personalities who follow storylines.

    • For real. She was real thirsty...this show is a joke. I'm not sure what positions they hold. They have positions with no responsibilities or merit. Who are all these people supposedly on the payroll??? What does Sky,Teddy, Walter, Kitty and rest of knuckleheads do...VP position for what? What about Ms. Sky with her head of HR position. Does Cesar not think that his audience could see right through the BS...

  • Regardless if Kitty and Ceasar aren't into each why TF would you play a part on the show of trying to get back with the father of your child? You've made YOURSELF LOOK STUPID. Kitty did the right thing by walking away and not making a scene during the grand opening of the new shop. Sometimes we as woman do way too much for a guy. Please move on with your life and ne happy. The man pf your child is LIVING HIS BEST LIFE right in front of your.

    • You just made yourself sound real stupid. It's for STORYLINE purposes, these ppl got normal lives outside of Black Ink yet you still believe in it. Stop believing everything you see on tv and grow up

  • I don't get why people are so bent out of shape over a show we already know isn't based on real life and it's just for entertainment..look at it this way..these are actors and actresses that incorporate their skills of tattooing and throw in a fake story to get a check..stop falling for the okie doke..y'all smarter than that 😝💯

    • Shaneca are you seriously insulting people that worked hard for years at becoming Actors and Actresses. Please don't ever call there people Actors and Actresses. They're doing what they're skilled at " bullsh-tting" and con artist.

    • First of all like many have said it for entertainment so why is anybody mad and responding to this. To be honest this website we are all on is for entertainment but I don’t hear anyone mad because this blog is getting a check. I’m glad they are getting a check. The funny thing is the scripted reality show which is enjoyable has actually become true reality to every jack hole on this blog responding with jabs at them talking about they are just doing this for a check wtf wouldn’t they get a check when the network is truly the ones doing it for a check. Welcome to all of you guys reality show and it’s called your life because you all don’t have anything better to do but get all bothered which is what the show wants buzz. I am lol at all of you

  • Beat that a-s kitty she look like minnie mouse now bih still ugly kitty look way better than you crystal cease dont want u

  • I knew that was a FAKE story made up by Big Fish Productions. Half the cast that's no longer there has said it and even Donna said the stories are fake. Dutchess told y'all too

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