'Love & Marriage: Huntsville' Reunion Recap: LaTisha Takes on the Holts + Marsau's Silence Bothers LaTisha


‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Reunion Recap: LaTisha Takes on the Holts + Marsau’s Silence Bothers LaTisha

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Love and Marriage Huntsville Season 2 Episode 12

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Marsau wants to stay above the mud-slinging.

The episode begins with everyone arriving at the reunion taping. The Scott brothers and their wives arrive first. While in their dressing room, the brothers speak about what to expect at the reunion. Marsau and Maurice are not willing to get into the dirt with LaTisha and Melody. LaTisha and Melody are willing to tear each other down.

Executive Producer Carlos King walks in and lets Marsau know that Wanda’s going to be on stage. He meets with Kimmi and LaTisha next. Kimmi’s ready to confront Kiwua and LaTisha will have plenty of ammo for Melody.

Lastly, Carlos meets with the Holts. Melody asks Carlos what to expect and he tells Melody that the reunion will be an open forum and their relationships with each other and their friends will be discussed heavily. Grievances will also be aired out for better or worse.

Eventually, the reunion begins with Egypt Sherrod hosting.

They first touch on Martell and Melody’s rocky relationship. They addressed the rumors that were put out there by Funky Dineva. Melody explains that she wasn’t a side chick and in fact, asked her sorority sisters if they ever dated Martell.

Next, they touch on the men’s parenting skills. During the conversation, Marsau brings up the new roles in his marriage with LaTisha. LaTisha says Marsau is making an improved effort in interacting and looking after their children in their household.

Melody praises Martell for being a great father.

LaTisha and Melody’s strained friendship is a hot topic.

Finally, LaTisha and Melody’s strained friendship is addressed. LaTisha first addresses the name of her podcast, saying she didn’t take a name from Melody. Melody says LaTisha was hypocritical for calling her out but doing the same things she called Melody out for.

Egypt asks Melody if she feels LaTisha is jealous of her and Melody says she isn’t sure. LaTisha then mocks Melody and bows down to her. Kimmi speaks up eventually, and says LaTisha is being hypocritical.

Next, Martell’s infidelity is brought up. LaTisha’s rumor about Martell buying his mistress a BMW is discussed. LaTisha explains why it came up and LaTisha brought it up while she was arguing with Melody to make her angry. The Holts says LaTisha is lying. Regardless, LaTisha says all the information she has about Martell came from Melody.

LaTisha says she has a screenshot of a text message photo Melody sent to her. During the conversation, Melody sent LaTisha a photo of Martell’s mistress’ car. But Melody says she never told LaTisha that Martell bought the woman a matching BMW because this never happened. And Martell and the woman don’t even have the same cars. Egypt then asks LaTisha if Martell and Melody have information about Marsau cheating, would she want to know? LaTisha says if it’s meant for her to know, she’ll find out but she doesn’t believe in her heart he’s cheated on her. Marsau also says he’s never cheated on LaTisha.

While he’s talking, Martell whispers to Melody if whether or not she wants to bring up Marsau’s “disrespectful cheating.”

Egypt catches this and brings it up. Egypt asks Martell if he wants to bring up the receipts about knowing for a fact Marsau stepped out. Martell says he was there when Marsau cheated. Maurice jumps in and says the situation is just going to get worse if both sides keep at this. He then asks them how is this shade going to help marriages. Martell says he only brought his receipts up in retaliation to LaTisha.

As Maurice Defends LaTisha, Marsau goes off.

Finally, Marsau speaks up. He apologizes to Martell and Melody and kind of leaves LaTisha out on the line. This hurts LaTisha and after they have a break from filming, she cries. Maurice speaks to LaTisha. Maurice says Marsau wasn’t trying to get involved in the mudslinging. Regardless, LaTisha is upset by Marsau’s unwillingness to speak up and aid LaTisha in clapping back at the Holts. Meanwhile, Melody’s frustrated with Maurice speaking up for LaTisha.

Back on the stage, Marsau lets LaTisha and Maurice know that they have two daughters at home and they need to be mindful of how they’re acting in front of the cameras.

“How are we going to be good parents while we’re sitting on national TV acting like ghetto a** people?” – Marsau

What are your thoughts about part one of the reunion?

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