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‘Power’ Recap: Tate Stumbles But Gets Back on Top

Power Starz Season 6 Episode 14

Photo Credit: Starz/YouTube

Tate calls a friend for a favor.

Tate is at a bar when he makes a phone call to a man named Coop (played by Cedric the Entertainer). He tells Coop that he needs him to come to New York and do a job for him. After he gets drunk and tries to hit on a waitress, the waitress calls his brother Kamaal (played by Lorenz Tate’s real-life brother Lahmard J. Tate) and tells him he needs to come get Tate.

He later wakes up in a bed and realizes he’s at Kamaal’s place. Tate walks into Kamaal’s kitchen and finds him conversing with his son and wife Simone. His nephew Elijah is happy to see him.

But Tate is somber and tells Kamaal and Simone that Ghost has killed his campaign. He wants revenge. On the news, it is reported that Ghost will soon be announced as Walsh’s running mate.

Tate refuses to back down.

Coop and his son are torturing a man named Frankie. The victim ends up passing out after some of his thigh meat is cut out. Coop shoots him in the head after Frankie says he won’t text little girls again.

Tate and Kamaal go to a shooting range. They talk about Ghost and Tate makes it clear that he’s not going down without a fight. Kamaal tells Tate he should want to win to help the people not to feed his ego.

Walsh meets with Ramona and Steven, an important figure in the Democratic Party. Tate walks into the restaurant and tells Steven that they need to talk. But Steven says he’s busy and he thinks Tate needs to sit this election out because he’s not ready. Ghost is who they want to move forward with.

Tate says they shouldn’t doubt him because they did the same to Obama and he ended up making history. But Walsh isn’t hearing this and says he needs to bow out gracefully while he still has some dignity left. Tate responds with, “F*ck all y’all.” And then storms off.

Coop shows up.

Tate then goes to church and talks to his pastor. The two men discuss Ghost. His pastor tells him it’s not too late to handle Ghost. He just needs to have faith. Tate is annoyed and unmoved.

Back at his campaign office, his staffer Chris asks for a letter of recommendation. Tate says there’s no need for that because the campaign is far from over. Not too long after, Saxe and Blanca walk in. They tell him that they are investigating Ghost and need help putting him behind bars. Of course, Tate is glad to hear this.

After this, he meets with Coop and his son Carter. He tells them he won’t be needing them anymore. Coop is irritated and says he still wants his money. Tate says he can’t pay them for a job they didn’t do. But the father and son insist they can do a better job than whoever else he’s hired. They tell him they are killing Ghost or they are killing Tate. Tate decides to allow them to move forward with killing Ghost.

Coop and Carter sit in the car and wait for Ghost. After he walks onto the street, they prepare to follow him so they can learn his schedule.

Ghost’s arrogance gets in the way.

Later on, Tate shows up to Truth. He’s irritated that Ghost passed the background check. He tries to warn Ghost that he hired people to kill him, but Ghost doesn’t allow him to speak and gloats about beating him in politics. He tells Tate that he’s better than politics than he is and Tate has become en expert in losing.

So Tate decides to keep the information to himself as Ghost taunts Tate for “kissing the ring.”

He later goes to a diner and meets enthusiastic supporters who want his autograph and to take pictures with him. Tate realizes that he doesn’t need to drop out of the race just yet. So he takes a group photo to aid his campaign.

His former fling Cassandra is at his office when he gets back. She tells him that Ramona did him dirty. She reminds him that the party needs him to concede and close ranks. But Tate refuses to back down until Walsh has the party’s official nomination. He storms out of his office.

Things don’t go well for Coop and Carter.

Coop and Carter pull up on Ghost as he meets with Tommy. Before walking to where the former friends meet, Carter and Coop grab their guns and masks out of the trunk. While Ghost and Tommy start arguing, the father and son start shooting at them.

Ghost and Tommy return the fire and a shootout ensues. Coop ends up getting killed by Tommy. But Carter escapes.

Later, Tate’s staffer Chris is in the office trying to save some data so he can leave to work on Walsh’s campaign. Tate goes off and throws a mug at him as Dre walks in to update him on Tariq. Carter later calls Tate and tells him that Coop was killed. And he was wrong to not tell them that it would be someone there with Ghost.

Tasha gets an update.

Tate meets with Tasha and says that Ghost is getting ready to throw Tariq under the bus for killing Ray Ray. And he heard that Ghost is doing this so his political career won’t be tainted. Tasha doesn’t believe that Ghost would snitch on his own son. Regardless, Tate tells her that Ghost is about to become unstoppable and she needs to save Tariq.

While taking the trash out at his brother’s place, he runs into Carter. Carter is angry and believes that Tate set him and Coop up. He pulls a gun out on Tate and says that he’s about to kill Tate’s family. Tate bucks up and says that his family has nothing to do with this. Kamaal then shoots Carter dead after he hears the screaming outside.

Later, Tate says that Carter was trying to rob him and Carter may have also been on drugs. But Kamaal isn’t buying this as he believes the neighborhood has gotten much safer. Regardless, Tate thanks Kamaal for saving his life. He has to run back to the campaign office because he was just texted that it’s a big emergency he needs to see about.

Dre returns.

Tate learns the DNC is taking back all of their property. They are shutting down his office and Blanca comes by to tell him the investigation on Ghost has been halted. Not too long after, Stern arrives to Tate’s office with Walsh. They want him to give Walsh and Ghost a formal endorsement because it’s good for optics.

Tate goes off on Walsh for pandering to black voters. She says luckily she has Ghost to help her get all the black support she needs before leaving his office. Frustrated by this, Tate meets with Dre and tells him to kill Ghost for cash.

Kamaal picks him up in his cop car. He asks him what really happened with Carter. He’s still not buying that Carter was a mugger. Kamaal says there haven’t been any incidents until Tate showed up to his place. They argue before Kamaal takes Tate to the NYPD to report the incident. Cops are told that shots were fired at Truth. They asks Tate and Kamaal to come with them to check it out. At this point, Kamaal is convinced that Tate has something to do with this too and he can’t help Tate if he doesn’t tell him the truth.

Kamaal figures it out.

On the way to the club, Tate says that Dre may have killed Ghost. And Dre may implicate him in the crime because Dre would say that he paid him to do it. But Kamaal isn’t convinced that Tate didn’t pay Dre to pull the trigger. The brothers argue again over who has the better life and Tate still denies doing anything dirty.

When Kamaal pulls up to Truth, he tells Tate to stay in the car. But Tate doesn’t listen anyway and gets out of the car with a gun placed in his jeans.

Before he can walk into the club, a reporter asks to interview him. But he passes on this and says that he can release a statement later. He is told that Ghost was killed. Put on the spot, he gives an impressive speech as his brother looks on. He wonders how Tate came up with “all that bullsh*t” so fast.

Walsh and Steven come by to ask Tate if he will be Walsh’s running mate. He refuses and says he’s still running for governor. She needs him more than he needs her. Steven tells Walsh to wait in the car so he can talk to Tate alone. Walsh storms off.

Steven then shakes Tate’s hand.

Ramona becomes Tate’s target.

Tate later goes back to his church to announce that he has received the democratic nomination for governor as Ramona looks on in disgust. He later tells her that she should have never counted him out.

Kamaal later tells him that Dre was killed in prison. And Tate should buy some lottery tickets because things always end up in his favor.

A reporter asks Tate if he regrets picking Ghost as his running mate. Tate says that he regrets that Romona picked Ghost to be his running mate and he also regrets that Ramona was having an extramarital affair with Ghost.

Tate gets more revenge.

Later on at his campaign office, Stern arrives to give Tate a big check. And Stern says he needs Tate to hire better people because he needs Tate to be scandal-free. Tate wants Stern to admit that he made a mistake backing Walsh over him. But Stern doesn’t back down and says he went with who had the bigger chance of winning at the time. And Tate shouldn’t take anything personally.

Tate later sleeps with Cassandra again back at a hotel. He gets a knock on the door and Ramona walks in, going off. She says she never even slept with Ghost. She slaps Tate after he says that Ramona will always be linked to a deceased drug dealer.

After she storms off, Tate thanks Cassandra for paying for the room and tells her she was just a fling to him. She gets angry and also leaves.

He turns on the news and it is reported that the suspect of Ghost’s murder was just arrested and they have the first look at who that person is. The camera pans to Tate as he is shocked by the person’s identity.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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