LHHMIA Recap: Amara & Emjay Clash + The BAPS Tour Has a Rough Start

LHHMIA Season 3 Episode 9
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Alvin is a big question mark.

Kamillion and Sukihana meet up with Alvin although they aren’t sure he will be a good tour manager. But he says he booked their first show and already handled their hotel accommodations. He gets annoyed when Sukihana says that Bobby will be their emcee but he says that they have been cordial. And they can remain cordial as long as Bobby stays out of his way.

After he leaves, Miami Tip comes through and questions if Alvin is a good choice.

Annie confronts Amara.

Amara hangs out with PreMadonna. She is blindsided when PreMadonna’s friend and Emjay’s ex Annie shows up. Annie says she financially supported Emjay when they dated for three years. Emjay even lived with her and he didn’t want to get a job after the money got low.

Although Amara originally feels like this has nothing to do with her, she begins to listen to what Annie is saying after Annie says that Emjay starts off being a complete gentleman. But he won’t get a job if things ever go bad for Amara.

In a green screen interview, Amara says that she’s already seen a lot of these things from Emjay.

Annie tells her to be careful.

Amara clashes with Emjay.

When Amara gets home, she tells Emjay about her conversation with Annie. Emjay says he had money from a record deal when he was with Annie. But Amara says she can’t trust that Emjay will be able to hold her down if things ever go bad financially.

Emjay says Amara only knows one side of the story. And she shouldn’t rush to end things.

Amara gets angry and says that she’s younger than Emjay but more accomplished. She supports him and this bothers her. So she ends the relationship.

Emjay throws the things around and Amara yells for him not to break things in her house. While he’s upstairs having an emotional conversation with Mami Ana, Amara breaks down in tears downstairs.

Ana says Emjay should leave for a little bit so Amara can calm down. And Amara doesn’t feel like talking to him. So he goes to a hotel to get his thoughts together. He doesn’t want to give up on the relationship.

Trina and Joy plan a trip.

Joy tells Trina that they should go to the Bahamas to celebrate Trina’s mom’s birthday. This isn’t something Trina really wants to do. It’s been hard for her to grieve her mom. But Joy is able to persuade her to go as long as the trip remains fun. So Trina wants Bobby there, and Trick too.

Alvin disappoints.

It’s time for Bobby, Hood Brat, Kamillion, and Sukihana to head to their first show. Alvin picks them all up in a van. This makes everyone nervous.

When they get to the hotel, they find out it’s a dump. And Sukihana and Kamillion leave after they spot a roach. But Hood Brat tells Bobby that they have to be hungry enough to make it to the top. And everyone needs to get on the same page.

Shay has something to say.

Emjay goes to Shay’s place to tell her about his blowup with Amara. He says that he dated Annie ten years ago. And while he knows his money is low as an up and coming artist, he wishes Amara would trust that he has pure intentions.

Shay is upset that Amara believed Annie without hearing Emjay’s side. And she doesn’t think any woman should be able to tell another woman about her man.

The show must go on.

Alvin, Bobby, and Hood Brat show up to the venue for the performance and figure out Alvin was bamboozled by the promoter. The club turns out to be a country club and there is barely anyone there to see them perform. Sukihana and Kamillion show up a few minutes later, and although they are disappointed, they go on with their performance. They are proud that the crowd was actually entertained.

Alvin pays the women and they tell him he’s fired.

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