Black Ink Crew Season 8 Episode 21 Recap & Video Clips


‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Kitty & Bae Get into an Altercation + Walt Gets Bad News from Jess

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Black Ink Crew Season 8 Episode 21

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Bae’s dad leaves.

Young Bae’s emotional conversation with her father isn’t going well. After security takes her father outside so Bae can have a moment to calm down, he begins to run away. Producers catch up to him and he gets in a cab to leave.

Bae is disappointed and she’s convinced he just came to New York to see her hurt, again.

Cease is ready for revenge.

Back at the shop, Ceaser tells the gang they need to be on point at the upcoming tattoo convention in Philly because 9Mag will be there. Donna then brings up the fact that Sky and Miss Kitty were at Ryan’s New Year’s Eve party. While Cease is fine with Sky and Kitty being there, he thinks Ryan was being petty to post it on social media.

Donna’s plan fails.

While Alex is sleeping, Donna decides to put on a prosthetic belly and fake giving birth to a doll. She figures this will change Alex’s mind about them having a baby before marriage. But the plan doesn’t work and Alex still wants them to have a baby.

Tati and Donna discuss Kitty and Alex.

Later on, Donna and Tati talk about Kitty. Donna says that Kitty has been blasting her on social media and even accused her of lying on her about Ryan. So Donna doesn’t even want to talk to Kitty if she sees her at the tattoo convention.

The women discuss Alex and Tati agrees that Alex is out of line to want a baby without marriage. But she also pushes Donna to tell Alex about their flirty relationship. Bae then FaceTimes Donna and tells them about her emotional moment with her father.

Walt gets some disappointing news.

Jess has been distant with Walt since they had their therapy session. In a green screen interview, Jess says she’s not sure if she can fully trust Walt after he cheated on her. So she tells Walt she’s not sure if she wants to get married in the immediate future. She just wants to wait and this is disappointing for him.

Kitty is prepared.

The gang makes it to the tattoo convention. It’s the first time 9Mag and Black Ink aren’t set up next to each other. Kitty is there and she’s representing 2nd City Ink. So she shadows Ryan’s booth. She’s on ready just in case she has some drama with Donna and Tati.

Bae sees her dad, again.

Meanwhile, Bae is still in New York. She meets with her father again to try to hash things out. He tells her he was filled with rage when he was abusive. As a man, he was angry he wasn’t able to provide for his family like he wanted to. But Bae tells him that he could have still made them feel loved. The meeting is supposed to be closure, but Bae isn’t sure it actually can be since she didn’t get an apology.

Donna and Tati confront Kitty.

Back at the convention, Tati and Donna confront Kitty. Kitty doesn’t like the fact that Donna said she would beat her up the next time she saw her. But Donna doesn’t back down. Ryan then walks up and tells the women to take their drama outside. He doesn’t want anyone arguing in front of his clients. So the conversation ends for now.

The gang recaps Bae.

Bae makes it to Philly. She checks in at the rental and tells Puma, Rok, Q, and Tati about her conversion with her dad. She still has so many emotions.

Tati then tells Bae that Kitty is at the convention. Bae says that she really has some things to get off her chest, so she will be talking to Kitty very soon.

Alex has some drama at the convention.

Almighty Jay comes over to speak to Ceaser and the gang. He’s part of the YBN rap group. He’s been in contact with Cease about getting a tattoo. Jay flirts with Donna and Alexis is not pleased. After Cease finishes Jay’s tattoo, Alex confronts Jay about flirting with Donna.

Jay says it was just for TV but Alex isn’t hearing it. Things get testy and security has to step in.  The whole situation turns on Donna as she loves it when Alex is territorial.

Kitty and Bae clash.

Bae and Kitty meet up at a coffee shop. When it comes to Tati and Donna, Kitty is just about over it. She says Donna is the one who blasted her on social media. Bae gets irritated and says that Kitty has talked badly about everybody. And she should own that.

But Kitty says she says how she feels to people’s face.

Bae gets mad and prepares to walk away. But before she does, she tells Kitty that she’s fake and a “punk a*s b*tch.” Kitty returns the insult and Bae hits her with her jacket. Security restrains them and when Kitty is taken outside, she says she’s going to beat Bae up for sucker-punching her. Kitty also calls Bae fat and says that Cease said she was fat and ugly.

As for Bae, she says Kitty loves to talk about people behind their backs. And when they are confronted, she blames it on her mother’s death. All Kitty has to do is be honest and just apologize. But she won’t.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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  1. Tiffani Young

    March 25, 2020 at 10:20 pm

    I feel bad for Walt. He looks so sad. I don’t blame Alex for running up on Jay. I am still waiting on Cease & Ryan to face off.

  2. Victoria

    March 26, 2020 at 6:04 am

    Bae use to be on the real and diplomatic now she’s just a THOT. Turning her back on friends after the rocked with her. I knew she was smashing Cease, and she is a little fattie.

    Turned out to be a single THOT with a child.

  3. llawrence

    March 26, 2020 at 11:32 am

    Kitty I thought you was about that life, you let that girl run up on you go sit down somewhere and leave Ryan alone he don’t want you he will always be with Rachel. Your playing yourself.

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