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‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Miss Kitty Puts Ceaser & Young Bae on Blast

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Black Ink Crew” star Miss Kitty is still on the outs with the New York crew. Although she still denies that she messed around with Ryan from 9Mag, she’s still being accused of lying. Tati and Ceaser still persist that the hookup happened. So it’s no surprise that drama goes down after Kitty comes face to face with her former crew at a tattoo convention.

In fact, when Kitty sees Young Bae, they end up having an intense conversation. And Bae attacks Kitty. She even says Kitty talked trash about her son.

Kitty responded to the accusations on social media. And she put Cease and Bae all the way on blast.

Click next for the details. 

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Amanda Anderson-Niles

Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.

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    • I believe Ceasar an Bae have been sleeping together. Who's baby was it that Bae miscarried ? Ceasar is the snake.Who's not to say that Bae's son is Cesar's son. Rob g Ghost quickly.

    • Young Bae should've mind her own business but now we know why . Ceas been smashing that b-tch Bae and she mad at Kitty. Dusty b-tch Bae f-ck you

  • This explains a lot. The only question I have is...Why Ceaser get so mad about a rumor and then fire Kitty because of it, not only that he constantly called out Ryan And Kitty for lying yet he’s denying it ever f-cking Bae smdh Ceaser is such a hypocrite and Bae and the rest of the crew is fake a-s h-ll. I now this is all fake and for entertainment but sheesh.

  • D-mn Cease, what female you haven't slept with within the shop? This mess is crazy but I am still waiting to see the showdown with you & Ryan.

      • Donna's the main one he should of slept with, but he always treat her like potted meat. Lol. Donna got it going on.

        • I am sorry but my Donna is so sexy tell her f-ckboy I am going to put her name on my arm lol and that little boy can't handle that good p-ssy I know he needs a 18 year old girls not sexy Donna that is a woman who

  • Caeser and Bae are actually a pretty sexy couple. I hope it's true and not just some BS. Sky got what she deserved after treating her son in such a horrific manner. I wouldn't let her back on the show if I were too execs at VH1. She's beyond mental health issues, she's trash.

    • I know that's rights who would talk to they child like that. Man he better than me cause I would have let her have it.

      • How many of us would sell or character, lives, family and all for a dollar? These people are chasing viewers and dollars because viewers and clicks on these sites equal💲dollars💲in their pockets. If you're going to be a part of this via comments, please recognize it for what it is! ENTERTAINMENT! They all doing what they gotta do to keep a job and 💲💲

        • F-ck that if I got to lower my standards or mistreat my kids for a dollar then they can keep every last dollar. Entertainment or not what Sky did is wrong and shows she’s a bad parent. Ain’t no amount of money will have me out here doing whatever.

  • Explains why he wanted kit gone ....she knows an explains why bae "husband" up left an they divorced so quick

  • Im hoping that Kitty and Ryan get together for reals they make the perfect couple. And besides this women is crazy rich and they could go far together with her money and his experience with managing tatoo parlors the sky's the limit. And yes Sky is a nut case. And I'd like to know why does Teddy get paid for screwing everyone who comes to work there and sitting on the couch all day really I've never seen him do anything that assistant manager does so why?

    • I hope Kitty do better than Ryan. So what he looks good the clown is a womanizer and a habitual cheater and she deserves better than that. I would like to see her level up. Him and Cesar may look entirely different but their actions towards woman are the very same. Remember how Ryan treated Kat? Screwed her than dogged her all the way out for Rachel. When Kitty, Ryan and Rachel was at the same function Ryan snubbed Kitty. She noticed he wasn't even taking to her she said she wasn't thing to say sh-t to him but ended up chasing him and talking to him anyways. Kit don't need that sh-t.

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