‘Basketball Wives’ Star Kristen Scott Received Death Threats by a Fan of the Show?

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Kristen Scott knows her time on “Basketball Wives” has been a hot topic on social media. And this is most likely due to her contentious relationships with Cece Gutierrez and Byron Scott. She’s okay with the backlash, but she opened up about one person taking things too far in a recent interview.

When asked about how fans react to her, she talked about a scary moment to Chris Collie of “The Benchmark.”

She said, “I have been threatened on Instagram where it was pretty scary, I have. It was pretty interesting the DM that I received back in the day. Not this last season but season one. I did get a pretty interesting threat so sometimes people take it too far. It’s television. Have your opinion. You can voice your opinion by all means but to take it to the place…It was one person…but to take it to the place this one person took it to, you either need a padded room or handcuffs. But that’s another story.”

When Kristen was asked if she contacted the authorities, she said, “I had to. I have a friend that is a police officer that was like. ’No, this was a cybercrime.’ It was bad. It was pretty bad.”

Check out the video below.


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