Black Ink Crew Season 8 Episode 23 Recap & Video Clips


‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Walt is Arrested + Ceaser Continues to Fight for the Shop

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Black Ink Crew Season 8 Episode 23

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Walt and Cease are stressed.

Cease is not taking the news of the eviction well. He really can’t believe that this is happening. So he decides to leave to have some time to think and process everything.

Walt has another stand-up show. It’s not going good and some of the audience members begin to walk out. In a green screen interview, Walt says it’s been hard to do comedy when he’s so hurt about what’s happening with Jess. Regardless, Kitty is there to show Walt some support. She’s still very close to Walt despite what’s happened with some of the others.

He never betrayed her.

They catch up after the disastrous show. He tells her that Jess said she’s not sure she wants to get married anymore. She’s not sure she can trust Walt after he cheated on her in the past.

Kit tells Walt that she thinks they will eventually get past this. So he shouldn’t lose his faith. It’s hard for Kit to see Walt drinking again. But she’ll always be there for him when he needs her.

Walt has more problems.

Back at the shop, Cease gives everyone an update on the eviction situation. His lawyer says all they can do is wait because it’s more complicated than just signing a lease.

And the gang thinks gentrification is becoming a major problem.

They then hear cop sirens outside. Cops are outside of their vehicle and arresting Walt. So everyone rushes outside to see what’s going on but Walt is driven away before they can get any answers.

Jess has concerns.

Jess tells Cease that she can’t get any information about Walt from the precinct. All she knows is that there was an outstanding bench warrant for Walt. He will have to stay overnight, too. This is shocking to Cease and she wonders what else she doesn’t know about Walt. Jess also worries that he won’t be safe in jail.

Cease has never known Walt to have any run-ins with the police. And he can get Walt a lawyer if he needs one.

Cease gets more bad news.

The next day, it’s revealed Walt will go before the judge that afternoon.

Matt, Cease’s lawyer, shows up to the shop. He’s ready to discuss the update from Cease’s landlord. Apparently, the landlord said that Cease will have to pay double his rent to stay. So he will have to pay over $11,000 a month in rent.

Cease is livid. He doesn’t even pay this much for the 125th shop.

Jess changes her mind.

It’s time for Walt’s moment in court. Jess goes there with her friend Dukes, and she’s really scared for Walt. She just needs to see Walt so she can know if he’s okay.

Not too long after, Walt walks out of the courthouse. They have a passionate moment.

Walt says he was finishing off a roach blunt and an officer came to confront him. They looked up his name and saw that he had a bench warrant from 2006.

He tells Jess that he’ll do whatever he needs to calm her nerves. Jess then tells Walt that she’s changed her mind and she knows he’s her soulmate. So she wants to get married.

A plan to save the shop is born.

Cease, Puma, and Teddy go see Councilman Cornegy. They hope this will help.

The men discuss the situation. Puma says the rent increase is actually triple what they pay now. Cease thinks this is wrong when they have brought so much business to the neighborhood. He is also ashamed about what he’s going through.

Cornegy says that Cease should tell the community what’s going on and the people in the neighborhood will support him with a rally. So Cease says he will think about all of this.

Donna wants a time out.

Tati and Donna have a little date. Of course, Donna tells Tati that Alex wasn’t happy when she told him about their relationship. Tati says this is why Donna should have told Alex sooner. And she doesn’t want things to be weird the next time she sees Alex.

Out of respect for Alex, Donna will keep their friendship going but they will have to cool off on their other relationship for now. It’s just going to be a “time out.”

Cease gets some motivation.

Korey Wise from the Central Park Five comes to the shop. He wants to get a tattoo by Cease. Korey says that so much history happened in Cease’s shop. And Korey talks about all he’s gone through. He wants to get a lion tattoo to represent power, strength, and focus.

Tattooing and talking to Korey makes Cease realize that he should get some help from the community.

Donna and Alex get on the same page.

Alex and Donna have a romantic moment in the pool. They discuss Tati and Donna says that she’s not friends with benefits with Tati anymore. She also understands that she shouldn’t spend a lot of time with Tati anymore.

Alex is happy because he doesn’t want to share Donna with anyone.

The rally is a success.

The gang is at the shop making signs for the rally. Cease finds out that 113th may become a landmark and it’s nothing a landlord can do if the shop becomes a landmark.

As for Walter, he’s a free man and he’s not facing any charges. But he’s taking the day off.

So they head out to start the rally. And a lot of people from the community come to join them. However, the realtor for the landlord shows up to show someone else the property. But Cease and the protestors refuse, forcing the realtor and interested person to leave as the rally continues.

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  1. Tiffani Young

    April 9, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    Korey Wise came to my city Benton Harbor, MI. I am glad Walt & Jess worked out their issues so they can get married. I wouldn’t trust Donna as long as I can throw her.

    • Yvette Simmons

      April 14, 2020 at 7:21 am

      Donna seemed like she smells like she’s nasty something about her. It’s like she needs to take a long long long long long long bath and change the water after every 15 minutes.

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