LHHMIA Season 3 Episode 14 Recap & Video Clips


LHHMIA Recap: Kamillion Puts Brisco on Blast + Nikki Natural Clashes with Sukihana, Again

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LHHMIA Season 3 Episode 14

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Trina has had enough.

Trina is angry after she goes off on Nikki and she tells producers they were wrong to let someone “beneath her” to disrespect her. So she gets dressed and says she’s leaving the reunion. As for Nikki, she says that Trick and Trina don’t put ay artists on from Miami.

Shay and Sukihana start arguing since they clashed after Sukihana tried to confront Nikki.

The BAPS discuss their tour.

Kamillion, Sukihana, and Hood Brat talk about the disastrous start of their BAPS tour. They were proud that they had the courage to perform at a white country club. But Suki ended up going off on a white woman after she said the N-word.

Amara talks about the N-word and says that it’s been hard for her to fit in with other Latinos and African Americans because neither feels she belongs. She doesn’t use the N-word but she apologizes if she ever offended anyone.

Brisco gets exposed.

Brisco and Chello say they are working on their relationship still. But producers reveal Brisco was also messing around with Kamillion. Chello goes off and tries to fight Brisco.

Kamillion comes back on stage. She says Brisco said he had nothing going on with Chello. Kamillion also reveals that she’s late on her period. Then Miami Tip says she was also messing around with Brisco.

So Chello says she’s moving on from Brisco.

Trick and Joy give an update.

Trina returns with Trick and Joy to the stage. They discuss his battle with Lupus and it’s clear he’s still hesitant to make lifestyle changes that could help him. He has no interest in working out or going Vegan. But he says he’s doing great because he has medical weed now.

As far as Joy and Trick getting back together, Joy says that things are better as they spend more time together. Bobby is convinced they are close to getting back together.

Hood Brat and Sukihana discuss their plans for their families.

Hood Brat talks about how hard it’s been to succeed so she can take care of her family and her sister’s kids. She breaks down in tears as she reflects on her emotional scenes with her sister. She confirms things still aren’t the best with Kenny. And she doesn’t know if he got a divorce.

Sukihana says her kids are now living with her. And she’s going to keep working hard for her kids.

Nikki and Sukihana clash again after Sukihana is asked why she didn’t invite Nikki to her brunch. And it’s clear the two women just can’t get along.

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