Friends And Family Hustle Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Video Clips
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‘Friends And Family Hustle’ Recap: Toya & Her Family Get Justice + LeToya Clashes with Tommi

Friends And Family Hustle Season 3 Episode 5

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Latrice wants to get married.

TI and Tiny take the family out to play games and have dinner. While having a good time together, TI reflects on getting his mom Latrice out of the hood and off of welfare. They have a great relationship. And he decides to pull a prank on her by taking her phone. When Latrice finds out her phone is gone, she says her on and off boyfriend Bruce may be trying to call her. They have been dealing with each other for years and TI thinks he’s a good guy. Latrice is open to marrying him, too.

LeToya is ready to focus on her music.

Tommi is acting as LeToya’s manager and when he FaceTimes her, he tells her some new deals have come their way. In a green screen interview, LeToya says she doesn’t want Tommi to manage her and he has a full-time job. She just knows things don’t work out when spouses manage each other.

When it comes to her music career, her latest single did well. And the execs from eOne Music are interested in her making another studio album.

Toya sees her dad.

Toya and Red have made it to New Orleans for the murder trial. Her brothers Josh and Rudy were killed when they got into an argument with the man they were buying weed from. So it’s important for Toya’s family to get justice. And it’s been really hard for her mother as she tries to stay clean from drugs. So her mother doesn’t want to film the show at the moment.

Toya is nervous to see her dad. It’s been a year since they’ve seen each other. And that was his first time meeting Red. She doesn’t feel like he puts his kids first. But she wants to move forward.

They get a knock on the door and it’s Toya’s dad Walter and Beedy.

Red tells them to be strong for each other. He’s been a great support system for Toya and her family.

Latrice is happy.

Tiny and Latrice take Heiress to Sierra’s Glam Shop to get her nails painted. Bruce is discussed. Latrice says that TI gets on her nerves when he’s so domineering. And he’s that way because his father told TI that men need to be in charge because women don’t know anything anyway. So that stuck with TI over the years. Latrice loves that Bruce doesn’t think this way.

Walter is ready to fix things.

Toya decides to talk to Walter privately while out in New Orleans. She tells Walter that she wants him to know his grandkids. Walter realizes that he needs to do better as a man and a father. So he’s ready to move on from the past. He will fix things.

In a green screen interview, Toya says that it’s important for her to work things out with her father because her brother Rudy wasn’t able to do that before he was killed.

The eOne meeting is productive.

LeToya and Tommi meet with eOne Music. They discuss her coming out with another album. After LeToya expresses that she’s interested in making Christmas music, Tommi jokes that he’s been writing some songs. In a green screen interview, she says that she told Tommi not to make the meeting about him. So she’s annoyed by this.

However, they agree to move forward despite Tommi’s jokes.

TI has some things to think about.

Bruce comes by to talk to TI. He reveals that he’s planning to propose to Latrice. And he wants TI’s permission. TI makes it clear that Bruce needs to be able to financially support his mother.

Bruce says he just retired from his second career. And he has some friends who want to make some investments that he wants to talk to TI about. TI needs to have his own movie studio.

TI says he’s going to think about how he feels about Bruce proposing.

Toya makes it to court.

It’s the day of the murder trial. Toya is scared and angry. So she prays before she walks into the courthouse.

It’s a rough day for Toya and her loved ones. It didn’t seem like the killer had any sympathy. And her father wants justice for the murder of his sons. Hopefully, they will get a verdict the next day.

TI takes Latrice out to dinner to talk about Bruce. Latrice says she’s not moving out of the house TI bought her. So if she marries Bruce, he’ll have to stay in the house he’s already living in.

When it comes to Bruce’s finances, Latrice says that Bruce wants to start a painting business. So TI makes it clear that he doesn’t want to be taking care of Bruce. So he really wants Latrice to think this through.

Things get frosty between LeToya and Tommi.

LeToya has to go out to LA for a speaking engagement. So things are a little tense between her and Tommi. They discuss the meeting with eOne. LeToya doesn’t like that Tommie told the executives that he’s interested in writing. So she tells him she booked another therapy session.

Tommi doesn’t like that and said they were only supposed to do one session. LeToya gets upset and asks him why he’s being an a*shole. When they talked previously, he said he was okay with therapy.

But Tommi shuts down and doesn’t want to talk. In a green screen interview, Tommi says she shuts down because he doesn’t like arguing.

When they arrive at the airport, they barely say goodbye to each other.

Toya is happy about the verdict.

Back in New Orleans, when Red gets some time alone with Walter, he tells him he wants to marry Toya. Walter is happy to hear this and gives Red his blessing to propose. He believes Red is the one for Toya.

The murderer of Toya’s brothers is found guilty and sentenced to two counts of life in prison. While Toya misses her brothers, she is glad he’s off the streets.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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