LHHATL Recap: BK Gets Even with Sierra + Momma Dee Hears out Scrappy & Bambi


LHHATL Recap: BK Gets Even with Sierra + Momma Dee Hears out Scrappy & Bambi

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LHHATL Season 9 Episode 8

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Cheyenne wants to see Kiyomi on the streets.

The blowup between Kiyomi and Cheyenne continues. Security is able to stop the two women from coming to blows. And Shooter feels like Cheyenne played a role in things going left.

Meanwhile, Scrapp wants Cheyenne to just leave Shooter alone. Shooter has clearly moved on to Kiyomi. Although Cheyenne is done with Shooter, she still wants to run up on Kiyomi the next time she sees her.

Sierra updates the ladies on BK.

The ski trip is coming to an end. After all of the drama, all of the ladies are ready to go back home. Bambi decided to travel back alone because she has had enough of the mess.

While en route to Atlanta, Sierra tells the other women that BK is denying that he did anything wrong at the club. But Sierra doesn’t believe him and she’s done with him for real this time. And she has no plans to invite BK to her daughter Paris’ birthday party.

Kirk Jr. is released.

Kirk’s oldest son Kirk Jr. got bail without having to go to court. So Rasheeda and Kirk are on the way to bail him out and take him back home. They are happy to see him and thankful that he’s out of jail. He thanks them for the support.

Bambi shares the good news with Scrappy.

Scrappy and Bambi take the family to Medieval Times. She’s ready to tell him she’s pregnant again. But she wants to do it in a special way. When the couple is knighted, it is announced that Bambi is pregnant. Scrappy is shocked and excited. Bambi is happy Scrappy is thrilled, but she’s still worried about Momma Dee. Scrappy still isn’t speaking to her due to her nasty feud with Cece.

Rasheeda and Kirk talk to their sons.

When Kirk and Rasheeda get back to the restaurant with Kirk Jr., they decide to make it a teachable moment for their younger son. So they discuss the situation with Ky around and hope he learns from it. Kirk reminds Kirk Jr. he has to stay out of trouble because one mistake could change his whole life for the worse.

BK and Sierra clash.

Sierra catches up with Tiffany Foxx. They are getting things ready for Paris’ birthday party. The theme is “pretty in Paris.”

Of course, they talk about BK. BK denied that he was flirty with another woman at the club. Sierra doesn’t believe him due to past issues. So she’s ready to move on to a man she feels is more secure.

As they talk, BK walks into Sierra’s house. She’s upset he used her key and he refuses to give her the key back. An argument ensues over the club incident. He doesn’t think he was wrong to talk to someone in the club. And he can’t help if women like him because he’s a handsome guy.

Sierra snatches her keys away and tells him to leave. And he’s not invited to Paris’ birthday party.

Karlie isn’t convinced.

Kendra is hanging out with her mom, Joc’s mom, Rasheeda, Sierra, Mimi, Bambi, and Karlie at the nail salon. Spice and Shekinah show up a little later. Joc’s mom tells Kendra’s mom that she can’t stand Karlie. But she’s able to keep the peace anyway.

When the ladies go out that night to a drag show for Kendra’s bachelorette night out, Karlie makes it clear to Spice and Shekinah that she doesn’t think Joc will ever really change. And he’ll do something to mess things up with Kendra.

Momma Dee comes over.

Scrappy and Bambi invite Momma Dee over to hash things out with Cece. But they know it will go left since Dee is mad she found out Bambi is pregnant through social media. When Dee gets there, she calls them out about this. Especially since she knows Cece didn’t find out that way. Bambi apologizes for this.

Dee and Cece start insulting each other and Cece pulls out a voodoo doll for Dee. Seeing that this is going nowhere, Scrappy takes Dee to another room to talk. He wants Dee to understand it was hurtful to make the obituary since Bambi’s dad is deceased.

Bambi later comes in to tell Dee that the obituary was upsetting. But she knows Cece goes too far, too. Dee says that at some point, she knows that she needs to talk things out with Cece. She plans to fix it but it has to happen after they can both cool off.

Could Sierra and Shooter get back together?

It’s the night of Paris’ birthday party. Sierra didn’t invite Karlie because her assistant Trina is there. And she knows Karlie isn’t over Trina jumping into their altercation prior. BK wasn’t invited either because Sierra didn’t want any drama to go down.

When Shekinah sees Sierra and Shooter together, she says they look cute and Shooter should have done right when he had Sierra. This makes Shooter and Sierra blush.

BK brings the drama.

Paris is thrilled when she’s gifted a new car.

But minutes later, BK comes to the party to give Paris diamond earrings. After Paris goes back with her friends, he gifts Sierra a c*ndom. This confuses Sierra and he tells her to keep digging in the gift bag.

He then watches as she pulls out paper copies of text messages she sent to other men including Shooter.

Sierra says that she only sent messages about three times but it shouldn’t matter considering all the things BK has done. Tokyo and the others get upset, and Tokyo ends up throwing her purse at BK. He picks it up and throws it back, upsetting all the women before being escorted away.

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