‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: Tahiry Goes off on Vado + Kurupt Gets Belligerent

Marriage Boot Camp Season 17 Episode 1 Recap
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The couples arrive.

The episode begins with the couples arriving. First, Hazel E and De’Von arrive. Hazel’s known from “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” and De’Von’s a model. Hazel hopes to learn whether De’Von really wants to be with her or if he’s only here for the clout. Hazel pointed out that he’s almost 15 years younger than her.

Next, rapper Kurupt and his girlfriend Toni arrive and the tension is thick between them. Toni says things go from 0 to 100 between them quite a bit and his drinking is excessive. When they meet Hazel and De’Von, Toni immediately recognized Hazel. She knew her from LHHH. De’Von, on the other hand, didn’t recognize Kurupt. Toni was on edge because Kurupt recently cheated on her.

Next, former LHHH stars Willie Taylor and his wife Shanda arrive. They’ve been married for over 10 years but they admit that there has been a lot of cheating in their marriage. Things get tense when they walk in, specifically between Hazel and Shanda. Hazel says their beef stems from Shanda trolling her on social media. Shanda says Hazel dragged her in a rant against dark-skinned women. Before things escalate, Kurupt sits between them with Toni and they bring up the recent cheating. Kurupt reveals that the other woman this time was his alleged protege.

As this happens, Phaedra Parks and her boyfriend Medina Islam arrive. They are at the boot camp to work out the bumps in their relationship. Phaedra feels Medina needs to “man up” and Medina feels he needs to work on intimacy with Phaedra.

Lastly, Tahiry Jose arrives with rapper Vado. Vado says he knew her for a while and always wanted her. Tahiry says their relationship feels more like a “situationship” despite being together for 18 months. They begin arguing once inside.

Hazel and Shanda squash the beef.

By the pool, Hazel and Shanda are outside with their men when they begin arguing over things said on social media. Phaedra and Medina are watching and noticing how both are fiery. Eventually, Hazel and Shanda were able to put their differences aside and hug things out.

Later on, Tahiry and Vado meet up with the other couples and Kurupt is still drinking. Dr. Ish then meets them all to begin the boot camp.

A relationship debate begins.

Dr. Ish walks them to a tent in the backyard. Inside, there’s a presidential-like press conference inside. Everyone has a podium to stand behind. This is a debate and Judge Toler is a judge with Dr. Ish. The first topic of the debate involves Tahiry and Vado. Each person had an interview by themselves, revealing their true feelings. Vado feels that Tahiry has been a thirst bucket for the men she’s been with in the past. Meanwhile, Tahiry said in her interview that Vado hasn’t opened up and communicated. Tahiry’s frustrated and thinks he said she was clout chasing.

Next, Hazel says she wants to know if De’Von is with her genuinely or if he’s clout chasing. De’Von responds but Judge Toler tells him he needs to work on listening. Meanwhile, De’Von feels that she can be rather aggressive and yells a lot.

Phaedra reveals a surprising tidbit about her relationship.

Medina says that Phaedra has walls up. This is due to her past relationships he feels. Everyone is then shocked when Phaedra reveals that they were never physically intimate. It’s because she calls her “lower half” the holy grail and she really wants to make sure he’s worth it. She was so hurt by her past relationships, she doesn’t want to get hurt again.

Shanda and Willie speak about the past infidelities and Shanda feels that if it doesn’t stop, a divorce will happen. Wille’s asked why he cheats and he says it’s because he’s missing something at home. Shanda feels like Willie’s not taking care of the home and she gets disrespected by him. She’s cheated, too, but out of revenge. Dr. Ish and Judge Toler let them know what they’re doing isn’t working and Willie needs to work on his respect for Shanda.

Kurupt angers Toni to the brink.

Lastly, Toni brings up Kurupt’s anger, specifically when he drinks. Toni’s fed up and isn’t sure if she wants to be with him anymore. As Kurupt responds, everyone wonders if Kurupt really does have an issue drinking. The judges say he’s out of order when Kurupt repeats that he “loves his d***” and doesn’t want to lose it by sleeping with young women. In his interview, Kurupt says he loves himself more than anything, which angers Toni. Toni says when he’s sober, everything is okay. Kurupt denies being drunk and this is putting Toni at her wit’s end.

Once the debate ends, Dr. Ish assigns them “offices” to remind them why they are there for the next 10 days. When the event is over, Dr. Ish lets them know that on day 9, a lie detector test will be administered. They are then dismissed to their rooms. Each room is decorated to reflect the issues in their relationships. Dr. Ish says this was done to remind them exactly what they need to work on.

The couples go to their themed bedrooms.

Kurupt and Toni’s room is a volcano, Shanda and Willie’s room has Willie’s cheating texts on the walls. Hazel and De’Von’s room is full of gold bars and gold toys, and Medina and Phaedra’s room is pink but full of broken tiaras and mirrors. Lastly, Tahiry and Vado’s room looks like an airport baggage claim. Vado and Tahiry argue and Vado walks out. Dr. Ish meets him as he walks out and ends up talking to them both. As they’re talking, Medina walks in.

Medina walks out eventually and Dr. Ish meets with him and Phaedra next. He tells Phaedra not to let his fear of imperfection affect Medina.

Things get emotional next when Dr. Ish visits Shanda and Willie. Meanwhile, Tahiry is going off on Vado for calling her a thirst bucket in his video. In her confession, Tahiry says this is the most he got out of him emotionally.

Lastly, Kurupt and Toni are arguing about him cheating. Things get so bad, Kurupt walks out of his green screen interview and Toni looks over it.

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