'Marriage Boot Camp' Recap: De'Von Loses His Cool + Vado Frustrates Tahiry
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‘Marriage Boot Camp’ Recap: De’Von Loses His Cool + Vado Frustrates Tahiry

Marriage Boot Camp Season 17 Episode 4

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De’Von and Willie squash their beef.

As night 3 comes to a close, Hazel-E and Shanda have an intense conversation. They go back and forth over whether or not she was jealous of Hazel dancing with Willie. Before things escalate, the group separates and everyone heads to their room.

In their room, Phaedra expresses frustrations about the tension. But luckily, De’Von pulls Willie aside and apologizes for everything that happened, squashing their beef.

Dr. Ish splits everyone up for a revealing interview.

The next day, Kurupt is introspective about his trip to the hospital. As a result of everything, he’s going to go cold turkey. Dr. Ish is going to keep an eye on Kurupt and Toni as their situation is going to bring tension within the couples. This exercise involves splitting the couples into 2 groups. Half of them are going to be interviewed by Clinton Sparks for a podcast. The other half will watch the podcast from another room.

Kurupt begins the podcast by calling Toni an enabler for his drinking. Hazel tells Clinton De’Von is a sugar baby and she wonders if he’s only around for clout. Meanwhile, Willie speaks about his infidelities in his relationship.

Kurupt then speaks about a girl he was working with meeting him at a hotel and Hazel brings up De’Von’s temper. She speaks of a time where he snatched her phone and threw it against the wall.

Vado then raised eyebrows when Clinton asked him if there are other women getting his attention. He hesitates to answer the question but does say he is close to one of his baby mothers. This upsets Tahiry. She says he needs to grow up.

Willie then speaks about being caught up in text messages as recently as two weeks prior to heading to the boot camp.

The couples argue.

When the recording finishes, Toni confronts Kurupt about what he said during the recording. This angers Kurupt who goes off about it. Meanwhile, Tahiry calls Vado a clown, and Phaedra talks to Medina about where they stand in their relationship. Medina says Phaedra keeps pushing him away.

Meanwhile, Shanda confronts Willie about what he spoke about, feeling as if he didn’t take accountably for his actions. Willie gets frustrated and tells Shanda she’s making his life a “living h***.”

Hazel asks De’Von if the sugar mama comment angered him and it did. He also tells Hazel that he wouldn’t physically attack her. However, Hazel isn’t sure if she believes him.

As everyone else is talking inside, outside, Kurupt and Toni are arguing. Eventually, Toni storms off and ends up back inside. While inside, she’s listening to Tahiry and Vado talk about their issues. Vado tells everyone he still talks to his baby mama because he doesn’t open up to too many people, including Tahiry.

The couples work on listening.

As tensions are rising between the couples, Dr. Ish brings everyone together for their next exercise. The interviews were designed for the partner to hear what the other really feels. For their next exercise, they are going to reverse roles in their relationship. First Shanda and Willie role reverse, speaking as the other person. Dr. Ish then has them work on a listening exercise, giving each couple a different rule to follow during their arguments.

Things get tense between Tahiry and Vado about his baby mama. Vado insists on not being more than co-parents for his child. Things get light when Dr. Ish has Medina and Phaedra seemingly have a “first kiss” in front of everyone.

After this exercise, Judge Toler speaks to everyone about their specific issues. She speaks to Vado about having to grow up, Willie and Shanda having a breakthrough, and Kurupt understanding Toni is in his corner as a ride or die.

She brings up De’Von’s potential anger issues and how it needs to be put under control.

Hazel and De’Von clash.

As everyone breaks for the night. Things get tense between De’Von and Hazel. Hazel’s ready for bed and is ready to go to their room. She gets mad when De’Von decides to stay downstairs to congregate with the other couples and smoke. He’s downstairs talking to Vado and Hazel’s seemingly done with De’Von. When he comes to the room, he hears Hazel on the phone with her best friend. She goes off on him, yelling and he reacts by snatching the phone from her.

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  1. deb dyson

    July 24, 2020 at 7:21 am

    Hazel need to quit it, she’s had a baby with this man and she treats him like he’s her child. I don’t know what clout he could be seeking from her a Z list reality tv actor. She hasn’t been on tv in years. She already knew she was 15 years older then he was, at best she’ll be the old wife of a young man, seems like she’s riding his coattails.

  2. Anonymous

    July 24, 2020 at 5:15 pm

    It’s obvious Phaedra’s relationship is fake.

  3. Tiffani Young

    July 25, 2020 at 2:26 pm

    Hazel and De’von relationship won’t last

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