Romeo Miller Says He Didn’t Want Master P to Call out C-Murder on Social Media

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Romeo disagreed with Master P.

Romeo Miller has something to say about what just went down with Master P. Although he understands Master P was hurt by C-Murder’s comments, he did tell his dad that social media wasn’t the best place to tell his side.

While discussing this on “The Mix,” Romeo said, “But the funny thing about all of this is me and my father clash all the time. We clash more than everybody. You know, I didn’t agree with him feeding into everything on social media. And I texted him that. But we all deal with pain differently.”

He added, “You know, the world calls me a daddy’s boy or a yes man simply due to our close bond. That’s not the case at all. I have my own voice and it’s very powerful in our household. We just live by code. Respect the chain of command. With that being said, I just feel it’s too many, many men between these two brothers with too many opinions and not enough truth. My thing is get my uncle out by any means necessary because he’s an innocent man. And let the brothers deal with family problems after the end goal once my uncle is home.”

Master P is in an unfair position within the family.

Romeo also said that Master P is an unfair situation, “Honestly, me personally, I don’t feel much nowadays when it comes to outside opinions. It’s inhuman to turn that switch off but it’s the only way to protect your peace in this business. The unfortunate thing that’s happening within my family is everybody is blaming a man for their lack of success or happiness. This isn’t God we’re talking about. This is a man.”

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