‘Married to Medicine’ Star Quad Webb Claps Back After Someone Says She Has No Job

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Rumors have been running rampant about Quad.

Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb has had an eventful few months. There have been rumors about her future on the show. In fact, Dr. Heavenly Kimes made some comments on her YouTube channel that made many believe Quad was not asked back. Then Toya Bush-Harris appeared to hint at Quad possibly being demoted to a friend of the show. Of course, all of this came out after Mariah Huq confirmed she didn’t receive a contract for the upcoming season.

Quad addressed Mariah’s departure as well as speculation about herself.

When it comes to Mariah, Quad didn’t appear to have much sympathy. She also insinuated that Mariah was pushed off the show because she sold it.

Mariah would later deny this but said she would sell the show if problems with the producers continued. Since then, she has also said she plans to sue Purveyors of Pop.

People are coming for Quad on social media.

Quad’s response to rumors about her own future on the show was that people shouldn’t believe everything they read. And she’s been in touch with the producers quite a bit. As of now, the cast has started filming. A couple of women from “Married to Medicine LA” may have even filmed too since they have been spotted in Atlanta.

While Quad’s status on the show is still a mystery, her other show, “Sister Circle” was canceled. So when someone recently tried to taunt Quad about this, she was ready with a clap back.

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    • Agree. Quad has no storyline. She's on some type of ridiculous vanity trip. MTMLA is much more interesting, with one exception, Jazmin whose storyline is, "mirror, mirror on the wall." Jazmin needs to take time out of the mirror and produce a husband, storyline or both.

      Avid watcher
      Cat Fran

    • LEAVE QUAD ALONE!!! DON'T WORRY ABOUT HER COINS, GET YOU SOME!!! SHE'S A GO GETTER, AND BESIDES SHE'S THE FAMOUS ONE; who are you, oh that's what I thought. Blessings are coming, stay tuned. 🤔🤔

      • People like you are really what’s wrong with this country. You people idolize reality stars and live vicariously through them like losers and take criticism of them personally because your self esteem is so low. You live vicariously through Quad because you don’t have accomplishments of your own. Since I have my own accomplishments, I can watch a reality show objectively and not feel the need to idolize these people like an idiot. Quad doesn’t know you sweetheart. She wouldn’t even p-ss on you if you were on fire. Quad is not even famous. She’s a character on a reality show. Know the difference. And while you’re easily impressed by fame, the smartest people know fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The best life is being unknown and wealthy. You wouldn’t understand that though. People like you think you sound smart talking about who has “coins” when coins are the lowest form of currency in the country. How ironic. Worry about your own “blessings.” Quad won’t be sharing any of hers with you. You’re too old to be a stan. Love yourself and do better. Oh and to answer your “Who are you?” question, I’m Rachel. An educated and successful black woman who loves myself so much that I don’t live vicariously through strangers. 😘

  • She is not married to medicine but I seriously doubt she was fired because she is def one of the producers pets.

    • Yeah I don’t believe for a second she’s not going to be on the show. It’s clear as day the producers favor Quad, Jackie, Heavenly, and Contessa over everyone else. They will never be fired. Honestly, Married to Medicine isn’t even a show I feel like I have to watch anymore.

      • Without Mariah again there's no show all you have is the the wannabes who is not relevant so again have at it have a great show without Mariah she is the head of all of this and a beautiful person so I guess all the housewives and Married to Medicine is going straight down the tube..

      • I find nothing interesting or appealing about Quad. She (my opinion) comes across as a mean spirited empty vessel. She, again my opinion, tries to hard and there is nothing. I stopped being a regular viewer of M2M because of my disappointment with her and Heavenly.

  • She shouldn't be on the show since she's divorced. She's boring and brings nothing to the show. I'm no longer watching if Mariah isn't on the show. A few others need to be off the show also. Need a 3 more and kick Dr. Jackie and Dr. Contessa off. No one's checking for them.

    • This show will get the ax soon. Quad such a liar, with her no talent, no job a-s. I won't be watching it without Mariah. A lot of people have stated this also. Quad definitely fired because if she wasn't her a-s would've been faunting it all day long. She thought the baby lie would work, no she on something else gurl bye. Better find you another person to beef with, I wish Lisa was back on the show to tear in your a-s again, 😂😂😂😂

    • Hmmm... U claim u aren’t watching & u don’t want her on the show but u took time to read this article & post a comment! U & many others who claim y’all want be tuning in if Mariah isn’t on will be right there in front of your tv’s tuned in just to watch & hate & judge miss Quads every move!

      • You must not know how the internet works. People will watch clips of a show on a blog but won’t actually watch the show. People will read blogs about a show and not actually watch it. Happens all the time. RHOA gets plenty of comments on here, yet the ratings were a mess last season. Lowest rated premiere since season one, lowest rated reunion in history, yet talked about plenty on here and social media. Same thing with Black Ink and Love & Hip Hop. All dropped on ratings but still hot topics on here. Blog comments mean nothing in regards to ratings and people actually watching a show. You probably shouldn’t be so cocky so prematurely. Bravo is losing ratings left and right these days. Don’t forget, Quad’s talk show was also canceled due to low ratings. People discussing you on blogs doesn’t guarantee good ratings.

        • I actually know what happened and to be honest sister circle was owned by a conservative television station call tegna. TVone which are sister circle was very supportive of the show did that have a say and tegna didn't put money behind the show which is why it did not survive. These are facts and it's not something that I made up I know I am very very close to the situation. So before anyone speaks about what they know what they think they know I wouldn't for you to your research and stop listening to everything that you hear. I guess people will listen to gossip as long as it's juicy I bet you wouldn't feel the same way if it was about you that everybody was gossiping about

          • The same TV One that said it was bracing for terrible ratings for the show back in 2017? Oh. Sis, please spare me the PR fluff. Ratings have always been bad for Sister Circle. That’s not a secret.

      • I will, I enjoy talking about Quad being in love with herself and nothing never being good enough. But it is messed up that they took Mariah off the cast, it won't be as exciting I would think.

        • No, they won’t. Just like they didn’t the last time and ratings dropped so bad, they had to bring Mariah back. This franchise is in serious trouble. Quad couldn’t even save Sister Circle, what makes you think she’s a ratings draw on M2M?

      • No, you just wish they’ll be watching. And deep down inside you’re terrified about that inevitable drop in ratings.

      • Well, My Opinion, everyone will be tuned right in watching with Mariah gone. I am glad Mariah is gone. Just go be an executive producer, she does not need to be on the show. She bullied Quad two seasons ago and put her hand on her. She should've been kicked off of the show then. Go be friends with Darren and his poor wife. I sure hope that she has left his down-low antics.

  • She'll be taking up space again like she's been doing the last 3 seasons. I do believe she was demoted though. It's still crazy she lasted longer than the actual creator of the show. Purveyors of Pop is so messy.

  • Unfortunately, Quad will be on the next season. And the season will be even worse than it was last season. This show has peaked. So has RHOA. The only thing we have left is RHOP honestly.

  • Adressing Ms My Opinion, i wont be watching as well , because Mariah is not there, there are many, many, many viewers that will not be watching as well, i can assure you, speak your opinion, but get they are not facts, i have commented as you can see, has nothing to do with my intentions on another disaapointing season!Reveling...

    • Yes, yes, I am here for your comment, I will not be watching either, and not will my DVR, I am not co-signing with Bravo’s terrible decision to not keep Mariah one bit. She is the show and I wish for a swift cancellation for M2M.

  • Thats real cute Vee, make a comment and run. The facts are facts you don't have to like quad. I will always stand for what is the truth no matter what. The truth of the matter is I've seen and have been apart of shows that were trash and should have been cancelled but we're not and they have poor ratings also. If the purpose of this discussion was to point out why we dislike somebody and why they should be gone then married to medicine or any other show for that matter has done its job because that's what it's supposed to do. Do you honestly think people act like that when the cameras are off? its scripted television; it's doing its job, and I will not be fooled like most on here and other platforms that make comments and don't know what the h-ll their talking about. I'm glad I've had the privilege to work on both sides and see it for myself because I know what they do and I know who they are as people its not what seen on TV and Mariah and Nene said that
    themselves. Well it's been fun, but I don't play on the playground with the kids too long I have better things to do Y'all continue to play nice. Remember to come inside when the bell rings.

    • The only person running is you. And you’re projecting because you’re the only childish one writing comments on this post. You literally got triggered because I said Sister Circle was canceled due to low ratings. My comment didn’t warrant this emotional vomit from you ma’am. You’re either Quad or a diehard Quad stan because you’re only repeating the lies she told on Instagram live. Again, the ratings were bad. They were always bad. At some point, low rated shows will get canceled. The production company partnered with TV One to give it a bigger audience and the show still failed and got canceled. TV One never really believed in the show and is a mess of a network in itself. As always, they play the PR game when their shows fail. Ask Roland Martin. Sister Circle wasn’t going to survive anyway because how many bootleg versions of The View do we even need? It is what it is.

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