Kenya Moore’s Fans Slam Tanya Sam Amid the Rumors + RHOA Star Considering Legal Action?

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The rumors keep coming.

Rumors about the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” continue to go viral. However, the latest one is very messy. After it was rumored that two women recently hooked up with a male dancer after Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party, the guessing game has been thick on social media.

Now Blogger B Scott is alleging that the women who were involved were allegedly Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam.

Since the report, some fans of Kenya Moore have been having lots of fun on social media and calling Tanya out on her Instagram page.

One person wrote that Kenya was right and Tanya is just a follower who doesn’t use her brain. Another said that “karma is a b*tch” and if the rumors are true, Tanya deserves this because she lied on Kenya multiple times.

Then another Instagram user said that Tanya felt Kenya could have ruined Paul Judge’s businesses and image with the Cookie Lady accusations but Tanya is doing just that herself if the rumors are true. The same person also called Tanya “unladylike.”

Is Tanya considering taking legal action?

With Kenya’s fans going in on Tanya in the comments, one person recommended that Tanya turn the comments off for a little while.

Interestingly enough, other fans of the show are talking about a recent tweet Tanya liked on Twitter. In the tweet, a Twitter user told Tanya that she better sue Bravo. And they don’t blame her if she leaves the show after the upcoming season.

You can check out that tweet here.

It seems Tanya later unliked the tweet but she did like another one from a Twitter user who said she would “never” do what she’s been accused of.


The male dancer from the rumor, Michael Bolwaire, has spoken out. And he stated there is no truth to the rumors and “nothing happened.”

He said, “To whom this may concern, I’m not just a stripper. I’m the stripper. I built an entire brand off of professionalism. And it don’t just stop here, y’all. I got fans, followers, and supporters that’s been around for years that can attest to that. The rumors and allegations that’s going around right now, straight bullsh*t. Although I’m flattered to be in the same conversation as those beautiful women, nothing happened.”

He continued, “I don’t need any necessary mileage on my d*ck. Again, nothing happened. Y’all be cool.”

Check out the video below.


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Update 2.

Tanya has also denied the rumors.

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