RHOP Recap: Monique Returns + Karen Checks Robyn & Has Tea on Juan

rhop season 5 episode 18
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Karen clarifies things for Monique and Ashley.

The ladies are back in Potomac. Karen meets with her hairstylist Steven at her house. They are prepping for the launch party for her new wig line. Steven helped her with the new venture. She wants everyone who shows up to have fun after weeks of so much tension in the group.

Ashley and Dean meet Monique at a restaurant. Since Chase just celebrated a birthday, Ashley hands Monique a gift for him.

They talk about Karen’s upcoming party. Monique says Karen invited her but she didn’t want to attend because she doesn’t want to be around Candiace. Ashley then tells Monique that Karen said Monique was not invited. So Ashley calls Karen so they can both get some clarity.

Karen says that she told the women that Monique said she’s not coming. She doesn’t recall saying she wasn’t invited out of respect for Candiace. Frustrated by Karen’s answer, Ashley ends the phone call. Regardless, Monique isn’t upset with Karen.

Juan and Robyn move forward.

Robyn and Juan meet her realtor at a house. In a green screen interview, Robyn says she’s currently on a payment plan so she can pay off her $90,000 tax debt. Since this is the case, they can continue to move forward with looking for a new home.

Gizelle’s daughters still aren’t feeling her reconciliation with Jamal.

It’s Grace’s 15th birthday. So Gizelle takes Grace, Angel, and Adore out to eat to celebrate. They discuss Jamal. And Gizelle says that Jamal is coming for a week to celebrate the holiday. He’s going to stay at their house. When Gizelle asks if they are okay with this, Grace says they have no choice. Gizelle then asks if any of them want to live in Atlanta, and her daughters say they don’t want to. They prefer living in Maryland.

After Gizelle makes it clear that they have no say in what she has going on with Jamal, it’s clear that conversation isn’t something the girls want to entertain much further.

Ray and Karen reconnect.

Karen puts petals all over the house to set up a romantic moment with Ray. As he walks into the house with flowers of his own, he finds Karen in the bathtub. She invited him to join her and drink some champagne. He happily does as he’s told.

It’s time for Wendy to be honest with her mother.

Wendy goes out to pick pumpkins with her mother, Eddie, and their kids. In a green screen interview, Wendy says that she loves seeing her mother but she doesn’t like how much pressure her mother puts on her about her career. When they get a moment alone, Wendy says she doesn’t want to be a professor anymore. Her passion is political commentary. However, her mother says that people respect the fact that Wendy is a professor. She gets major props for this too So she’s not trying to give this up.

And she calls Wendy a spoiled brat because she says that she is the one who put Wendy on the track she’s on professionally. So she’s not okay with her not wanting to teach anymore.

Wendy says the things she’s done in her life have been for her mother. Now she wants to do the thing that makes her happy. Her mother hears her and says she is proud of Wendy. And she will support whatever Wendy chooses to do.

After a disappointment, Gizelle is ready to push forward.

Gizelle and her daughters head to a studio to take some family photos. But they need to get their hair and makeup done first. Kal is there to help. Jamal was supposed to be there, too. But his flight from Ghana to Atlanta was delayed, so he missed his flight to Maryland. Of course, Gizelle isn’t happy about it. But she won’t cancel the photo shoot because she wants her daughters to see that they have to always keep moving forward despite unexpected disappointments.

Jamal calls Gizelle via Face Time to apologize, and in a green screen interview, Gizelle tells a producer that she’s not going to break down in tears because she’s disappointed. That’s not who she is. And while her daughters may still not feel great about them being back together, they did want Jamal to be a part of the photo shoot.

Michael has some explaining to do.

Ashley is nervously putting fish (red snapper) in the oven as her mother Sheila and her uncle arrive. They want to have a stern talk with Michael after the recent cheating scandal. Michael says that he loves Ashley and he didn’t want to hurt her.

Her uncle says that Ashley wasn’t the only one hurt. Her whole family was hurt by it.

Michael says it was a one-time thing. However, Ashley’s uncle says that Michael needs to get a hold of his demons and get to the root of why this happened. Michael apologizes but Sheila says an apology isn’t what they’re looking for.

Monique feels rushed.

It’s the day of the wig shift. Monique arrives to Karen’s launch party 30 minutes early. She has a charity event to go to right after. But she wanted to support Karen first. In a green screen interview, Monique says she is hurt that Karen lied about her not being invited. But she’s always going to be there for Karen no matter what.

Monique discusses this with Karen. Karen says she just wants everyone to be able to move on. But Monique isn’t thinking that is possible now that Candiace has made the situation legal. After Candiace texts that she’s almost there, Karen tells Monique she needs to head on out.

In a green screen interview, Monique says she felt like Karen was rushing her out. But she’s able to sneak out before Candiace arrives. So Karen is thankful drama was avoided.

Karen snaps at Robyn.

All the other ladies show up to Karen’s event, with the exception of Gizelle. In her green screen interview, she says that Steven has trashed her too much on social media. So she refused to go.

Ray is there to support. And Karen says that she’s happy their marriage is back on track.

After the ladies find out that Steven is a partner for Karen’s wig line, Ashley and Robyn question how much stake Karen actually has in the venture. As for Wendy, she says that the party was held in a very small space, Steven’s office. So she finds the launch…interesting.

Karen has the ladies put on some of her wigs. However, things get tense after Ashley says Monique told her Karen drank alcohol at Chase’s birthday party. Karen says she did despite saying she had an ulcer. Robyn then questions if Karen hasn’t been drinking around them because she’s afraid of getting drunk and spilling her own tea. Karen then says Robyn should worry about Juan getting drunk and speaking his mind.

When a producer asks what Karen has heard about Juan, she says she won’t share that unless necessary.

Ashley stirs the pot.

At this point, Robyn gets angry and prepares to take off Karen’s wig. Ashley then brings up that Monique came before everyone else arrived even though Karen said Monique wasn’t invited. Karen says she can invite whoever she wants. And she had Monique leave so they wouldn’t be uncomfortable. When they try to confront her about this, she tells them she’s leaving to have dinner with Ray. She leaves as the women ask more questions.

Candiace then says that Karen actually asked her to come early but she ended up being late. So now it seems as if Karen was trying to have both of them there at the same time. Ashley says that Monique didn’t know Candiace was asked to come early. And Karen wanted Monique to be there to tell her story and defend herself since they are trying to ice her out of the group.

Wendy says it should be clear now that Karen is not Candiace’s friend.

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