‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser at a Loss for Words After His Daughter Makes Serious Accusations

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Things were going really going good for Ceaser.

Black Ink Crew” star Ceaser is no stranger to controversy. In fact, he’s had his fair share of messy situations since he’s been on the show. However, he may currently be in the middle of his biggest one to date.

Last year, Ceaser went public with his current girlfriend Suzette. On social media, he insinuated that Suzette is a woman who completely understands him. And Suzette described them as being a power couple. Not too long after making the revelation to his social media followers, he and Suzette confirmed that they bought a house together in Atlanta. So things had really gotten serious.

Suzette even got along with Ceaser’s baby momma Crystal. Crystal showed lots of support to the couple on social media. And amid Ceaser’s nasty fallout with Miss Kitty, Crystal said that she got along with Ceaser’s “real girlfriend” very well.

However, we noticed that Crystal later unfollowed both on social media. And the subs followed.

Cheyenne lashed out.

Apparently, things have gotten much worse. The other day Ceaser’s daughter Cheyenne had some things to say as well. She confirmed on Instagram that she isn’t in a good place with Ceaser or Suzette. And at this point, Ceaser is more of a sp*rm donor to her than her dad.

After the questions and comments found a way to her direct messages inbox, Cheyenne went on Instagram Live and went off. In the process, a lot of serious accusations were made. And Ceaser hasn’t been able to figure out how to respond.

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  • His girlfriend is disgusting to say what she did about his daughter. You never let a child take you there. No excuse. She’s a minor. There are probably laws against that.

    • To h-ll with that tired a-s woman!!! someone ,a Man , needs to explain to this fool in detail that the “Plantation” is closed. Do your own d-mn dishes if she won’t and find a way to chastise HER without violating YOUR child. If she needs her a-s whooped call her Mother!!!!

  • The red flags about this girlfriend are showing but he won’t have enough sense to see them. And if he really did beat this daughter like she said he did, he is awful.

    • Shes a BRAT, BUT SHES TOO OLD FOR THAT. if this happen she should've said something.
      Ok, he has a new girl friend and bought a house. You don't have to like her, your a child, sit down some where.
      That's why Ceaser is looking crazy, he doesnt understand why she is talking like her mother

  • Didn’t Dutchess say he was abusive.... hmmmmm... and people laughed at the her and victim shamed her and now his own daughter when we watched for years how he treated women like nothing. Caesar been a cornball and his girlfriend need her arse beat.

  • So I read the girlfriend’s comments about Cheyenne. Wow. That was evil for his girlfriend to say. I can’t believe she said all of that about a child.

  • Some of us tried to tell y’all on here that something was off about them buying a house together so fast. But we were called haters. This “girlfriend” sounds like an opportunist. Cease better make things right with his daughter. Or he’ll have a lot of regrets one day.

  • I'm all for parents disciplining their children but I'll never understand why some black parents beat their children like they used to do slaves. Naked? Stomping her out? I really hope that's not what happened. And if your girlfriend has no problem dragging your child on the internet for millions to see on the blogs, she's not the one for you. He rushed into buying a house with a woman who has no respect for his child. What she should have done is let Cease and Crystal handle Cheyenne. She's a girlfriend. Not a wife.

  • What happened to the people who praised Ceaser and his New girlfriend?? They all but disappear when Ceaser shows his A*S!

    Anyone that has watched Black Ink Crew knows how disrespectful Caesar is toward the women in his life and the employees! I don't have a hard time believing this story

    • Im happy she left him. But i really did want them to work because she was a strong queen. She was frm. Carolina those are some strong womens. I should no im frm. There. She really did dodged that bullet.

  • Since when can you disclose a minor’s sexual health and history on the internet? Ceaser’s girlfriend is going to lose her real estate license trying to drag a minor on Instagram.

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