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GUHHATL Recap: Deb & Tammy Clash + Diamond Applies Pressure to Pimpin

GUHHATL Season 4 Episode 3

Photo Credit: We tv

Deb stands her ground.

The episode begins with Deb proudly proclaiming she’s pro-Trump. This angers all of her guests at Deb’s luncheon. LeLee responds by saying Trump is a hateful individual. Meanwhile, Diamond is uncomfortable engaging in this conversation, noting how the Black community feels about Trump.

LeLee tells Deb this is causing her to look at Deb differently and Drea is concerned about Deb’s mental state. However, Deb doesn’t care what anyone is saying.

Bow Wow’s happy for Angela.

Meanwhile in the studio, Pimpin alerts Bow Wow about Angela showing off her boyfriend, Boxer Daniel Jacobs on Instagram. Bow Wow says she’s proud of Angela and he’s proudly single. He tells Pimpin what Angela wants in life right now isn’t what he wants. This then leads Pimpin to tell Bow Wow he and Diamond broke up once again. Diamond and Pimpin have been on and off for a while.

Bow Wow jokes on Pimpin, saying Diamond had him on a leash. Speaking of jokes, BT steps into the studio clowning Bow Wow about Angela’s new relationship.

After the jokes, they get back into the album and they play a song for BT. BT’s concerned that Bow Wow is letting people know too much about his past relationships.

Waka delivers bad news to Tammy.

Later on, Waka and Tammy are out to eat. Waka uses this moment to tell Tammy about Deb’s support of Donald Trump. He knew the news would really anger Tammy but he knew this information wasn’t something he could keep from her. To no surprise, she’s shocked Deb would support Trump. She also says Deb could be losing her mind and Waka needs to check on her.

The next day, Diamond gets a call from Da Brat while she’s on the way to a potential spot for her album release party. Their friendship was a bond that grew over time. Diamond invites Da Brat to the party. Despite Covid, she’s willing to attend just for Diamond. Next, Diamond vents to Da Brat about Pimpin, who’s threatening to stop the songs he worked on for Diamond to be released. So Diamond really needs Pimpin to sign the paperwork so her album can be released without any issues.

All of this stems from their latest breakup which occurred as Diamond believes Pimpin cheated on her while in Miami with Bow Wow.

Jhonni opens up about her anxiety attack.

Meanwhile, Jhonni Blaze is in the studio working on her latest project. She’s in better spirits since her breakdown the day of Deb’s Luncheon. Speaking of Deb, she stops by the studio to talk to Jhonni. Jhonni tells Deb about her breakdown and anxiety attack. She tells Deb that it was something that was building for a while. Deb tells Jhonni that something happening to her would be devastating.

During their conversation, Jhonni opens up about her feelings. She’s beating herself up about her past and how people constantly second guess her musical talent. Deb does her best to give Jhonni a pep talk.

Later on, Diamond makes it to the venue she’s checking out to possibly host her album release party. Diamond meets up with her brand manager Mimi and Reemarkable. Diamond and Ree catch up but she doesn’t tell Ree about Deb’s proud support for Trump. Remarkable tells Diamond quarantine was good for her and her boyfriend. So, she’s surprised to hear about Diamond’s beef with Pimpin.

Diamond vents to Reemarkable about Pimpin and his “controlling” ways and selfishness.

Meanwhile, Drea spills the tea about Deb’s Trump support to Teresa. Drea’s shocked about this support but tries to rationalize this support. The ladies decide to set up an intervention of sorts for Deb about this Trump support.

Diamond applies pressure to Pimpin.

Eventually, Diamond heads to the studio where Pimpin’s working with Bow Wow. When she walks in, she calmly brings up the split sheets she needs to be signed so the tracks Pimpin produced can be released. She tells Pimpin that if he doesn’t sign the sheets, things will get ugly. But Pimpin’s distracted by how she’s looking at the moment and tries to flirt with her. However, Diamond’s focused on the documents, and Pimpin eventually signs.

Although she misses Pimpin, she isn’t ready for things to be on again.

Tammy confronts Deb about Deb’s support of Trump.

Lastly, Deb and Tammy finally meet and Tammy confronts Deb about Trump, calling him a bigot. Deb stands her ground and reiterates she doesn’t care what people will say to her. Things get tense when Deb brings up “black on black crime.” Tammy retorts about how police have beaten countless black men and women.

The conversation gets deep as the topic of systemic racism comes up. Either way, neither woman could change the other’s mind on this sensitive topic.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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A.J. is a publisher and writer for Urban Belle Mag. A.J. has a passion for HBCUs, learning technology, and reality tv.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Natalie

    January 22, 2021 at 5:51 am

    Firstly, I’m very happy to see Drea. She’s absolutely gorgeous!
    Secondly, Deb can support Cheez-Whiz all she wants because he’s what? OUTTA THERE!!
    Thirdly, Jhonni Blaze…okay she realizes that SHE IS HER PROBLEM. Talking to Deb is one thing but seeking professional mental help is another. She may need medication to balance her out.
    Lastly, Pimpin was just being spiteful to Diamond. He wanted her to come back begging for his signature but sis made sure she looked fly doing it. LOOK AT WHAT YOU’RE MISSING FOOL!! Looks to me that Diamond is going to keep it all of the way business from now on. Focus on your career sis!

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