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GUHHATL Recap: Pimpin Clashes With LeLee’s Son + Da Brat Makes Peace with Reemarkable

GUHHATL Season 4 Episode 4

Photo Credit: We tv

Bow Wow continues to be the ladies’ man he’s known for.

The episode begins with Bow Wow getting BT in the gym. Bow Wow’s immediately distracted by the women in the gym instead of being ready to work out. Pimpin joins the crew and tells them about his encounter with Diamond.

They’re apparently on good terms after Pimpin signed the split sheets. They spent their evening together with a bottle of whipped cream. Later on, Ayana calls Bow Wow, telling him she tested positive for Covid. Her breathing is labored and BT’s worried about her.

Shaniah explains why she and Ayana fell out.

Meanwhile, Shaniah and Willie are still going strong. They’re out walking their dog and talking about Ayana. Although Shainah’s friendship with Ayana has fallen apart, Shaniah’s still worried. Apparently, Ayana got offended when Shaniah referred to Amy as the “man” in Ayana’s relationship and called her a d**e. Shaniah says she didn’t apologize for what she said and Ayana retaliated by not reaching out for Shaniah’s birthday.

So, she tells Willie she’ll pray for Ayana.

Da Brat’s ready for Judy to move operations to Atlanta.

Meanwhile, Judy’s with Niera, her hair company’s director of operations. Niera tells Judy they need a bigger warehouse. Da Brat joins them And Da Brat feels Judy needs to move everything back to Atlanta. In fact, Da Brat set up some showings for some warehouses to Judy’s surprise.

Judy runs down the list of everything she has to do in order to move, which is a pretty long list. But despite this, she accepts Da Brat’s offer to look at warehouses. Next, Da Brat invites Judy to Diamond’s album release party. Da Brat’s ready to be seen with Judy in public and Judy’s excited to go.

Buku and Reemarkable reconnect.

Next, Reemarkable meets up with Drea’s daughter Buku for a chat. During their talk, Reemarkable vents about how covid affect her career. Buku then opens up about her recent recording process. She tells Reemarkable her energy shifted and she’s becoming more aggressive. Ree then invites Buku to Diamond’s album release party. Reemarkable’s nervous about seeing Da Brat and Deb after their falling out last season. Buku’s hopeful there isn’t any drama from all of that.

Speaking of Deb, she’s in her office when she gets a call. It’s LeLee and they haven’t talked since their heated talk at Deb’s outdoor luncheon. The two of them are seemingly in a good place despite their political differences. LeLee tells Deb her son is getting out of jail and he’s ready to focus on his music. Deb tells LeLee to bring him to Diamond’s listening party so they can meet. LeLee feels she’s the perfect person to keep her son focused on the music and not crime.

DJ Hurricane and Ayana talk and Hurricane’s nervous about his daughter’s recovery from Covid. He has a care package coming her way, full of natural supplements. Meanwhile, LeLee’s at home when her son Khi walks in. They talk about Khi’s career. LeLee’s ready for him to get his life on track and to be a great father. Khi’s says he’s at his bottom and there’s nowhere else to go but up. LeLee tells Khi about the release party and Khi seems to be more interested in flirting with Diamond than meeting Deb.

Da Brat and Reemarkable seemingly bury the hatchet.

It’s time for Diamond’s album release party and the cast slowly shows up. Masks are worn by some of the attendees. At the event, Reemarkable tells Buku and Diamond about Ayana having Covid. Reemarkable’s hopeful in repairing her friendship with Ayana. Apparently, they had a falling out about Brandon.

Da Brat and Judy showed up, riding in a rainbow-colored SUV. Reemarkable sees Da Brat and is ready to make peace. Bow Wow and Pimpin show up, later on, ready to turn up. He gets in big brother mode when he sees Shaniah in her outfit.

Pimpin clashes with LeLee’s son over Diamond.

Later on at the party, Reemarkable sits with Da Brat and Judy for a talk. Da Brat’s not here for any foolishness. However, Reemarkable lays it on thick and she and Da Brat were able to talk. Da Brat says she was feeling a good vibe from Reemarkable. As this goes on, Bow Wow, in the other corner flirting with a girl at the party. Of course, Bow Wow gets blocked by Da Brat.

Things take a turn when LeLee and her son Khi show up. Khi immediately heads towards Diamond, flirting. Pimpin sees this and gets jealous. Eventually, Pimpin gets angry enough to approach Khi. Khi says Pimpin stepped on his boot and people immediately have to get in between them before things turn physical.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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