Lauren Williams Has No Regrets About Not Allowing Kenya Moore at Event for Porsha Williams

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Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams are back on shaky grounds.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams have been through a lot with each other. They clashed during their first season on the show. And seasons later, they had a physical altercation at the reunion. It didn’t seem as if they would ever be able to be in a good place, but last season they were. Turns out motherhood made them leave their issues in the past. According to Kenya, they were actually establishing a friendship. However, that halted after Kenya got into it with Tanya Sam.

Porsha didn’t like that Kenya called Tanya a c*nt. Plus, the Cookie Lady fiasco just seemed too low for Porsha.

Kenya had her own issues with Porsha. She didn’t feel like Porsha stood up for her enough while they were working on their friendship. So she began to question things on social media.

Lauren Williams had doubts about Kenya.

So when the reunion rolled around, Kenya was over it. And there were some tense moments between both women. Porsha even accused Kenya of being a bad friend to Cynthia Bailey. So it’s no surprise that they aren’t on good terms in the current season.

In fact, Kenya has expressed her skepticism for Porsha’s activism. Interestingly enough, Porsha’s sister Lauren Williams was hesitant to invite Kenya to an event she put together to celebrate Porsha’s protesting. So she told Cynthia that Kenya wasn’t getting an invite. But she could come to the event as Cynthia’s plus one.

However, Lauren would later change her mind. And she addressed this on social media.

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  • Kenya never really got an actual invite and doesn’t respect Porsha’s activism so this is a non issue.

    • I agree wholeheartedly! No one needs someone at THEIR home who shades them EVERY chance that they get! GOOD RIDDANCE!

  • Way to go Luaren!
    Kenya feels hurt because her mouth! Finally she's held accountable for the things she says and does. She wants to be mad because Porsha said that she was wrong about how she treated Tonya, which she was. She was wrong to knock Cynthia's business on camera, that was not friend behavior. Porsha was right and Kenya want let it go.

  • Kenya is so self serving, the only person she cares about is herself. So what if there were cameras around during the protests. At least Porsha is doing something where as Kenya is doing nothing but being a hater.

  • Look at what she did at Marlo's wig launch. If it's not about her she'll find a way to be the center of attention.

  • Alcoholics hate to drink alone!kenya is miserable! She needs to drag others,into her miserable party. Don't answer her RSVP!@porsha and @draw

  • How did Lauren know what Kenya said causing her to disinvite her? This season isn't making any sense. Let me guess, Kandi is bone collecting again. I must say that I'm actually over Kandi at this point and with her gaslighting Kenya to get her to say something negative about the others especially Porsha. I'm also over Kenya being the villian EVERY season. Cynthia knew Lauren rescinded her invite to Kenya but waited until she was getting her hair and makeup done to tell her. Latoya is using Kenya to get a peach by laughing and making fun of drew and getting Kenya to join in. I applaud Porsha's efforts in protesting but her track record for violence isn't the best. She's had physical altercations with Kenya, Cynthia, and Jamie and almost had physical altercations with Marlo, and Yovanna.

  • I don’t think Kenya throw no more shade than the rest of the girls. They always have issues with Kenya. Sometimes Kenya needs to just sit back and listen to others and not comment because anything she says is gonna be told. Porsha protesting is good but there’s many black women protesting and also I still think about Porsha not knowing what The Underground Railroad was. Lauren is not revelant, she’s not an housewife but seems to need attention.

    • Yet, Kenya is the only one shading Porsha’s activism. So yes, she throws more shade than the others. Porsha made the Underground Railroad comment 8 years ago. Are you the same person you were 8 years ago? People can’t change in 8 years? No black woman should be criticized for protesting. And that includes Porsha.

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