RHOA Recap: Kandi Backs up Kenya + Kenya Receives Some Surprising News

rhoa season 13 episode 11 recap
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Kenya continues her investigation.

Although Porsha’s mood soured after seeing Marlo and Kenya back on good terms, the ladies are able to get back in a place of laughter after Cynthia says that the ladies getting so s*xual with each other made her go back to her room and “take care of herself.”

However, tension returns to the dinner after LaToya asks Drew if she’s the person who Kenya was talking about and hooked up with Bolo. After Kenya questions if it was Drew, Drew asks Kenya if she has any regrets from the previous night since she had her legs open on the ground.

LaToya seemingly switches up on Kenya and asks Kenya why she’s investigating who did what. Kenya says she’s investigating because she can. In a green screen interview, Kenya says LaToya must have slurped too much of Porsha’s “peach juice.”

Kenya then talks about what she heard and she says she heard moans, grunts, and groans. LaToya says this isn’t what she heard.

The ladies think it’s time to drop it.

Tanya says that maybe Kenya thought she heard sounds because she hasn’t had any in a long time. Kenya says Tanya has no idea what she’s doing in her personal life even if she is separated.

Tanya then says that she slept in Porsha’s room. In a green screen interview, Kandi asks why Tanya would put herself right in the mess.

Marlo says she doesn’t see the issue if any of the ladies hooked up with Bolo because they are all grown women. But Kenya says this is out of line, and her daughter is on the trip, so people should have done this kind of stuff at home. Annoyed at this point, Porsha says she’s done with the dinner and ready to go home. So she heads back to her room.

Kandi says that what people do is their own business. And it was supposed to be a no-judgment zone. In a green screen interview, Cynthia says Porsha should just own it if she did it. She can do what she pleases with her body.

Details about the party continue to spread.

Drew and Ralph have moved into their dream house. Ralph handled all the moving business while Drew was in South Carolina. After all the drama that went down, Drew still knows she needs to tell Ralph what she did partake in.

Meanwhile, Cynthia prepares to do the same with Mike.

And Kandi meets with Don Juan while Todd is out of town in New York.

Drew tells Ralph that Kandi brought her dungeon tour to the house. Kandi tells Don Juan about Bolo’s big entrance.

Cynthia tells Mike that the bachelorette party was “lit.” And Bolo’s “manhood” was big and it was real. And she did see it because he showed it to them. Drew also tells Ralph this as well.

Kandi tells Don Juan that a lot of drinking happened and she doesn’t want to put anyone on blast. But a lot happened.

Drew says Bolo flipped her over and she made her booty clap on him and he may have spanked it a few times. As for Kandi, she tells Don Juan about the accusations Kenya made. Cynthia tells Mike this as well. And Bolo didn’t leave until 7 in the morning.

Kandi says Kenya said she heard s*x noises coming from the hallway. And it came for Porsha’s side of the house. Then Tanya said that she spent the night in Porsha’s room. And she doesn’t understand why Tanya would do that.

Kandi didn’t want to say anything but she did hear noises too. So she knows Kenya isn’t lying.

Drew and Ralph haven’t gotten past the Tampa incident.

After telling Ralph about what happened, Drew brings up the fact that Ralph still hasn’t told her much about his trip to Tampa. He says she’s flipping the script. But Drew says she didn’t do anything more than what Ralph does at the strip club.

Kenya and LaToya talk about what happened at dinner. At this point, Kenya feels like LaToya didn’t have her back. And she tells LaToya that she has a crush on her, so it bothered her on another level. But she’s never been with a woman before so this isn’t easy for her to open up about.

LaToya apologizes. She sets the record straight and says she didn’t “go down” on Porsha. She didn’t kiss Tanya but she did kiss Porsha.

In a green screen interview, Kenya says that she can sl*t shame Porsha because Porsha has done the same to her for years. And she believes Porsha and Tanya hooked up with Bolo.

Dust will be paid?

Porsha and Drew catch up. Kenya is one of the topics, and Porsha says that the party was a fun night but Kenya turned it into something else. So she’s handling it right by paying Kenya dust.

Drew tells Porsha that she told Ralph everything that happened. When it comes to him going to Tampa, Drew isn’t sure if he cheated or not. But they’ve never had an issue with cheating before.

Marc pulls a fast one.

Kenya goes to see her attorney. She’s not filing for divorce, but she is filing for custody for Brooklyn. After she reached out to Marc about the paperwork, Marc then sent her love songs and said he wants them to get back together so they can be a power couple.

But her attorney tells her that this is weird because Marc filed for divorce yesterday in New York and he’s asking for alimony.

Kenya says, “No he’s not.”

The lawyer says that he thinks Marc did this out of anger because they tried to serve him custody papers. Marc can’t file divorce papers in New York because he doesn’t live there. So an email will be sent to tell him to dismiss his divorce petition.

Her attorney tells her that it seems as if things are only going to get worse with Marc legally.

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