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GUHHATL Recap: Da Brat Gives Bow Wow a Warning + Ayana Can’t Avoid ReeMarkable

GUHHATL Season 4 Episode 7

Photo Credit: We tv

Deb pivots and Da Brat agrees.

The episode continues with Deb’s sit-down with Da Brat and Jessica. Deb is explaining her reasoning behind the project and Da Brat explains why she walked out of their first meeting. Da Brat stands her ground about not working with Jhonni Blaze and it gets contentious between Deb and Da Brat. A suggestion comes up that everyone that Deb wants doesn’t make the cut if they aren’t good enough.

Meanwhile, Deb’s still frustrated Da Brat and Bow Wow showed up. So Deb pivots to divide the artists up and have them work on 3 tracks each. But Da Brat still is uncertain.

Meanwhile, Diamond and Pimpin are texting as they are seemingly back on. Pimpin’s back in the studio with Bow Wow when Ayana stops by. Bow Wow invited Ayana to listen to his latest project and get her advice. Angela made the cut and Keyshia Cole could be mentioned on a track. However, Ciara, Kiyomi, and Erica Mena didn’t “make the cut.”

Bow Wow backs out of Deb’s project.

Next, Bow Wow tells Ayana he’s not going to do Deb’s project. However, Deb doesn’t know this. Ayana now questions that this project will even get off the ground.

Lastly, Bow Wow tells Ayana that ReeMarkable will be at BT’s birthday gathering. When Ayana leaves, Pimpin walks back in, telling Bow Wow he’s gotta stay with him tonight. Apparently, his call with Diamond wasn’t good. Bow Wow’s worried that Pimpin’s relationship with Diamond isn’t healthy and it’s going to affect his work on the album.

Later on, Shaniah visit’s her dad JD. JD’s excited that Shaniah graduated college and wants her involved want a special project. They’re collaborating with Pinky, owner of Sl*tty Vegan restaurants on a voter resignation drive in Georgia. Shaniah’s excited to be part of the project, which is targeting young people specifically.

Da Brat’s concerned about Bow Wow’s album.

Afterward, Da Brat visits Bow Wow and Pimpin in the studio. Da Brat tells the guys about their meeting she had with Deb. Bow Bow is not sure he’s going to work on the project and Pimpin’s not sure he wants to be part of it anymore.

Next, Bow Wow gives Da Brat concern when he tells her the concept behind the album. He plays a song dedicated to Blac Chyna. She feels that Bow Wow shouldn’t say anyone’s name on any of the tracks, saying he’s snitching on himself. But Bow says he’s not worried and in fact, women he didn’t mention should be offended.

Bow Wow hopes the album concept goes viral on social media, causing free promotion for the album.

The next day, Pimpin and Diamond got back on the same page once more and Pimpin sets up a date. He’s smoothing things out for them as things are still rocky. Pimpin broke Diamond’s trust so he needs to really show out, letting Diamond know he really wants to be with her.

Pimpin and Diamond double date with ReeMarkable and Chevy.

During the date, Diamond and Pimpin talk business. Pimpin expenses concern about working on Deb’s EP. Both have dealt with unsavory producers in the past and they are concerned. A little later, ReeMarkable and her boyfriend Chevy join them. Pimpin brings up Deb’s EP to them and ReeMarkable brings up how Deb and Da Brat lied to her regarding their boot camp scenario.

Next, ReeMarkable and Chevy express their relationship issues. They haven’t been intimate in a while because ReeMarkable is pushing for an engagement. So, she’s holding out until he proposes. They’ve been together for at least 8 years and have multiple kids together. So ReeMarkable feels it’s time he “puts a ring on it,” making things official.

Diamond and Pimpin aren’t on that page, however. In fact, Pimpin isn’t sure he wants to take that next step with Diamond.

Meanwhile, Da Brat brings Jessica to the So So Def studio to visit JD. They’re catching up and Da Brat brings up Bow Wow’s album and the concept. Surprisingly, JD’s intrigued. He understands how Bow Wow is thinking with the marketing plan behind the concept. However, Da Brat’s concerned that people are going to come out of the woodwork with negative feedback and criticism. She feels Bow Wow won’t take the negative press very well.

At this point, Da Brat won’t give Bow Wow any more advice about this because she feels he won’t listen.

Ayana and ReeMarkable finally come face to face.

Finally, it’s BT’s birthday and he wants to play a round of paintball. Bow Wow sits out but it’s raining so no one isn’t joining in at the moment. Bow Wow lets ReeMarkable know that Ayana is showing up. Shaniah felt blindsided that she’s coming so she decides to leave. However, ReeMarkable’s ready to finally have that talk with Ayana. After the thunder begins and the weather starts to turn, Bow Wow says he wants to leave. BT reluctantly leaves with Bow Wow while the rest of the cast play around on the paintball field

Despite the rain, the paintball game is ready and ReeMarkable’s hype. But before they can get started, Amy and Ayana show up. Ayana just wanted to show her face but gets irritated when she sees ReeMarkable.

Everyone else gets the game in and Ayana feels ReeMarkable is showing out strictly for attention. This is attention Ayana isn’t going to give.

As things calm down, ReeMarkable is ready for that talk with Ayana. However, Ayana still doesn’t want to talk. When ReeMarkable walks up, Ayana keeps things short. This day just isn’t the day for a talk and Ayana wants to walk away. She just got her braids done and wants to talk in private on a later date. However, ReeMarkable presses the issue.

Ayana tries to control herself as ReeMarkable says Ayana was wrong for coming for her on Twitter. However, Ayana lost her temper, asking Ree if she wants to fight. Things go left and Amy and Chevy try to split them up.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Tiffani A. Young

    February 18, 2021 at 10:53 pm

    Tonight’s episode was a hot mess. Brat I don’t see how your bae put up with you. You were so disrespectful to Deb when all you had to do was walk away. Come on where’s the REAL explosion

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