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GUHHATL Recap: Deb Clashes with Da Brat & Diamond

GUHHATL Season 4 Episode 5

Photo Credit: We tv

Bow Wow second-guesses Deb’s album pitch.

The episode continues at Diamond’s album release party where Khi and Pimpin have to be separated. Pimpin apparently feels some type of way about Khi shooting his shot at Diamond and takes shots as they’re pulled away. Of course, the cast tries to figure out what happened and Da Brat decides it’s time to leave.

Eventually, Pimpin decides to relax and let it go as he recognizes LeLee. Diamond also explains to Pimpin what happened. Things calm down and LeLee introduces Khi to Deb. Deb agrees to work with Khi but tells him that it won’t be easy. Khi realizes this event could’ve ruined his first impression with Deb and says he needs to tighten up.

Next, Deb then brings everyone together and pitches an album she wants everyone to do together, including Bow Wow and Da Brat. At this point, Bow Wow’s unsure he and Da Brat going to participate. He feels Deb wants him involved because of his name recognition. LeLee also questions if this is a good idea despite the positive message Deb wants the album to represent.

Ayana’s recovered from Covid-19.

The next day, Buku, Reemarkable, and Shaniah link up and they recap what happened at Diamond’s party. They also talk about how they stay safe amid the pandemic and Shaniah once again explains why she’s no longer friends with Ayana. Ree also brings up her beef with Ayana and how it stems from Ree’s loyalty to Brandon. Before filming, Ayana and Reemarkable ended up beefing on Twitter as Ree reacted to Brandon’s storyline last season.

Lastly, Deb’s project comes up and Buku and Reemarkable are ready to record. However, Shaniah isn’t sure that this idea is going to work especially with Bow Wow involved.

Meanwhile, DJ Hurricane stops by Ayana’s place for the first time since she recovered from Covid-19. The two share a hug for the first time since her diagnosis. Although Ayana tested negative twice, she still has lingering symptoms, including blurred vision. Despite this, Ayana’s ready to leave the house.

Diamond and Pimpin got questions about Deb’s project.

Speaking of getting out, Diamond and Pimpin are out at the studio. They are meeting with Deb and they have questions. Pimpin needs to know how the money is going to be made from the project. Deb knows this project could be tough to get off the ground. She also has to deal with Khi and Pimpin right after their recent beef. So she knows juggling all of these personalities won’t be easy.

Khi walks in next and Deb immediately addresses him and Pimpin. She needs both of them to put any beef aside so they can focus on the project. Khi’s ready to work because he says he can’t mess up his opportunity. Speaking of which, Jhonni Blaze also walks in. This is one final opportunity from Deb. If this doesn’t work out for them both, Deb’s done with her. 

During the meeting, Deb mentions that this project will be a 6 album EP. But during the conversation, Pimpin isn’t liking what he’s hearing from Deb. Diamond has questions too and is concerned this whole thing will fail.

The next day, Bow Wow and his crew are trying something different. Instead of their usual partying, they decide to go throw some axes. Bow Wow, BT, and Pimpin are hanging out when Ayana shows up for the first time since recovering from Covid-19. While they’re hanging out, Ayana explains her recent beef with Reemarkable. In fact, Ayana doesn’t want to talk to Ree.

Da Brat learns who’s involved with the project and doesn’t want any part.

Later on, Da Brat links up with Diamond and they talk about Deb’s project. But first, they spend time catching up some more. As Diamond notices Da Brat’s new glow, she vents to Da Brat about her off and on relationship with Pimpin. They also recap what happened at Diamond’s album release party.

When they talk about Deb’s project, Da Brat’s shocked to hear about how Deb spoke to Diamond and Pimpin. She also learned that she and Bow Wow are supposed to be involved with the project. When Diamond tells Da Brat that Jhonni Blaze has been included, Da Brat says no to participating. In fact, she doesn’t want to be around Jhonni and mentions how she damaged property in JD’s studio during a previous season. So Da Brat’s ready to have a talk with Deb to hash all of this out.

Da Brat storms out of the studio.

So the next day, Da Brat hears from Diamond about a meeting with Deb and Da Brat shows up. At the studio, Reemarkable is there and Da Brat explains what Deb’s vision is. Da Brat emphasizes to Reemarkable she isn’t working with Jhonni. Bow Wow shows up with Pimpin next, and Diamond shows up a little later. Diamond’s unsure if she still wants to be part of the project and Bow Wow’s willing to listen.

When Deb shows up, she’s angry that Bow Wow and Da Brat are there. Apparently, she didn’t want to tell Da Brat or have her there because she was having Jhonni Blaze show up to the studio. Deb tells Da Brat and Bow Wow that this is going to be like “We Are the World,” and Da Brat explains that song had “bonafide stars.”

When Deb explains who she’s having on the project, they immediately scoff at Jhonni Blaze being included. Deb tells them that they don’t have to record in the same studio but Da Brat tells Deb that it won’t matter. Deb feels some type of way when Da Brat says she’s not letting people eat off of her for free.

Diamond then speaks her mind which angers Deb. Apparently, Deb hasn’t heard Diamond’s stuff “in forever,” and saying so rubbed Diamond the wrong way. They have a brief but tense exchange over this. Deb is frustrated after Da Brat says she’s not doing it and angrily leaves the studio.

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  1. Tiffani A. Young

    February 4, 2021 at 10:42 pm

    If you feel like a person is not going to change or their not trustworthy then of course you don’t want to be around them.

  2. And What?

    February 4, 2021 at 10:56 pm

    Deb needs to stop forcing Jhonni on people. She can navigate her own relationships without Deb’s help.

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