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GUHHATL Recap: Waka Flocka Questions Deb + Da Brat Stands Her Ground

GUHHATL Season 4 Episode 6

Photo Credit: We tv

Jhonni Blaze keeps Deb’s project from ending before it started.

The episode continues where last week left off. Deb’s meeting with the “underdogs” took a left turn when the vets Da Brat and Bow Wow showed up. The meeting got tense especially between Deb and Diamond, and Da Brat and Deb. It got to the point where Da Brat ended up storming out of the meeting.

On her green screen, Deb questions herself, wondering if it was a good idea to bring Da Brat, Diamond, and Bow Wow into this project.

Outside, Bow Wow is telling everyone Deb can’t be talking down to everyone. Reemarkable tries to talk to Deb. Deb stands her ground as she sits in her car. Jhonni Blaze shows up late, wondering what’s going on and LeLee’s shocked to see this meeting go off the rails. She sees Deb in her car, who tells her she’s over it all.

Eventually, Jhonni gets Bow Wow, Pimpin, Khi, and Reemarkable to head into the studio to vibe. This calms Deb down and she pulls Diamond aside to talk.

Ayana explains Reemarkable triggers her anger issues.

Meanwhile, Buku heads over to Ayana’s apartment for a chat. Buku was worried about Ayana and she’s glad Ayana’s okay. Ayana learns about Deb’s project and calls the whole thing a mess. In fact, Ayana expects Deb to cuss out Bow Wow once more. Once again, Ayana’s beef with Reemarkable comes up and Ayana stands her ground. She has nothing to say to Reemarkable and no one will get her to talk to Ree.

Apparently, Reemarkable is triggering for Ayana.

Back at the studio, Deb explains her position in calling Diamond a new artist. Although she heard her with Crime Mob, she’s not familiar with Diamond’s solo projects. As this goes on, Bow Wow decides to back out of the project. According to Bow Wow, the paperwork isn’t right, and he doesn’t know anything about the financials.

Eventually, Deb heads back into the studio to talk to everyone left. This includes Diamond, Pimpin, Jhonni, and Reemarkable. After this meeting, Deb’s going to call her son to see if she needs to continue with the project. But before she leaves, Ree heads for a talk about her situation with Ayana. She explains that she isn’t who she seemed to be on Twitter. Deb says that the situation needs to be handled.

Jessica encourages Da Brat.

The next day, Da Brat sets up a luxurious bubble outside as their home is being renovated. While inside, Brat tells Jessica how Deb and she had a back and forth at the studio. Da Brat tells Jessica this wasn’t the first time Deb pulled this with her, referring to how she brought Drea Into their boot camp project last season.

Jessica tells Da Brat she should have a conversation. But Brat still doesn’t want to work with Jhonni and is afraid this could get out of hand between her and Deb.

Meanwhile, Waka’s at a bookstore when Deb walks in. She picks Waka’s brain about her “We are the World” EP project and he doesn’t feel good about it. Not only is the project not for him, but he also agrees with Bow Wow and Da Brat. Waka tells Deb that she has to respect the vets and they have to feel empowered about the project.

When Deb asks Waka to come to the studio and advise the artists, he reluctantly agrees to do it. Deb also realizes she needs to have a talk with Da Brat to let her know she has power and influence of the project.

Ayana’s sick of talking about Reemarkable.

Later that night, Ayana planned a nice dinner, cooked by Chef Cameron. Deb calls as she waits for Amy to show up. Ayana gets annoyed when Deb brings up her conversation with Reemarkable. Deb felt Ree was genuine about trying to hash things out with her. However, Ayana is unmoved.

She tells Deb she’ll see Reemarkable at BT’s party, and Deb insists on setting up a conversation. But Ayana tries to downplay it, saying she needs to get a second opinion from Amy and her dad.

When Amy shows up, Amy’s immediately impressed with the dinner. She also hears from Ayana about Deb’s plan to get her to hash things out with Reemarkable. Amy asks if she felt it was a mistake that things went left with Reemarkable.

Things get romantic when Amy tells Ayana she wants to marry her.

Deb realizes she needs Da Brat involved.

The next day, Deb’s at the studio and she’s worried about her project. So she’s excited to have Waka showing up to the studio. Ree and the producer Chevy show up at the studio first, followed by Jhonni, then Khi, and LeLee. Finally, Waka shows up and he’s ready to help everyone else on their come up.

At this point, Chevy plays the track for Waka. When it’s finished, Waka gives his criticisms, including calling the track cliche. Deb feels checked by Waka and realizes she needs Da Brat involved. So she sets up a talk with Da Brat.

Finally, Deb, Da Brat, and Jessica show up for their anticipated talk. Jessica hopes to be a mediator in the talk and even has Brat’s cousin Jeff there for support.

Firstly, Deb apologizes for what happened their last time at the studio. Deb also says in her interview that she needs Bow Wow and Da Brat to “stamp” this project. Da Brat stands her ground about not wanting Jhonni Blaze involved. But during the talk, Deb seemingly keeps cutting off Da Brat and Brat feels like they can’t do business together anymore.

The episode ends with Deb leaving the conversation angry.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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