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‘Love and Marriage: Huntsville’ Recap: Miss Wanda Spills Tea + Melody’s Mom Comes for Martell

LAMH Season 2 Episode 12

Photo Credit: OWN

Marsau is ready to invest in land with Maurice and Kimmi.

The episode begins with Marsau with his son in North Huntsville. They’re with Maurice and Monster on 10 acres of land that’s in the family. Marsau’s goal is to keep this land within the family. Marsau marks the moment by knocking down a large tree with a bulldozer.

Maurice lets Marsau know that Kimmi has questions about Marsau’s plan. However, Maurice is on board to return home where they grew up.

Melody finds a new home in Huntsville.

Meanwhile, Melody’s with Destiny looking at a home. Destiny has multiple hustles and a real estate agent is one of them. The home they’re viewing is rather large and rests on a hill. Melody’s impressed with the home and feels it’s “perfect.” She tells Destiny that Martell isn’t moving out of their marital home, which inspired her to find this new place. As Melody tells Destiny about her latest argument with Martell, Destiny tells Melody that Martell accused her of cheating. But Melody says that she left their home and relationship in April. In fact, she claims her new man is making her a full priority.

Overall, Melody’s confident it will all work out.

Later on, Kimmi hosts LaTisha for some lemonade. This is the first time the two of them caught up in a while. While they’re talking, they both vent about their husbands not doing much in the chores department. Next, LaTisha speaks about the land Marsau wants everyone to move on, and Kimmi likes her current house and her space.

Lastly, LaTisha tells Kimmi about Martell’s pop-up and apology. She’s happy Martell apologized and he and Marsau can finally move forward. However, LaTisha isn’t wanting to do the same thing with Melody and wants Kimmi to have her back, 100 percent. Kimmi tells LaTisha it’s hurtful she questioned her loyalty in the past. In her interview, she says LaTisha feels some insecurities about her loyalties and it’s unfortunate.

Melody’s mom and Martell’s broker call out Martell.

Back at the Holts’ marital home, Melody is packing her belongings. Her mom Vanessa comes in which makes the kids very happy. Of course, Melody vents to Vanessa about what Martell said to her and Vanessa calls Martell a big disappointment. Vanessa gets a huge surprise when Melody tells her she learned Martell’s mistress is pregnant during a Mother’s day trip with the kids.

Luckily, Vanessa tells Melody she’s going to survive the divorce and come out of it better than before.

Later on, Martell meets with his broker Chris. Martell brings up how he’s willing to bring Marsau into a project as a general contractor. Chris is surprised that Martell wants to bring in Marsau and brings up how Martell’s personal business is giving his backers second thoughts. In fact, they don’t want Martell to be the face of a 30-35 million dollar project. In fact, they don’t even want to go with the original name of Holt Manor. Martell seems salty but says he doesn’t care about the name.

Next, Martell tells Chris that Melody isn’t going to be involved in the project other than the sale of the land that was going to part of the comeback group project. When Chris learns Martell wants full custody, Chris says this isn’t a good idea. Martell scoffs at this and brings up Chris’ past infidelity. He then brings up that he was provoked to cheat on Melody, claiming he came home after sleeping with his mistress and cheating in general.

Miss Wanda spills tea about Martell.

At their office, LaTisha’s ready to talk about Scott Manor with Marsau and how she talked to Kimmi about it. Kimmi’s not on board. Marsau says he’s not going to push anyone. But, LaTisha’s concerned Kimmi doesn’t want to be close to her and Marsau. She gets emotional when she talks about her conversation with Kimmi. As she vents to Marsau, he tells LaTisha she shouldn’t let the small things take away from her relationship with Kimmi.

Wanda stops by and drops big news. She’s separated from her husband but has a new boyfriend. She also tells LaTisha and Marsau that Martell got a woman pregnant. Marsau calls Wanda messy.

Wanda gives Marsau a warning not to pull what Martell did and goes off about Martell to them. But Marsau tells Wanda she can’t sit there and talk about Martell when she’s cheating on her husband.

Meanwhile, Kimmi and Maurice are working on an office for their various ventures. Kimmi’s shocked at some of the gaudiness Maurice is putting in for their office. She feels Maurice is competing with Marsau. This leads to Kimmi’s concerns about Scott Manor. She tells Maurice she prefers not to be that close to the rest of the Scotts. In fact, Kimmi is frustrated with LaTisha’s questions of her loyalty. She’s frustrated about having this conversation over and over again with LaTisha. This may come to a head soon as she might be inviting LaTisha, Melody, and Martell to an event to celebrate Jaylin’s graduation.

This leads to an argument about Kimmi’s son and his job prospects. Maurice is willing to have him stay at the house without a job but Kimmi isn’t having it.

Martell and Melody clash, again.

Lastly, Melody’s moving into her new home and is outside with the kids when Martell comes by. This surprises Melody and they argue. Martell wants Melody to know he’s going to pop up whenever Melody has their kids. When Melody says Vanessa doesn’t have any respect for him anymore, Martell threatens that Vanessa won’t ever see the kids again.

Of course, Martell brings up Melody’s alleged infidelity. In fact, he says that he cheated because Melody cheated. This infuriates Melody and she doesn’t want to film with Martell anymore. Production has to get between them and stop their argument.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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  1. MsCoCoMango

    February 8, 2021 at 9:53 am

    I don not like Martell, on any level.

  2. La Shay

    February 8, 2021 at 3:08 pm

    What a mess! Miss Wanda messy but speaks truth. Mel’s mom is very wise and calm. She said “leave my child ALONE” I was clapping my hands. Melody is easily triggered by Martell because there’s still feelings there. Once she is completely over him, nothing he says or does will bother her anymore. Martell, done lost it, straight up! He didn’t come by to see his kids, he came by to SEE what Mel was doing, period. He cannot accept that she left him & moving on. He has lost his “favor” (wife). Now, he’s reaping & sowing (lost multimillion business deals, business partners, family, friends) all because he couldn’t get head. He needs intensive therapy and God in his life. W/out the two he will NEVER change his thinking/behavior. Actually, its very sad. He will miss life with Mel, such a beautiful family. SMH

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