‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Simone Snubs Jackie in a Very Hurtful Way

married to medicine season 8 episode 2
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Jackie speaks her mind.

After Toya gets fed up with what she feels is a fake conversation between Simone and Heavenly, she goes to the husbands and says she’s tired of their wives. She also tells Eugene she’s ready to go home.

But it’s clear to the others that Toya may have had too much to drink.

After Eugene and Toya begin to leave, Heavenly attempts to make Jackie and Simone hash things out. Simone tells Jackie that it hurt when Jackie said that her friendships with Heavenly and Simone were equally important to her. They have been friends for 20 years. So this doesn’t make sense to Simone.

Jackie understands this and says that Simone hurt her by not calling out Buffie last season. Simone says she actually did tell Buffie that Jackie wasn’t a cold and heartless person.

Things go left between Simone and Heavenly.

Heavenly then asks if Simone ever said anything derogatory about Jackie at that time and she says no. Simone then storms off.

Anila checks on her and Simone says she feels like she got ganged up on. When she goes back to say goodbye to the others, Simone tells Heavenly that she believes she went too far with her comments about Cecil.

But Heavenly says that Cecil came for her first, so she should have the right to respond.

They start arguing and screaming at each other and have to be restrained by the others. So Simone leaves with Anila.

Meanwhile, Damon tells Heavenly that black people are going through enough and don’t need to fight with each other.

When Simone and Anila get back to the bus, they tell Toya what happened with Heavenly. As for Heavenly, she blames the blowup on stress from the pandemic.

It’s a new chapter for Toya and Eugene’s sons.

Toya has an honest conversation with her sons. She tells them she pulled them out of their old school because she could count all the black kids and teachers on one hand. That bothered her, especially amid the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Their new school is $25,000 per child.

A new venture will require teamwork for Scott and Contessa.

Contessa and Scott go by their new office. They have decided to open up a practice together. It’s still under construction. So they want to see the progress that has been made. Contessa is hoping it will be ready in a month.

They discuss the status of their marriage. Scott decided they didn’t need to keep going to counseling because they could do it themselves. But that may not have been the best decision. They will have to work on their communication.

Anila and her husband are in the middle of a stressful time.

Blogger Funky Diveva comes by Heavenly’s dental practice to get his teeth fixed. He’s having broken teeth removed and getting implants. Heavenly has had to make some changes at her business to make things safer amid the pandemic.

Anila and her nanny are preparing dinner for the kids. Her husband Kiran makes it home from work. He’s a plastic surgeon.

Before becoming a housewife, Anila was a career woman. She used to be a global analyst for a fragrance company in New York. After she became a mom, she became a fashion blogger.

The couple is in the middle of building a new house. In fact, they met Toya and Eugene because they are using the same builder.

Toya even introduced Anila to a lot of women in the neighborhood.

Due to the pandemic, the new house has placed a financial strain on them.

The snub hurt Jackie.

Michael was able to still have a high school graduation despite the Covid outbreak. So Simone and Cecil decided to have a tailgate party outside of her office building. Jackie was not invited.

Jackie and Curtis discuss her interaction with Simone at Damon’s party. It was a lot for her and she’s hurt that she wasn’t invited to Michael’s graduation event. She actually delivered him.

She wants to fix things and realizes at some point an honest conversation needs to happen between them.

Progress is made.

Heavenly and Simone talk things out at Heavenly’s home. When it comes to the accusations Mariah made about Damon, Heavenly felt like Simone took Mariah’s side and reveled in it. So that may have been some of the cause behind Heavenly going in on Cecil on Twitter.

Regardless, Heavenly apologizes. And she says she will watch what she says on Twitter moving forward.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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