‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Receives Backlash for His Social Media Post About Walt

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Walt and Ceaser are on bad terms.

Black Ink Crew” star Walt is having a very controversial season. On the season 9 premiere, Teddy and Ceaser learned that someone broke into the 125th shop. When they looked at the security footage, they felt like the man in question looked and walked a lot like Walt.

Although Walt would end up denying that he broke into the shop, he did admit to taking $5000 out of the register. Plus, he would short the tattoo artists. In fact, Krystal claimed she figured out he would take the cash she made from clients and then write down a different amount. He would later pocket the difference.

When Puma asked Walt why he would do this, he said that he was in serious trouble. During the pandemic, he was out of work. Cease had to shut the shops down during the height of the pandemic. He also wasn’t able to do any stand-up comedy shows because clubs were also closed. So Walt wasn’t able to pay his child support payments. He got behind and was facing time in jail. Once people got back to work, he started taking the cash the artists were bringing in.

While Puma and Donna have been trying to have empathy towards Walter, Cease and Teddy are done with him. They kicked him out of the Black Ink family. And recently, fans of “Black Ink Crew” called out Cease for a shady post about Walt that they felt just went way too far.

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    • Yes he did it to Richard and Puma he have to realize you don't always know what's going on behind someone else door if y'all was friends that long he should have sensed something with his friend he saw it in Sky. Ijs.

  • Taking shots at someone you've been friends with for most of your life is really low and shows he really wasn't a real friend. I watch your show religiously and whenever you think someone isn't loyal to you, you take shots and without even hearing them. I also heard him say that he tried reaching out to you, what happened, you didn't get the message or call. A real friend would checked on their friends during that time just to make sure they were good. I guess loyalty is only one-sided for you. Wow guess Walt needs to pick better friends.

    • Caesar's problem is he thinks he's better than his peers because he owns stuff and makes more money than them.

  • I get the loyalty-family thing but this has gotten out of hand. It was bad enough we all watched the security footage now it has poured over to social media.
    Some real manning up needs to happen. Ceaser should’ve left it all on the show period. That was more than enough.
    Walt should’ve never ever ever stolen from everybody. Honestly I think he needs more help than money. There’s some mental issues going on and they stem from way back. Where’s Jess 🤨? She’s supposed to be by his side.
    But hol’ up... didn’t they go to Hawaii 🌺 for their wedding? Where did the funds come from for that? The wedding wasn’t part of the show so production didn’t put in on it.

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