‘Married to Medicine’ Executive Producer is Tired of People Saying Toya Bush-Harris Needs a Job

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Some people feel Toya Bush-Harris needs a job.

Toya Bush-Harris clashes plenty with her “Married to Medicine” cast members. And when it’s time to throw shade, it’s not unlikely that Toya and Dr. Eugene Harris’ finances are a frequent target. Seasons ago, the couple was very open about their unpaid taxes. Viewers got a chance to see them downsize their lifestyle as they began to tackle the debt.

When they were successful in paying it all off, they threw a lavish party. And Dr. Contessa Metcalfe couldn’t understand why they threw a party for paying their taxes since it’s something they were supposed to be doing anyway. So Toya still isn’t in a  good place with Contessa.

She’s not in a good place with Dr. Heavenly Kimes either, and on a recent episode, Heavenly said that Toya was the “brokest b*tch” in the group.

Toya has also been told by Heavenly and some fans of the show that she needs a job. And now one of the producers of “Married to Medicine” has decided that it was time to clap back at those who feel this way about Toya.

It all started after one of the viewers tweeted Toya and told her that she needs a job so she can help Eugene out with their “debts.”

In response to this, Toya wrote, “Stop with the BS…it’s Easter…Repent for your lies…you know you’re watching my job!”

“Married to Medicine” Executive Producer Michael Beck then wrote, “The funny thing is that you make more money in one season of this show than the average person makes in 10 years so imma go ahead and say you have a job…and a good one at that. Let’s find some new reads people.”

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  • It is silly when people say Toya needs a job. They really act like she’s on television for free. What they don’t understand is that Bravo shows that have been on for years pay very well. Toya most likely makes more money than Eugene does. And she most definitely makes more money than most of the people who keep calling her broke and saying she needs a job. M2M is a job. Those women are making more money than their husbands, well the ones who have been there since the beginning.

    • Thank you for making that point. People need to mind their business since we don’t know what goes on in a marriage nor what people are doing to earn a living she isn’t flaunting it so that makes it not so??. Bravo 👏🏾 to her for not succumbing to these haters. Do you Toya.

  • At least Toya didn't have to trap Eugene by getting pregnant H-ll oh I mean Heavenly. You don't hear Eugene complaining so everyone needs to shut up and sit down. As for Quad your not married to medicine 🙄 Get yourself a life and move on. Heavenly is a messy B-tch that's why Simon and Jackie aren't friends anymore. Even with your new teeth you're ugly because your attitude is ugly bunny.

    • Exactly.
      She has a job. And doing well.
      I do think Heavenly is jealous of her. Toya is the girl that she wish she could have hung with when she was younger. Toya triggers something

  • It's just weird that we've always read about how much Bravo pays these people for these shows and then people turn around and say Toya needs a job. It really makes no sense. This is her job. And people really need to stop acting like Toya and Eugene are broke. They had tax debt YEARS ago and paid it YEARS ago. That situation was handled a long time ago. We haven't heard about them having money issues since. They are doing well for themselves. So stop hating. Heavenly needs to stop getting so riled up about Toya's lifestyle and marriage. It's none of her business. Both women live blessed and full lives. No need to hate on each other so much.

    • Well since this is her JOB, Toya needs to ask for a raise. This current JOB doesn’t keep her out of debt and obviously can’t afford their standard of living now. Toya and Eugene just paid off that tax debt LAST YEAR and lied about paying it off before. Toya is the only one out the show that hasn’t furthered her career with the show. Everyone else has released books, started podcast, worked on different TV shows, invested in commercial real estate while Toya had done NOTHING. Eugene look more tired and haggard as the seasons progress and Toyas lazy butt is always complaining.

      • If you could see past the bullsh-t, you'd realize that most of the people on that cast aren't doing much better than Toya and Eugene. M2M is nothing but a show full of doctors and doctors' wives living like professional athletes on doctor salaries. Every single one of them needs M2M and they act like it too behaving like clowns every season. It's laughable. A good bit of those people make most of their money from the show. Quad doesn't even own a home. And books don't pay much. Neither do most podcasts or YouTube channels. All of you sound silly bragging about other people's money and so-called achievements. These reality stars have all of you fooled.

        • It's not just the reality stars that have people fooled, it's rappers/singers/actors/celebs as well. They put out these fake net worths on these blogs and the truth is these people are faking their lavish lifestyle. Not everybody, but a lot more than people realize.

        • You missed the entire point trying to defend Tacky Toya. The others on the show have used their 15 mins of fame and extended it to other products and endorsements. Toya is the other only one that is to lazy to market herself besides the show. They might not be doing much better but Toya can’t pay her bills while she’s ON the show so that should tell you something. You sound silly defending somebody that glamorizes money and material things more than anybody on that cast! Toya couldn’t even wait until her lien cleared to go buy an extravagant home.

          • I don't give a d-mn about Toya or anyone else on this show or any other show. I don't subscribe to the American culture of idolatry and stanning like most do. I pointed out how silly it sounds for you to be on here bragging about so called endorsements and deals you think these people have when they all depend on the same check Toya does to live a lifestyle they all can't afford. All of these women are self absorbed and materialistic. Contessa was literally just on Twitter bragging about overpaying for a stupid a-s purse. Heavenly has a basketball court at her house but just admitted she hasn't paid off her house yet and got a 3 story closet because Toya did it. Do you realize how dumb it looks to see doctors living in multimillion dollar homes like they are professional athletes? Even this Anila woman who's been on the show for five seconds has her husband overpaying for a house in Toya's neighborhood when he couldn't work for several weeks during the pandemic. These people are driving luxury vehicles and faking storylines to keep their Bravo checks every season. Do you even realize how much the overhead is to own and run a practice? Not to mention how much debt doctors have from school? If you think Toya and Eugene are the only ones faking it and in debt on this show, you're being delusional. Every single one of them needs this show. Bravo is making bank off these so-called educated black people and it's a shame. None of them are "winning." Wake up.

  • And is this the executive producer that doesn’t like Mariah ? He needs to continue being in the background, especially since Toya should have fired a long time ago

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