‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Contessa & Heavenly Continue to Clash with Toya

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On the latest episode of “Married to Medicine,” the cast continues their time in DC for the march. Thankfully, their Covid testing goes well. And it’s a positive moment for the entire cast. However, the women still manage to have some heated moments with each other.

Toya is still angry about the accusations made by Kari. After Kari tells Toya that Contessa and Heavenly said she was too intelligent to be around Toya, Toya accuses Contessa and Heavenly of being mean girls. As for Contessa, she’s sick and tired of trying to be cordial with Toya. And Heavenly hasn’t hidden her lack of respect for Toya. Regardless, everyone recognizes that there are more pressing issues in the world. So they decide to let the petty stuff go and Heavenly does thank Toya for her help at the march.

Regardless, Toya doesn’t think it’s easy to move forward with Heavenly. And she anticipates another blowup in the near future.

Here’s a recap for, “Know Your Status DC.”

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  • OMG 😱!! I wish they simply leave each other alone. They’re all on a show, they all signed contracts so let it be. We all know the fakery is real among them so let’s just keep it at that. The drama makes for good tv 📺 and ratings. All of these Black reality shows on BRAVO are definitely competing over the same dramafied childish sh-t.
    Contessa and Heavenly need to get some business and leave Toya alone.
    Toya needs to stop falling for the high school SHE- nanigans. She knows they don’t like her. She needs to play on that energy and not use the husbands to do it.

  • If Contessa is so confident,tough and smart, why didn't she admit she said that to Kari? Especially with Heavenly as a witness.

  • These women are awful. Bring back Mariah please, or get this show off of TV. I turn the channel right after ATL is off.

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