‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Kari & Lisa Nicole Return + Simone & Cecil Take Michael to College

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Lisa Nicole and Kari are back.

Toya and Eugene decide to throw a little get-together at their pool. Kari returns as well as Lisa Nicole. Simone and Anila come as with their husbands Cecil and Kiran. In a green screen interview, Toya says she’s been keeping in touch with Lisa. She lives very close to Toya and Eugene.

The ladies have a laugh as they recall the time Toya and Mariah fought at Kari’s party years ago.

When it comes to Lisa, Toya says she didn’t leave the show, she was chased off by some of the other women. Producers then flashback to scenes of Heavenly and Quad going off on Lisa.

Scott and Contessa vent about their marriage.

Damon and Eugene go to Scott and Contessa’s new office to do a little handyman work. After Eugene leaves, Scott tells Damon that things have been a little snappy with Contessa since he quit therapy. This didn’t sit well with Contessa. Damon says that therapy didn’t work out for him and Heavenly. In a green screen interview, Heavenly says the issue is Damon is a doctor and doctors make horrible patients because they think they know more than the therapist. Damon disagrees and says their former therapist was the problem.

Heavenly feels her point was proven.

As the conversation continues, Damon tells Scott that men make a mistake when they try to limit their women. He lets Heavenly be herself and pursue her dreams. And she does the same for him. So it works for them.

As for Contessa, she tells her cousin she’s been having the same issues with Scott for ten years. And she just wishes he was more supportive of her dreams. She loves being a mother, but that’s not all she wants to do in her life.

Simone agrees to meet with Jackie.

Heavenly and Jackie meet for lunch. For Heavenly, she thinks it’s time for Jackie and Simone to make up. So she urges Jackie to call Simone so they can plan to hash things out soon. Jackie calls Simone and Simone is reluctant but agrees to meet. But she just doesn’t want Jackie to get too hopeful about them being friends again.

Although this is hard for Jackie to hear, she knows they have to talk no matter how uncomfortable it will be.

Kiran is frustrated with Anila.

Anila and Kiran go to their custom-built house that is still in progress. Kiran says they started with a budget of about $1.5 million, but they have now spent $3 million. And Anila has been complaining about every little thing and making last-minute changes. During the pandemic, Kiran wasn’t able to work for ten weeks. So he’s not understanding where Anila thinks all this money is coming from.

It’s time for Michael to start his college journey.

Michael leaves for college. Simone tries not to be too emotional as they pack up to get out on the road.

While Simone and Cecil are driving in one car, they discuss the issues Miles had while he was in college. Simone feels she didn’t check on Miles enough. So by the time she realized he was having issues, it was too late. But they think Michael will do better because he seems more interested in school and will study more because of the requirements he must meet to stay on the basketball team. Meanwhile, Michael brags to Miles about all the attractive young ladies he can’t wait to meet. He’s ready to have some freedom away from their parents.

Damon, Jr. goes to Heavenly’s office to shadow her. He’s a pre-med major. Her patient Miracle got her teeth knocked out by a police officer while protesting in Chicago. So Heavenly is replacing her permanent crowns. She tells her son Damon that Miracle is the kind of woman he should want. And Michelle Obama types are the best because they are educated women who will help their men.

After Micheal gets settled into this dorm room, it’s time for everyone to say goodbye. Miles and Michael exchange more jokes. But Simone gets emotional when Michael gives her a big hug.

In a green screen interview, Cecil says Michael just makes the house so much better with his jokes and big personality. His presence will be missed.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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