Martell Holt’s Mistress Arionne Curry Takes Credit for ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ Ratings?

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It’s over between Martell Holt and Melody Holt.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Martell Holt has easily become one of the most controversial people on the show. In the beginning, he seemed as if he was one half of a power couple. While he also appeared to be a family man, it later came out that he had a five-year affair with another woman. And after he impregnated his mistress, Arionne Curry, Melody was sure that it was time for her to move on.

She filed for divorce. And Martell hasn’t had an easy time learning how to accept the chapter being closed.

On the recent episode, he attempted to put it all out on the table. He still believes that he cheated because Melody made him because she wouldn’t do certain things for him in the bedroom. However, Melody isn’t hearing this. She feels Martell is responsible for his own actions. And having some complaints for one’s spouse doesn’t give one a pass to go out and cheat.

Regardless, the demise of their marriage has been a focal point of the current season. Interestingly enough, Arionne appears to take credit for the ratings.

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    • Martells Misfit is delusional!That Narcissistic creep don't love nobody but himself! And If he had Maybe more in his pants to bring to the bedroom he wouldn't need so much female attention!

      • Martells mistress has done nothing but lie she is not a registered nurse she was in fact a CNA at a hospital and was fired. No license found for her but kimmi has one. Apparently martell slept with a fired CNA that likes to use her mouth to please her men, let’s tell the truth can anybody verify this information . Well we know he won’t have no more of melodies money to spend on her, let’s face it he watched the kids while she made millions for them. Now where is he getting money from the fired CNA or does he become her pimp since she likes to use her mouth.

        • Martell keeps stating he was more hands on with the children than melody, yes he is right he was at home while she was out making millions for their companies networking. When he did go out he claimed he went to gym would disappear for at least 3 hours, why didn’t he just leave his wife for his orange fettish, why pretend to love after she chose to give you another chance to get right I have no respect for a man who just abused his wife and children.Martell could have walked away instead of giving false hope of reconciliation because all he did was break her heart all over again and again. Which proves she loved him but he did not love her, he used her to provide for him and his orange, not caring he left just the core of the apple for his children to see. Melody being a black woman who happened to be a mother did what so many mothers do dusted off picked up what was left of her heart presented it to god to heal and began to move toward her future. First step financial security for her and her children, forgiveness for herself for giving too many chances, Resurrection of melody with repairs and improvements, peace knowing god got her back, and will see her through to a brand new day grateful for life and blessings of her children. Like melody said when you know better you do better.

      • Martell ran around apologizing to everybody, then he went on campaign to make melody look bad as if it was her fault he was a man without morals. He says she didn’t suck his🍆 enough,so he started getting oranges from else where and he started loving it. Fine but why didn’t you leave melody alone you continued to have oranges and apples so their must be something in the bedroom with melody apples you could not leave alone . If you had the last two children would not have been created.

  • If She thinks she is the reason the ratings went up she is very much dilisional . What she chooses to ignore was the whole season he was still trying to get Melody back and she would say that every episode and Martel never said it was a lie . What woman would get pregnant by a man that called her a peasant for 5 years . She is in for a rude awakening for herself and her baby that he is trying to say may not be his . If he treated his wife like that what makes you think he will not treat you worse.Martel is a weak man and a narcissist so she will see she didn’t win a prize How you get them is how you loose them .She’s too old to be so stupid and desperate .

  • I truly hate this. Where does the mistress get off being so cocky?!? Like you played a major part in ruining a marriage and a family (99.99 percent of blame goes to Martell because it was his marriage) and you’re proud of that? It’s not cute it’s disgusting. It makes me sick

  • Yeah, I don’t like this woman. And if she was ever on the show, I think a lot of people would actually stop watching. So she should humble herself.

  • That idiot trying to take credit for being peasant side chick. Oh for a married man saying he was actually with you cause you gave him blow job something his wife wouldn’t do. I don’t blame Melody I know she’s glad she’s divorced. Martell said on national tv cheated with her cause of blow job. Martell is single now he’s not gonna be with her now. When he can sleep with plenty women now. What prize did she win nothing. Melody knew how to conduct business Martell was jealous. Melody brought in the money Martell watched their kids while Melody bosses up. Martell played checkers Melody was playing chess. Martell is ignorant arrogant idiot that losing out on business deals behind a peasant. If Melody is leaving the show I’m not watching anymore.

  • Everyone is right on point. They're divorced now. Honey, this is just a preview of her absolutely DISGUSTING & VERY DISTURBING (wide mouth) behavior on social media. She wants the world to BELIEVE that she's SPECIAL especially after hearing Martell talking about how he started loving oranges. I bet that she cannot wait to show pictures of them together with the baby. No, we the viewers don't personally know her. But we D-MN sure know about her UGLY, CHILDISH, SELFISH, DISRESPECTFUL, NASTY, TRASHY behavior. That girl was on all blogs professing her love for Martell, taking pics, speaking nothing but pure jealousy & hate about Melody. No one wants to see or hear her imbocile self on national TV. Now, wait, there are some people that might but I certainly DO NOT! All she can take credit for is being a HOMEWRECKER & Martell SHOULD BE ASHAMED of himself. Let's see how taking care of 6 kids (2 babies), playing house with Martell works for ya. See, you didn't have him 24/7 but your about to find out. And, NO I do not think he will marry her. She has a POSITION that'll stay the same (PEASANT/ORANGE). Not gonna even wish you good luck with that. Karma has begun! SMH.

  • This girl is desperate and she does not value herself. She was a side chick for 5 years and she will continue to be a side chick because Martell will not marry her and she will not be his one and only. When his divorce was final he said he is a SINGLE man. He did not say I am in a relationship with the orange/peasant girl. He said he was not with her 24/7 so he needs a DNA test. Well that is because he see's her as a loose cheap woman and when he is not there with her she is with somebody else. He views her as a Hoe and nothing more. He will not take her to any of the gatherings his friends have because she will not fit in so she will continue to slither around in the dark and always be in the shadow. Poor thing just does not get it. She subjects herself to that type of behavior now she will subject her child to being disrespected because people like Martell will always put his children with Melody above the peasants child. What a hot da*m mess.

  • What is playing out on screen is people in pain not addressing the root causes of their pain and their behaviors. Hopefully, everyone making judgemental comments are just as clear about their own characteristics that need work.

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