‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Jess Finds Out About the Accusations Made About Walt

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Donna finds out about Walt.

While Donna and Alex are prepping for Donna’s CBD oil dinner, Tatti stops by. They discuss the fact that they already figured out Krystal and Rok are dating. They’ve all known for a while, especially Donna. She says that they came to one of her past dinners and it wasn’t hard to put together.

Tatti tells the couple about the security footage. Donna feels like, with the Black Lives Matter Movement in the forefront, she doesn’t think it’s cool to accuse Walt of something when they really don’t have proof besides a blurry video. But Walt is wrong to have taken money from the register.

Walt comes clean to Jess. He tells her he didn’t break into the shop but he did steal money. And he did it because he was behind on child support.

Jess doesn’t want to turn her back on Walt.

Jess is disappointed that Walt kept this from her and didn’t tell her he needed money. Walt was too embarrassed to tell her what was going on.

In a green screen interview, Jess says she doesn’t want to judge Walt because she’s been broke and done things like sell drugs and scam to take care of her kids. Walt also tells Jess that he has proof that he didn’t break into the shop because he has a receipt of the Lyft ride he paid for that happened at the time of the break-in.

Jess sees the video.

Donna has her dinner. When Krystal and Rok come, they confirm they are a couple. And Cease says he didn’t bring his girlfriend Suzette because she had to travel to Atlanta to handle business as a realtor.

They all discuss Walt. Puma says he’s spoken to Walt and nothing makes sense. Donna cares about Walt deeply and she thinks he may be living above his means. But she’s starting to wonder if it’s something going on deeper than being behind child support. As for Cease, he says they never really know what’s going on with Walt because he won’t share everything.

Jess comes to the shop to talk to Cease, Puma, and the others about Walt. They show her the footage and Jess says that the man in the video isn’t Walt. And he doesn’t even walk like Walt. Regardless, Cease says that Walt admitted to stealing money from the register. So he’s cutting Walt out of his life and Black Ink.

Donna and Alex go by Jess and Walt’s place. Walt once again denies breaking into the shop and he says that he did take the money. At this point, Donna says that Walt has built up the Black Ink brand as much as anyone else. So she doesn’t think it’s fair Cease gets to live lavishly when Walt is not. And it’s time for people to make their own moves. At this point, Walt understands that Donna is speaking of her own feelings about Cease.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  • Donna has really grown up! Proud of her!
    Walt mos def needs to prove his innocence of the robbery but it doesn’t really mean that everything will get back because he stole which makes him a theif so the trust is gone. That’s the biggest part right there.
    Walt’s pride is too big to the point of not confiding in his wife. Jess is a good one to go and have a sit-down with Ceaser. She shouldn’t had to do that though.
    Walt panics instead of thinking things through.

  • I am not condoning what Walt did but when you are desperate and in certain situations you tend to do the unthinkable. Yes he stole, but if that's you're family have an intervention.covid 19 dealt a hard blow to a lot of people. Donna is the only one who actually want to get to the bottom of this. Shouldn't expect anything different from the other. Look at how all of them were so fast to attack kitty for allegedly being with Ryan when majority of them been with eachother

    • When her and Caeser sleeping together was put on for the cameras anyways. But I agree with Donna. Caeser want everybody to do well within his confines and interpretations of success. He wants to shine the brightest. Its funny, he sounds like Ryan. I mean d-mn you see how he acted when Skye had her own stuff.

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