Kenya Moore Calls Out Porsha Williams for Leaving Her out of Voting PSA

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Kenya Moore took to Twitter to say more.

Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore may never be able to get it right and actually be friends. On the current season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kenya has been critical of Porsha’s activism. She even told Kandi Burruss that it was starting to seem like Porsha was getting arrested at protests because she wanted to.

As a result of Kenya’s skepticism, Porsha decided not to invite her to take part in the PSA that Porsha did to urge people to vote in the Georgia Senate run-off races.

When she was asked about this during part one of the reunion, Porsha said, “In a case when someone has discredited me to other people in interviews constantly, that’s not even someone who wants to line themselves up with me.”

Well, Kenya took to Twitter recently to say more about the situation.

In a tweet, she wrote, “To be clear…Porsha did not invite me, Marlo, or LaToya to the voting PSA. Historically speaking, when we support charities, we put out differences aside. We all have fans who matter. She was not above the pettiness.”

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  • Kenya is such a delusional liar. When Marc threw that charity event, Kenya didn’t invite NeNe and went out her way to let everybody on IG know NeNe wasn’t invited. She invited Gregg though to spite NeNe. Marc had to shut her down after Gregg said he wasn’t coming without NeNe.

  • Oh shut the f-ck up Kenya. Why would she invite the two people who keep criticizing her activism and the other one who cuts up at every group event for $1000 per episode? If you think my activism is fake, then stay the f-ck away from my activism. And Kenya never remembers the sh-t she does. She d-mn sure didn’t invite NeNe to the charity event Marc did for young black boys. Everything she calls people out for doing she has done herself with her hypocritical a-s.

  • Kenya has literally had her fan base dog out Porsha’s activism for the last year and she launched that attack on Instagram because she’s upset they don’t have a friendship. Porsha did the right thing by not inviting her. Marlo has done the same thing. And Porsha probably wasn’t sure LaToya would act right. Look how she behaved at Falynn’s house. So I don’t see the issue.

  • Is Kenya mental? She doesn’t even like Porsha or think her activism is genuine. So why is she crying about this still? She’s been acting really weak this season.

  • Kenya needs to let this go. Questioning Porsha’s activism was in very poor taste considering what’s currently going on in this country. Yes, it’s annoying that Porsha’s fans think she can do no wrong. But this isn’t the hill to die on.

  • Kenya is just so jealous of Porsha, you can tell just by the way she speaks of her. An. Porsha won't give her the time of day. Porsha keep being the bigger person , Cause Kenya will never be as Pretty or As Strong A person as you !!!!

  • Right now with the world in this Pandemic, the Housewise need to be off the Air. They are so Negative for Black Women. The way they treat and talk about each other. The is no United we Stand together as Strong Black Women. I hate the word B—ch and I never call another woman that and they use it so freely. Kenya needs to sneak counseling because she have real issues within herself. She fights with everybody she comes in contact with. Please take them off the Air. P.S. Porsha does don’t need to tell them anything about Bolo. That is her Business and she is not married. If, that think she is wrong then get on Kandi for having that type of Party because you have Single Women and Married ones together. Someone always have a problem within the group about whatever. It’s nobody business and if it was, they should have left the Camera rolling.

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