RHOA Recap: Drew Clashes with Kenya + Marlo Slams Porsha over Their Fallout

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LaToya and Drew talk about the root of their feud.

Drew and LaToya discuss their issues. LaToya doesn’t think she started to really go in on Drew until Drew said that she “doesn’t care about husbands.” But Porsha says that she feels LaToya went in from their first meeting. Regardless, Drew said she thought they had some good moments. And with them having three kids each, she thought they would form a connection.

Kenya’s “girl crush” on LaToya is brought up. For Kenya, she feels like the other ladies attacked her in South Carolina and LaToya didn’t have her back. LaToya apologizes for this. Regardless, nothing intimate happened between LaToya and Kenya.

Drew says she did think that Kenya and LaToya may have hooked up. At this point, LaToya says Drew cheated on Ralph and kissed her.

Drew says she didn’t kiss LaToya. But Kandi says it happened.

Kenya explains her decisions while as the host of the South Carolina trip.

When it comes to LaToya telling Porsha, Shamea, Marlo, and Drew about Kenya’s divorce, LaToya understands why it made her look two-faced. Kenya accuses Porsha of “grooming” Drew to dislike her. Porsha thinks this is ridiculous to even think.

Marlo and Shamea come out on the stage.

Kenya says she brought her nanny on the trip because she wasn’t comfortable leaving Brooklyn with a new nanny back in Atlanta while the cast was in South Carolina. But she doesn’t understand why the other women were so upset by this. In fact, she says that Kandi could have brought her children along if she wanted to, and she would have had an easier time making that happen than Kenya did.

For Kandi, she says at times it felt like Kenya used Brooklyn as a way to spend time away from the others when she didn’t want to engage.

Drew checks Kenya.

When Drew is asked why she told the others that Kenya rented a private jet even though Kenya told her not to, Kenya calls Drew a “narc.” But Drew says she didn’t understand why Kenya would want to keep this information away from people she calls her friends.

Kenya goes on to say she was nice to Drew in the beginning and even told her she could bring Spanx for the bachelorette party because she has “body issues,” Drew goes on to say that she has adenomyosis, and Kenya needs to watch her mouth speaking on things she doesn’t know.

Andy talks about how much progress Kandi and Porsha have made.

Kandi and Porsha are still following each other on social media. Marlo says that she thinks the bachelorette party made Kandi and Porsha closer. She doesn’t remember Porsha being that close to Kandi before and now it’s like Porsha is doing the most because Kandi has some dirt on her.

Kandi says this isn’t the case but the turning point for her was seeing Porsha support Don Juan at the black business pop-up event that Cynthia put together. This really impressed Kandi and made her feel like they have come such a long way.

Marlo is bothered by her fallout with Porsha.

Marlo says she doesn’t understand why Porsha stopped dealing with her when the bachelorette party is brought up. Porsha says they were fine after the South Carolina trip, and Marlo knows that things got bad between them after.

Marlo doesn’t understand why it looked shady for her to say she didn’t sleep with Bolo on Instagram, but Shamea told the others she didn’t do anything. Shamea says she’s a married woman and she wasn’t wrong to clear her name.

Marlo then goes on to say that Porsha thinks she’s friends with the person who told Marlo what happened with Bolo. The episode ends before Marlo can reveal who she’s talking about.

What are your thoughts on part two of the reunion?

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  • Hold on Porsha I got this I seen Marlo on watch what happen live. Marlo u feel Porsha should tell u her personal business.Marlo I have a question for u how have u been making ur money🤔? Just like Porsha said u are a clout chaser

    • Marlo NEVER says how she made her money! And Porsha doesn't have to tell anyone about Bolo, she's single! And There is the problem with Drew and LaToya they kissed. So if she stays mad at her, then Drew's husband will think everyone else except her is lying.

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