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GUHH Recap: Cree Warns Savannah About Egypt + Briana Goes off on Boogie

GUHH Season 6 Episode 5

Photo Credit: WE tv

Tee Tee’s showing signs of stress.

Tonight’s episode begins in LA as Tee Tee is in town. Tee Tee spills her drinks as Cree and Vanessa stop by her place. As Tee Tee’s in town, Shawn is out of the country for work. Tanice also stops by for the chat as well.

Cree, who’s an event planner, is officially picked by Tee Tee to plan the wedding, which will be in Jamaica. Of course, Lil Twist’s antics at JoJo and Tanice’s anniversary party are talked about.

Next, Tee Tee is asked if Egypt and Sam are invited and Tee Tee says they aren’t. In fact, she reveals that she doesn’t talk to Egypt or Pepa as her tolerance is zero for all the drama between them.

Egypt defends Sam.

Speaking of Egypt, Egypt is back in Las Vegas and she decided to shave off most of her hair. Interestingly enough, Sam picked out her haircut. Next, Sam’s in the studio laying a track when Savannah comes through and is impressed with the cut. Savannah stopped by with a proposition – the invite for Cree and JoJo’s showcase. Egypt doesn’t feel right about this but Savannah tells her to separate the business from everything else. However, she flat-out declines when Savannah reveals Sam can’t come. Sam listened to the conversation from the booth and smiles when hears Egypt defend his honor.

Sam then walks out and continues ragging on JoJo, saying he’s someone who can’t follow through.

Savannah’s surprised about this and mentions Cree’s credentials with Slip-N-Slide Records.

Afterward, Egypt vents about Tee Tee and her planning her wedding in Jamaica, the same place she’s getting married. She also tells Savannah about Tee Tee allegedly being cheated on by Shawn. Savannah decides she’s telling Tee Tee this tea. Sam mentions that they’re wasting their time talking about people who “don’t have anything.”

Boogie and Briana clash.

The next day, Boogie calls his friend and business partner DJ, venting about his latest issues with Briana. He mentioned how he’s not liking Briana’s drinking. DJ suggests it’s time to come at her with intervention as she did for him. As they’re talking, Boogie pulls up to Briana’s apartment. After this call, Boogie calls Briana and lets her know he’s downstairs. She says he can come up but he gets frustrated when he sees her drinking a glass of wine. This frustrates and angers Boogie, who tells producers he’s not coming up. He then calls back says he’s not coming up.

This causes an argument between the both of them.

Meanwhile, Shawn FaceTimes Tee Tee and their baby. He misses them so much. The call was well-timed as Tee Tee has plenty to talk about. The conversation between Shawn and Tee Tee gets tense as therapy comes up. At the end, Shawn promises to get there in 36 hours.

Back at Briana’s, Boogie and Briana are still arguing and Briana ends up throwing her phone. Eventually, she storms downstairs angry and matches Boogie’s energy. Briana cusses him out. When she finally leaves, Boogie says he’ll try talking to her again when she sobers up.

Shawn and Tee Tee attend counseling.

Shawn makes it back to the states and he and Tee Tee head straight to their counseling session. During the session, Tee Tee tears up as she explains why she wants to marry Shawn and why she trusts him. Tee Tee’s family drama does come up during the session as Shawn says she wants her and Egypt to resolve their issues.

Back in LA, Eric hosts, JoJo and Cree at his weed shop to talk about his showcase. Eric is in charge of lining up the venues for the spots. Savannah and Stevie Jr. stop by to talk business also. Savannah says that Egypt doesn’t want to perform if Sam can’t be involved. JoJo says Sam can show up. JoJo says there shouldn’t be any rifts between his and Egypt’s families. Cree decides to get shady, pulling up Sam’s Spotify page and shows it only has 64 listeners. They then mock Sam’s statement that he and Egypt are like Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

JoJo takes the high road. He’s strictly about his business and insists on inviting Egypt to perform.

When JoJo leaves, Savannah pulls Cree aside and dishes tea about Egypt spilling about Shawn cheating on Tee Tee. This makes Cree uncomfortable as she feels you don’t dish the dirt about family. Cree also warns Savannah not to trust Egypt. But Savannah hopes Cree will talk to Tee Tee about it. But Cree wants to tell Vanessa first.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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