Did ‘Black Ink Crew Chicago’ Stars Miss Kitty & Charmaine Fall Out?

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Things may have gotten tense between Charmaine and Miss Kitty.

Miss Kitty was there for Charmaine when the “Black Ink Crew Chicago” star suddenly lost her mother Glenda. And it’s something she understood since Kitty lost her mother to cancer a couple of years ago. So when Kitty was starting to be iced out of the New York crew, Charmaine wasted no time in offering Kitty a job at 2nd City Ink. She wanted Kitty to help her grow the business. But they began to have tension when things didn’t quite work out with Jessica. Jessica was under the impression that she would be a managing partner with Charmaine. So she felt like Kitty came into the shop and tried to call all the shots.

On the upcoming season, it seems as if Jessica has decided for certain that 2nd City Ink isn’t the place for her anymore. In the preview, Charmaine reveals that her father is battling cancer. And she’s been neglecting her shop while dealing with personal issues. But she’s ready to get back to running her business.

So she calls a meeting with the 2nd City Ink staff. She tells them, “No one should be hiring anyone to work at my shop.” Later on in the scene, Kitty says, “You’re a joke in this industry. You will never be taken seriously.”

Editing can be a little tricky, so it’s no confirmation yet that Kitty and Charmaine have fallen out. But as of now, the two women no longer follow each other on Instagram. So it’s not looking good between them.

Ryan, Phor, and Don are dealing with their own personal challenges.

Charmaine and Kitty aren’t the only ones possibly dealing with a rift in friendships. Ryan actually has an on-screen conversation with his former best friend Anthony. As we previously reported, Anthony blasted Ryan on social media for sleeping with his baby momma behind his back. According to Anthony, Ryan has done this multiple times after he apologized and said he would no longer pursue Anthony’s ex.

In the scene, Anthony asks Ryan why he did this. And Ryan says, “I’m f*cked up for what I did to you.” He added, “I’m sorry.”

Phor is now a new father. But before his child arrives, he ends up clashing with the child’s mother. Plus, Don has a serious health scare and may need open-heart surgery to save his life.

As the whole crew deals with their own personal struggles, Ryan just wants them all to remember that they have to be there for one another, “This platform is Black Ink Crew. Crew means everybody together.”

“Black Ink Crew Chicago” returns October 4 on VH1.

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