Bambi Calls out Safaree Samuels for His Treatment of Erica Mena

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Scrappy tries to convince Safaree Samuels to head to the hospital.

Bambi has been there for Erica Mena plenty while her marriage to Safaree Samuels continued to crumble. But the “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star is now running out of patience. This is true especially since Erica told her that she was going into early labor. After Bambi gets this news, she and Scrappy decide it’s time to talk to Safaree.

They try to convince him to go to the hospital to be there with her on the upcoming episode. He tells them that he hasn’t really spoken to Erica since she filed for divorce. Regardless, Scrappy tells him he should still be there for her. In response to this, Safaree said, “But she’s filing for divorce, that’s a very drastic extreme then to now come be over here.” But Scrappy remains solid in his feelings. “But that’s the thing. She’s doing that because she’s hurt. But if you can go put a bandaid on it for a little while and help the baby come out great and help her stay alive and great, then cool.”

Safaree then says that he stays away from Erica because their arguments get really bad and he doesn’t think that’s a good thing to do while she’s pregnant.

Bambi stands firm.

At this point, Bambi has had enough. “She keeps dilating. Right now she’s at like 4 or 5 centimeters which is not good. The baby’s not even fully developed at this point.” She continues, “It’s too much. Nobody’s there, it’s stress.”

Safaree says he thinks Erica seeing him may actually make her stress levels go up. Bambi doesn’t back down, “No it’s gonna make her feel like you care. It’s gonna make her feel like you said, ‘Forget everything that we got going on. I’m going to check on my wife, period.'”

Bambi also believes that Safaree’s choice to go clubbing as of late hasn’t helped. “I’m sorry I’m not trying to get in ya’ll business. But her seeing you out, no ring with the women and all that sh*t, sent her over the top.” Safaree goes on to say that him not wearing his ring isn’t new. “We both ain’t been wearing rings for the last two months.”

Scrappy says they all haven’t been wearing their wedding rings lately. Bambi makes it clear that it’s deeper than that with Safaree, “Yeah, but we all haven’t been in the club every night either gyrating on women.”

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