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‘Raising Kanan’ Recap: Raq Deals with Marvin + Unique Applies More Pressure on Raq’s Crew

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Raq keeps her promise.

Jukebox and Kanan stand outside of the church where Nicole’s funeral is being held. They eventually walk in. Unfortunately, Nicole’s parents tell them to leave. Jukebox walks out. And Kanan tells them that Jukebox loved Nicole before leaving. He tries to walk around the block with Jukebox but she tells him she’d prefer to be alone.

Juliana’s husband Gabriel tries to beat her again. She runs away to the garage and he follows her. Raq immediately shoots him dead. And Juliana is grateful.  The plan is for Juliana to tell the police that they were robbed.

Howard learns about the blue caps.

Burke and Howard are investigating the deaths of homeless people from Kanan’s crack which they are calling “blue caps.” He stresses that it’s not the crack that killed them but the poisonous ingredient used to make it. Although Burke thinks Raq has something to do with it, Howard says that it’s not her or Unique because they have too much experience for something like this to happen.

Marvin and Lou Lou tell Raq they are running out of drugs. And Lou Lou thinks that Unique could be behind the blue caps. But Raq doesn’t believe this and she tells her brothers to find out who’s behind the blue caps so the cops don’t come harassing them about it.

After Marvin leaves, Raq asks Lou Lou why Unique thought that he would turn on her. He says that Unique doesn’t know him and he wouldn’t ever flip for anyone. Raq is happy to hear this.

Howard and Burke are told by a homeless man that someone named Lil Rob is behind the blue caps.

Howard finds out Kanan’s involvement in the blue cap deaths.

Marvin tells Kanan that Raq knows about the blue caps. And if Raq finds out they are behind it, Raq will have Lou Lou kill him. According to Marvin, Lou Lou would be happy to pull the trigger too.

Howard goes to a club to arrest Lil Rob for murder. Since it’s seven counts, Lil Rob says that it was actually Kanan behind the blue caps. So the detectives let him go. And Howard says he wants to handle Kanan without Burke’s assistance.

Crown gets a business partner.

Lou Lou brings his attorney to a surprise meeting with Crown. He wants a 50/50 partnership with the Bulletproof label. Lou Lou feels he’s entitled to this since he’s been paying so many of the label’s bills. When Crown is hesitant to sign the contract, Lou Lou pulls his gun out on him.

After Nicole’s parents leave the house, Jukebox breaks in. She goes to Nicole’s room and looks around. Jukebox finds the videotape of them doing karaoke. She watches it and breaks down in tears.

Howard and Raq’s history is explained.

While Raq is driving, Howard follows behind her and demands she pulls over. He gets out of the car and tells her she better follow him so they can talk.

She finds out that Kanan is behind the blue caps. Although Howard will bury it and keep Kanan from getting in trouble, he wants Kanan to know that he’s his father. And he feels they should have a relationship. But Raq isn’t feeling this and says he pushed up on her while she was 16. Howard says that she lied about her age. It also comes out that Def Con (the man Kanan thinks was his father) was gay and he paid Raq to be his “cover.”

If Raq doesn’t tell Kanan the truth, Howard says he’ll get the word out that Kanan is his son. And everyone will think she’s a snitch. So she has a decision to make.

Raq tells Kanan about D-Wiz.

After speaking with Howard, Raq makes a phone call to someone to “pick up that dry cleaning” they talked about a while ago. When Raq gets home, she goes off on Kanan about the blue caps. Raq knows Marvin was involved. She says Marvin was selling drugs and then began getting high on his drugs. So he’s been a mess for years now.

After Kanan blames his actions on Raq, she slaps him. She lets him know that he’s responsible for plenty of deaths, including D-Wiz’s. And she had to kill D-Wiz to save him. So he’s responsible for his friend’s death. He storms off in anger.

Lou Lou follows Unique into his building and gets access to his car. He takes a bag.

Marvin is out.

Raq goes to the apartment and hits Marvin in the back with a slab of wood. She calls him out for going behind her back with Kanan and selling blue caps. Marvin says Kanan is smart and his plan was actually genius. Regardless, Raq is done with Marvin. He’s out of the family business and she never wants to see him again.

Before Jukebox leaves Nicole’s room, she finds a letter Nicole wrote for her that she didn’t get to read. Nicole’s father walks in and tells her she has to leave before the police get there. Nicole’s mother comes in and blames Jukebox for Nicole’s death. And she says they had to tell friends and family that Nicole died from heart issues because they didn’t want anyone to know she died from drugs. Police then come and arrest Jukebox.

Kanan goes by to Davina’s place but her neighbor tells him that Davina’s mother died. And she and her sister were put in foster care.

Jessica won’t let up.

Now that Lou Lou owns 50 percent of Crown’s label, Jessica wants to know what he plans to do to make Famous a star. At this point, Lou Lou is annoyed with her. He feels like he never does enough to make her happy. And she says that she’s not the type to always be satisfied.

The cops driving Jukebox to the police station are told to let her go by a detective out in Queens. She walks home.

Marvin goes to the club and has s*x with Toni. After they finish, Marvin tells her he wants the money she owes him. But she’s not clear on what she owes. He gets angry and walks out. Symphony watches from the bar. And he overhears detectives tell Toni that she will only avoid jail time if she can turn in someone bigger than her. This is after she tells them that Marvin and his family are big-time drug dealers.

Joaquin has concerns.

Raq meets up with Juliana’s cousin, Joaquin. She learns she has been followed. And they know about her meeting with Howard. Guns are pulled out.

Unique meets with his men and tells them they are about to send a message that’s loud and clear.

Back at the meeting, Raq tells Joaquin that she killed Gabriel for Juliana. She says that it doesn’t make sense that she would kill Gabriel and then snitch to Howard hours later. Joaquin says that he believes her. But he needs a business plan from Raq for them to move forward working together.

There’s no need for the blame game.

Jukebox tells Kanan that she heard about Davina. And it was the blue cap from him that killed Nicole. Kanan says he doesn’t even know what to say. But Jukebox says it’s not his fault. And she can’t blame herself either. It’s just that they live a very horrible life. Things like this seem to be out of their control.

Unique makes a move on Lou Lou.

While Lou Lou is at home, he puts on some Isley Brothers. The phone rings and Raq leaves a voicemail telling him that she has a job for him. But he decides to stay in and drink some wine. Not too long after, Unique and his men pull up outside. They light some bottles of beer and throw them into Lou Lou’s place. As the place burns, they also began shooting from the outside. Lou Lou gets on the ground and tries to shoot back. But the fumes from the fire are too much.

Marvin happens to pull up and crashes his car into Unique’s men. So they hop in the car and drive off. Although Marvin is hurt, he still manages to get out of the car and go into Lou Lou’s place. He finds Lou Lou and carries him outside. Marvin then calls for someone to help and call the ambulance as he gets no response from Lou Lou.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Queen

    September 13, 2021 at 12:39 pm

    This may be in vain but I hope Lou Lou isn’t dead. I have a soft spot for Marvin. And it’s becoming clear to me why Jukebox was so coldblooded on Power.

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