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RHOP Recap: Karen & Gizelle Have a Breakthrough + Gizelle Has More to Say About the Binder

rhop season 6 episode 10

Photo Credit: Bravo

Candiace is accused of body shaming.

Ashley and Candiace continue their argument. Of course, Ashley thinks it was disrespectful for Candiace to say she has a wide body just days after she gave birth. She says this is hypocritical to do after they accused her and the others of body shaming Wendy. Plus, she thinks Candiace’s insults about her looks are “tired.” And Candiace needs to find new material.

Candiace then says that she wasn’t body shaming Ashley. But Ashley points out that Candiace didn’t come for her body until she had another baby. So Ashley isn’t interested in Candiace’s attempt at an apology.

Gizelle doesn’t retreat.

Mia invites all the women to her upcoming goddess event. She also relays Karen’s message to Gizelle in which she said that she needs an apology from Gizelle for wishing death on Ray to move forward. At this point, Gizelle says that Ray and Karen will both be dead before she apologizes. Ashley asks Gizelle not to say this. But she refuses to back down.

Karen is preparing to film a video to promote tourism in Surry County. But she’s doing the video in Potomac. In a green screen interview, she tells a producer she can film the video anywhere because Surry lives in her.

Gizelle talks to her daughters about not wanting to ever get married again. She doesn’t want to have to answer to a man financially. She remembers getting divorced and being fearful of fending for herself. So she wants her daughters to not feel pressured to get married and have children. Their happiness shouldn’t ever be attached to a man. Their dreams should come first.

Chris and Candiace hash things out.

Candiace comes back from her music video rehearsal. She’s exhausted and not happy to see that Chris is having a drink. He says he’s drinking because Candiace is stressing him out.  In a green screen interview, Candiace says she’s nervous about doing the video without Chris being there.

Chris doesn’t understand why Candiace is upset with him. He has to work and bring in money, too. And he feels like Candiace doesn’t think his career matters as much as hers. But Candiace says this isn’t the case. She apologizes for upsetting him and making him feel like he doesn’t contribute to their household.

Wendy and Eddie answer their son’s questions about police brutality against black people. They understand that it’s not going to be easy to explain it, but they are happy that their children are observant. And they are also glad that their children want to make the world a better place for everybody.

Karen and Gizelle have a long way to go.

Ashley meets Karen at a restaurant with Baby Dylan. They discuss Gizelle’s blowup with Wendy. And Ashley brings up Karen’s own issues with Gizelle. Even though Karen thinks Gizelle may be in pain from her breakup with Jamal, she doesn’t want to make any more apologies. She is still waiting on Gizelle to apologize for supposedly wishing death on Ray. In a green screen interview, Ashley says she just wants Gizelle and Karen to make peace.

Juan could be more supportive.

Robyn meets with a life coach. She says that she’s been struggling and it’s because of the pandemic. Robyn wishes Juan would be more positive about what she’s going through. And it would be nice if Juan would tell her the great things she’s been doing. She uplifted him when he was at a low point in his life. Robyn doesn’t want him to put her down while she’s at a low point.

She thinks she needs more structure. And it would be good to have a big enough office space for her business.

It’s the day of Mia’s goddess event. Mia wants it to be positive and empowering for the group. When Gizelle arrives, she and Wendy don’t speak to each other. In a green screen interview, Wendy says Gizelle should have apologized if she wanted to really right her wrongs.

Wendy and Gizelle discuss their blowup.

Mia asks all the women to say something nice about each other, and Gizelle refuses to say anything nice about Karen. When it comes to Wendy, Gizelle feels she took things too far. And she didn’t disrespect Wendy’s family. Wendy says that Gizelle should have come to her first about her feelings. Gizelle agrees with this. It’s the only thing she feels she was wrong about. Since she’s always been compassionate towards Wendy, she thinks Wendy should have given her the benefit of doubt before going off on her.  And Wendy can understand this perspective.

In a green screen interview, Wendy says she can’t really say that she can be good with Gizelle moving forward. In her opinion, Gizelle isn’t someone she can trust.

The binder drama is discussed.

Gizelle also says she’s not the one who tries to destroy families. And that’s actually Karen.

At this point, Candiace asks if the reunion binder drama had to do with her breakup from Jamal. Gizelle says no and that wasn’t new information for her. She already knew about the woman he was allegedly messing around with. Candiace then asks why Gizelle didn’t say this sooner.

In a green screen interview, Gizelle says that she’s never going to engage someone who thinks they have done research on her life. But she knew about it months prior. Jamal actually did tell her about the other woman. But she was hurt that Karen came for her about this at the reunion. And it hurt her children.

The group has a breakthrough.

Karen says that Gizelle is doing damage control and her relationship with Jamal was fake. But she will apologize to Gizelle and her children for hurting them. And Gizelle is shocked because she feels that Karen never apologizes.

When it comes to the comments about Ray, Gizelle says that she doesn’t always say the right things. But she’s wiping the slate clean with Karen. And moving forward, she’s going to be respectful with her words. Karen appreciates this.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Xtra

    September 13, 2021 at 1:01 am

    Karen is trying to turn everyone in the group against Gizelle and Robyn, she already has Wendy brain washed, Gizelle never said anything about Wendy’s husband. Karen will keep going with her lies until it catches up and bite her in the behind. Wendy seems like a pathetic individual, I think she wants to find fault where there is none, Wendy is using this as an excuse, because she didn’t like Gizelle to begin with!

  2. Trina

    September 13, 2021 at 11:03 am

    Gizhelle finally has a come back for the binder. She and Jamal should have gotten their response together, because he said it was not true. Gizhelle just said he told her about the woman, which is it? Juan is not that interested in Robyn, she like a pair of comfortable old socks for him always there. Candice is simply silly.

  3. Queen

    September 13, 2021 at 12:35 pm

    What Gizelle fails to realize is her going back to Jamal wasn’t a good look for her no matter how much she wants to spin it. That was an automatic L, Monique’s binder read or not. She loves to talk about how confident she is but that doesn’t come across with her dating choices. But I’m glad her and Karen have moved on for now.

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