Amara La Negra is Put on Blast by Shay Johnson & Her Brother Emjay Johnson

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Emjay Johnson said he was a provider when he was dating Amara La Negra.

Amara La Negra was recently put on blast by Shay Johnson and her brother Emjay Johnson. On the previous season, Amara and Emjay dated. However, Amara was feeling like she was the breadwinner. And she began to feel drained by the relationship. It didn’t help things when Emjay’s ex spoke with Amara. And she told Amara that she was also the breadwinner while she was with Emjay.

After the conversation with Emjay’s ex, Amara decided to end the relationship. However, Emjay is now saying that he and Amara were still dating after the end of the previous season. And he was still living in her mansion.

During an interview with Tasha K, Emjay had a lot to say. When he was asked if he worked while he was with Amara, Emjay said, “Of course, of course, I did.” He continued, “Yeah, I was contributing. Of course.”

He also said that the transition was bigger than people realize. “People don’t understand the transition with me and Amara. The transition went from an apartment to a mansion. You understand what I mean? That’s two different lifestyles.”

Emjay added, “But it also depends on the type of woman that you dealing with. It’s some women that no matter what your situation is they gon ride with you. No matter what you got or what you don’t got.”

Amara La Negra’s new boo is discussed.

He told Tasha K that he introduced Amara to her current boo, Allan Mueses. And Allan was his friend. “The people don’t know but this dude that she’s on TV with, Allan, I introduced them. That was me.”

Emjay explained that he contacted Allan to help Amara with her real estate. “When we were flying out to the Dominican Republic and she was getting her property because I had nothing to do with those, she was getting her properties together even though I was there for the process and assisting in any way I can, and I can’t say I didn’t pay for anything in those apartments either…she had an incident out there in DR where she had some clients Airbnb’ing the spot and kind of like f*cked everything whatever and she didn’t know what to do.”

And he trusted Allan.

“So I said let me reach out to Allan, they kind of connected a little bit. He can get the police, the authorities, or somebody to come over there and get them out of the units. And kind of help. It was kind of the beginning stages of her doing the Airbnb so she was learning different things. So I said why don’t we put somebody in position…let’s just use Allan to rent out the Airbnb so when you not in town, he can be in control of that. Let’s put him in charge cause I trust him.”

Emjay met Allan through his older brother, Dr. Joe Johnson.

“Me and Allan have history. It goes back like 8 or 9 years. It goes back to where he went to school with my brother. My brother, he was an international student in college. And my brother took care of him through certain situations. My brother took care of him, my brother was in his wedding.” He added, “People don’t understand behind what’s going on, on TV. It’s other sh*t happening to where I got my family…my brother’s p*ssed cause my brother introduced me to him.”

Interestingly enough, Emjay also said that Allan gave him advice about Amara when they were still dealing with each other. And Allan said that it seemed as if Amara didn’t support Emjay, so Emjay should probably just move on from her. “He crossed me.”

Emjay also claimed that he introduced them in January of this year. His relationship was on and off with Amara after the previous season and he was still living in Amara’s mansion at some point. And Amara decided to keep this information away from the public after viewers were so critical of their relationship.

Shay reposted a clip from the interview to her Instagram account.

In the caption, she wrote, “You can never run from KARMA no matter how hard you try!! @officialemjay This sh*t makes me sick…My family’s heated especially @joejohnsonspeaks. When you hurt I hurt bros…”

She continued, “@officialemjay I’m glad you were able to speak your truth. Don’t allow anybody to hold you back. You’re an amazing person and just know I’ll always have your back no matter what we go through. I love you @officialemjay.”

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