Dr. Heavenly Kimes Says Martell Holt & Melody Holt Will Reunite + Martell Doesn’t Want Mistress

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People have a lot of opinions about Melody Holt and Martel Holt.

Married to Medicine” star Dr. Heavenly Kimes had social media talking after she interviewed Martell Holt. During the time, the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star was in the process of divorcing Melody Holt. Melody wanted to move on after a string of infidelities. For her, there was no way to come back from Martell having a baby with another woman. His former mistress, Arionne Curry, also took jabs at Melody on social media. And Melody would return the fire at times. So Melody saw Arionne as an enemy, and she felt Martell did the unforgivable having a baby with someone who doesn’t even respect her.

Regardless, some people still believe that it’s only a matter of time before Melody and Martell reconcile. This is due to the fact that they have gotten back together in the past.

On LAMH, Miss Wanda, as well as Marsau Scott have said that they think that a reconciliation is inevitable. Martell even said that he loves being married. So he plans to be married again in the future. And it’s possible that it will be Melody that he’s married to, again.

As for Melody, she said she has no interest in being back together with Martell. She wants him to move on but Martell revealed he’s not in a relationship with Arionne.

Heavenly recently discussed the current season of LAMH. She believes the Holts will get back together. And Martell really doesn’t want to be with Arionne.

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  • Heavenly has a very outdated view of men and relationships. She's male identified so I don't take her opinions seriously on the topic of marriage. Melody left and people need to stop telling her to take back a notorious womanizer. Melody is risking her physical health being with Martell. He can bring her back STDs and let's not forget what he's already done to her mental health. I hope she doesn't sleep with him again or try to resurrect that toxic relationship. If her self-esteem wasn't low for so long, she would have left many years ago.

  • Martell doesn’t need to be married ever again. He can continue to sleep with his side chick and other women since she allows it and leave Melody alone. It’s sad to see older black women try to talk younger black women into staying in toxic situations. Let Melody evolve and do better. She doesn’t have to keep settling because that’s what you’re used to women doing.

  • You can definitely tell that they love each other but it does not mean they need to get back together.
    You can see when she walks in the room he kind of lights up like he's happy to see her. But oh well
    As far as heavenly's claim about 90% of men cheating, does that include her husband? Let's call it what it is I always say you can never 100% say what your man will not do

  • Unfortunately a LOT of Women don't think about Men cheating and possibly contracting an STD because of it!

    Heavenly is a strong believer in the "Right or Die" lifestyle.

  • I’m surprised Dr. Heavenly had a “change of heart” re: future reconciliation. After her past interview with Martell, I was convinced that she would never allow her daughter/girlfriend to date him. She said “he was too ARROGANT, COCKY & a CHEATER!” I agree, that they still love each other and their chemistry is undeniable. But, that man has done so much DAMAGE! He’s the kind of man who believes/thinks if I can’t have her, no one else can. Apparently, from Mels recent live interviews, he’s STILL stalking her. Popping up where she goes, taking pics of who she with, and so on. In his conflicted/discombobulated/chaotic mind, Melody will always be his. I mean, he really needs help to move on. SMH🥴🤪

  • Melody needs to stay away. Martell is never going to be faithful and he ain’t worth her health.

  • I honestly don't think Melody will get back with Martell he do the u ultimate betrayal and it's not easy to patch things up after that. I went even take a man back after he get his side chick. And honestly Melody is good without him he hurt her to the cord and I hope she doesn't get back with him.

  • I meant after he get his side chick pregnant. Now I don't know how Dr. Dr. Heavenly Kimes view on man's is but honey why would you get back with someone who hurt you for years.

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