Martell Holt Seemingly Praises Former Mistress + Then Flirts with Another Woman?

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Melody Holt and Martell Holt’s marriage was full of drama.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Martell Holt and Melody Holt can barely be in the same spaces. Co-parenting has been very difficult. In Martell’s opinion, Melody is away from the children too much. And she has way too many babysitters. As for Melody, she’s tired of Martell being messy

on social media.

Martell ended up having a baby with another woman, Arionne Curry. And it’s been said that his affair with Arionne went on for several years. So Melody felt it was time to really pull the plug on their marriage. Since then, a lot of accusations have been made.

Martell has accused Melody of cheating, too. And when it comes to his own cheating, he said he cheated because Melody wasn’t pleasing him intimately. This has led to some viewers calling out Martell on social media. Regardless, Martell isn’t about to stop taking shots at Melody just yet. He’s been struggling to get along with his ex-wife as questions about custody don’t make matters any better.

Hours ago, he made a reference to his former mistress. To many fans of the show, it seemed as if Martell was just trying to upset Melody. But Martell didn’t seem to care about the criticism.

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    • Wise women who love themselves will stay away from Martell. It always baffles me to see women lusting for him in his comments.

      • Right! I don’t understand how a promiscuous, misogynist who had a baby outside his marriage is attractive! Yuck!

  • I just want to know why is he in his 30's looking almost 50yr old from late 1999s? Really all them guys look like that. 🤷🏾 #IJS #WTK....Did the infamous "Come Back Group" do that to him?

  • Timing is everything! Martell saying he love “coleslaw” now is because she and the world will get to see how jealous/angry/bitter/hurt he is for losing Melody. The next episodes show how mad he is that Mel has moved on. All up on her face. It’s intimidating to watch. I mean, some things you can’t fake. His emotions are not SCRIPTED! That tells me he STILL in love but Mel has moved on. He is very calculating and so is his baby mama posting baby pics all of a sudden. No self worth at all and jealous as h-ll of his ex-wife😔😯

  • No surprise here that women flirt with him and want to sleep with him! Put nothing past thirst traps who chase after men who are already taken or in a relationship!

    • Broken, arrogant, ignorant and narcissistic to the highest.
      We all know Melody was the beauty and the brains..
      These women needs their heads checked out, because they’re crazy?

  • Martell is childish and I do not know who would want him. He is a complete turn off. He is not a faithful husband and he is not a faithful trusting friend because he is calling his male friends out on social media saying they are cheating. That is out of order. His peasant mistress will always be just that his side piece. He is divorced and free and he has a baby with her but he is not talking about marrying her. He said he might marry Melody again (unlikely) and he is seeing other women so he has no intention of marrying peasant girl. She needs to pick herself up and get some self respect for herself because she has a child to raise and she should not want her child to see this trashy ish that her and Martell are putting on social media. She should not put her child's picture on social media because of the situation because the baby is innocent and she is exposing and possibly setting her child up for something they have no control over. Peasant girl coleslaw whatever her name is puts pictures on social media for her own petty, arrogant selfish reasons and it will come back and bite her in her nasty a**.

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